Happy Camp 10/03/2015 Recap: Zhao Liying, William Chen, Nicky Wu, Gao Yuanyuan, Jimmy Lin and JJLin


Hi!! Welcome back for another recap of a variety show starring some of your faves! :3 This episode had six gorgeous sweet heart guests as well as the usual Happy Camp MC. I had to recap it!! Here are the highlights for people who may have missed the episode. Enjoy!

First, let me introduce the guests for you:


JJ Lin is a Chinese/Taiwanese/Singaporean singer that you probably heard often during KTV nights. He sung famous Chinese pop songs such as Caocao and Sha Shou (Murderer). He also appeared on a lot of C-variety show including being an advisor on The Voice of China 4 and on, of course, Happy Camp. He was full of energy and competiveness during this episode ^^


William Chan as everyone knows, is a Chinese/HongKongese actor and singer. He was active in Hong Kong during a very long time, but didn’t get much attention, except for dating Charlene Choi. It is only since he moved to mainland China that he really shot to celebrity status (especially with his performance in Ancient Swords last year). He is really your adorable, but hot dude you can’t not love! (I know double negations, what are you going to do, grammar nazi? 😛 )


Zhao Liying, my Nushen! 😛 Haha, I won’t elaborate too much on her description since this post will have lot’s of paragraphs dedicated to her. Let’s just say she is one of the breakthrough artist of the year!


Jimmy Lin is a Chinese/Taiwanese actor, singer and athlete. I first saw him in Tian Long Ba Bu (Semi-gods, Demi-Devils) and totally felt in love with his Duan Gongzi. He is the ultimate flower boy for me. Now, he is mostly known in China as being the daddy of Kimi Lin (they both appeared together on Dad Where Are We Going? s01) Can you believe he is already 40 years old?


Gao Yuanyuan is an A-list (or close to be A-list) Chinese actress. I first saw her in the 2003 version of Yi Tian Tu Long Ji where she played the godly beautiful Zhou Zhiruo. She is very very pretty. Now, she is married with Mark Zhao and they have a perfect life together. She is 35 years old.

Daddy Wu! Nicky Wu is the Fourth Prince in everyone’s heart and also, the notable husband of the gorgeous Liu Shishi. He still has the heart of a child though! He is playing the dad of Zhao Liying in Legend of Zu. He is 44 years old. Can you believe there is only 4 years of difference between him and Jimmy? #mindblown

I don’t know if you caught it, but Zhao Liying, Xie Na and He Jiong had a few cute friendship moments during the episode. Ohhh, my Idol Up feels!

Now! To the fun part. The MC introduces the guests and the team are made. We have Jimmy Lin, Gao Yuanyuan and JJ Lin coming together as they are promoting for some video game that both Jimmy and JJ love very much. Yuanyuan is a newbie at it so far.

32 35

Then, we have the Legend of Zu team made of dad, daughter and son-in-law (Nicky Wu, Zhao Liying and William Chen). During the introduction, it was so obvious the MC were shipping Liying and William together. The cast talked about kiss scenes (which were apparently added by the actors themselves 😉 ) and how Zhao Liying loved one of William’s song. She and him danced together to that song.


Afterward, the guests and MC are divided in four teams. The white ‘Legend of Zu’ team made of Zhao Liying and William Chen, the blue ‘Big Boss’ team made of Xie Na and Nicky Wu, the orange ‘Pineapple’ team made of Gao Yuanyuan and Jimmy Lin and finally, the yellow ‘Repeating(?)’ team made of Wuxin and JJ Lin. I feel bad for JJ for being team mated with the weakest teammate. The mission is to win all the game and be able to collect as many golden coins as possible. There are four treasure boxes presented to the teams and only one contains gold.

34 42

The first game is a throwing one. The girl has to throw circular rings and the guys must catch the say ring using their neck. To decide on the order to participate, each girl must say a compliment to the side kick MC of the game (in this case Weijia and HaiTao). He Jiong uses this opportunity to remind everyone that Liying doesn’t know how to compliment people. xD Our girl indeed say: “We won’t laugh at you even if you (WJ and HT) are the sidekicks today”. Because of this, the white team starts. Their performance was really good, but I guess passing first is not a good idea. Yellow and White team each scored 8 rings, Orange team scored 10 and blue team 11. Blue team wins and gains a new member, Weijia, as well as the knowledge as IN which treasure box is the gold.

20 21   24

The next game is a speed game. Always in team, the contestants must arrive at the other side the fastest by first passing the girl above an obstacle, then wear a hat, and finally jumping to leave the hat on top. It is hard to explain so look at the pictures. Everyone makes the stick/obstacle fall except the orange team. Orange team win with a score of 15 seconds while others are all in the thirties. Unsatisfied, everyone decide to challenge the high score. Zhao Liying and William Chan succeed with a speedy 8 seconds!

17 18 19 33 38

Third and final game for the first part of the episode is the always hilarious ‘going through the hole’! These games probably have better names, but I didn’t bother to learn them. Sorry. Anyway, the game consists a music playing and everyone dancing until the music stops. When it stops, they will yell a random letter from A to C and it is the responsibility of the contestants to go through the hole with the letter yelled marked on it. This turns out to be really funny to watch. There was one moment when William was SO close to get out, but then got stopped. And then… Wuxin comes and get stuck right on top of him. Oh poor puppy.. 😦

13 14 15 16 40

Cute Liying and dad pictures. Nicky caught her trying to cheat by setting up in advance.

1 2

So finally, thanks to the last game (seems like only the last one matters), yellow team wins and get to taste the delicious hot pot prepared by the special guests (some friends of Xie Na apparently). Anyway, as in all good variety show tradition, even if you are the winner, you have to share the prize! Everyone eat together deliciously.

28 29

Ok, before me move on to the next game, let me talk about my favorite moment of the episode. In this episode, you could have shipped Liying with He Jiong or William Chen. It does not matter, she has nice interaction with both of them (as well as a cute dad/daughter relationship with Nicky). But instead, I was crazy shipping her with one of the black cloth guy: Xiao Hei! It is no secret that Liying came on Happy Camp a LOT during the last few years. And this time, it is the third time she interacts with Xiao Hei, her game ‘soul mate’. They first met in 2013 and now, look at them so cute on the small screen! Since Xiao Hei threw Liying in the water during on Idol Up episode, now it is his turns to go in the water. He reluctantly accepts and they both go into the water. so cute!! .///. This ship will probably not last long, but gosh… I love it!! Xiao Hei is also a fan of Zhao Liying and saw her acting in Legend of Lu Zhen.

Finally, my favorite game: ‘Catch Tang Bao!’. It is a game that is played in the water pool. It is a basically a tag game where the ‘catcher/shark’ is in front and yells you the number of steps you can take in the water. Then, when he says ‘It is Lunch Time!’ that means he turns and will start catching Tang Bao’s hats before the TB reach they safe zone. And yes, Tang Bao is the name of the cute little thing in Hua Qian Gu. The goal of the Tang Bao is to catch the hat of the shark before he turns for his lunch break.

This game was played with new teams. Zhao Liying, Jimmy Lin, William Chan, He Jiong and Haitao are in the new yellow team, while as Wuxin, Gao Yuanyuan, JJ Lin, Nicky Wu and Weijia are in the orange team. It is so cute to see Liying encouraging the Tang Bao team before they began as… she is the mother of Tang Bao! 😉

Zhao Liying got caught a lot of times because she doesn’t know how to swim. The other one who had a hard time was HaiTao who was bullied by his opponent JJ, Weijia and Nicky.

7 8  10 11 12 36 37 41 43

The ending of the episode had the three girls Zhao Liying, Gao Yuanyuan and Wuxin as sharks. That of course, was a hard and difficult task for them. As long as they catch one dude Tang Bao. Gao Yuanyuan shows her tomboy agressive side and helps the girl team to win! Yeah!


The episode ended happily, but since so many BTS pictures were released before, it was so obvious they did not air all the content they filmed!! I wanted more!!! 😦 They cut a lot of Zhao Liying interaction with her daddy Nicky Wu as well as the ending where they splashed water balloons on each other. Also, a big chunck of the intro was cut.. Bouhouhou.

25 26 27 30


14 thoughts on “Happy Camp 10/03/2015 Recap: Zhao Liying, William Chen, Nicky Wu, Gao Yuanyuan, Jimmy Lin and JJLin

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    That last clip was so adorable!! And that interaction between ZLY and XH was so genuine it was almost unbearable to watch xD


    • ann says:

      Could Liying get any cuter? I actually ship her with WC after this episode… there was something there. Did you see the part where WC said that his mother invited her to invite with them? 🙂 and he said she showed the most enthusiasm during the kissing scenes… And she said he was her male god. Ah. Ship!! I find it interesting that your article on the dating rumour between WC + ZLY is still the top post. People are curious? Do you think it’s still a false rumour?


      • archidisign says:

        I don’t think she can!! :3 but she will probably surprise us even more soon ^^ (she was cast as the sole female member of the movie adaptation of variety show Real Hero, so more cute moments soon!)
        Yop! Of course I saw all those WC+ZLY shipping moments and I loved them!! The dance, the possible kisses, the hugging, and the drink/dance at his place (with mom’s supervision of course). I want to ship them, but I already shipped her with so many dudes (leaving a OTP ship is hard)! I am not against them dating, but I won’t push it too hard this time. ^^
        Me too, I am very surprised to see that this article is still so often at the top. I guess google promoted it a bit more than the other articles? 😛 I wouldn’t say they are dating for sure, but now, nothing can stop this couple from existing! I do feel a little bit bad because I wrote that article a long time ago when WC + CC were still dating. So, I feel like I shipped them at the wrong time and brought unluck… 😦 sorry WC+CC fans!


  2. Moonlight says:

    So its true? I thought it was rumours that she was going to take part in the Go fighting or was it Real Hero movie adaption. Can’t wait!


  3. Thanks for this post! I haven’t seen the actual Happy Camp episode. Now I can get a head start thanks to your recaps. 😀 I still don’t find WC charming. (Sorry WC fans). Nothing personal. Just think LY would be cuter with Wallace Huo. I think a lot of people like myself was so darn obsessed with TJOF that they can’t bare to ship the two main leads with anyone else but each other. lol


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