October Chinese Dramas Air Time


Here we go and let’s see if any of your anticipated dramas scored an air time for the chilly, scary and fun month that is October! 

First up is Ban Shu Legend which supposedly started airing on October 1st! I totally missed the big debut of this drama :O I am definitely gonna watch if because it gives me a vibe between Legend of Lu Zhen and Beauty Maker. Good luck to this Yumama production.


starring Jing Tian, Zhang Zhehan, Li Jiahang, Li Cheng, Li Xinai

Close Your Eyes, Here He Comes on October 15th, 2015

The big thriller drama of Wallace Huo that gets all the novel fans excited. It started filming this summer with great anticipation. I am more a romcom easy going drama watcher person, but I may check it out one day when I feel like thinking a bit more (it is supposed to be suspense I think)


starring: Wallace Huo, Ma Sichun, Zhang Luyi, Wang Kai, Zhang Lingzhi, Yin Zheng

Good Time on October 16th, 2015

Bromance on! For all the Wallace/Hu Ge fans, it is a great news because the two will have dramas airing at the same time! Hu Ge is definitely the king of dramas this fall and he is owning the small screen. Good Time seems like a very light hearted drama so it will be a big contrast to Wallace’s HHC,CYE.


Starring: Hu Ge, Wang Xianchen, Xu Yajun, Xu Baihui, Zhou Chouchou, Han Dongjun, Lu Yisha

Three Good Dads or 三个奶爸 wil start airing on October 20th, 2015. I don’t know much about this project, but I am sure the Run Brother fans are happy to see some of the cast together on the small screen.


Starring: Li Chen, Chen He, Zhang Xinyi, Li Qian, Zhang Lei, Zhang Meng, Zhou Chenjia

Here are the other projects that I am really not familiar with:

大秧歌 Da Yang Ge airs on October 27th


因为爱情有幸福 Because Love Has Happiness sometime in October. (apparently William Chen is starring in it.. but I feel like we never covered this project before… weird)



妈妈像花儿一样 Mom Is Like a Flower starts on 10/05/2015

第一伞兵队 The First Paratrooper Team starts on 10/07/2015

等你爱我 Wait For Your Love starts on 10/16/2015

渔岛怒潮 Fish Island Bore starts on 10/17/2015

三八线 Three People Line (third wheel? xD) starts on 10/25/2015

source: 01/


10 thoughts on “October Chinese Dramas Air Time

    • archidisign says:

      Yeah! I was wrong. I just checked baidu and apparently is started airing on October 6th? I don’t know what is the real date anymore, but I youtube it and found episode 1 already. @_@


  1. Cat says:

    Meh. Did a search for 班淑传奇 youtube and all I got were trailers and behind the scenes. Nothing on my regular Chinese sites either. Boo. I am curious enough to check it out. Hopefully it’ll be somewhat interesting.


  2. Missy says:

    I’m really gonna miss Nirvana in Fire! It has been my favourite drama of the year even though I’m usually a fan of more light-hearted fluffly idol dramas haha! 😀 The 2 episode per day schedule has been taking up a lot of my time though…

    Now starting to watch Hu Ge’s other drama, The Disguiser! 😀

    Looking forward to Close Your Eyes, quite like the cast… especially Wang Kai! And I really liked Sandra in her drama, Fiance 🙂


    • archidisign says:

      Haha. When I heard about this crazy schedule for such a long drama, I was already pitying the viewers. Apparently the drama is super good and a lot of people watched it. I wanna try it out too this Holidays when I will be done with finals 😛 My drama goal is like: Legend of S, Yun Zhong Ge, Nirvana in Fire, Disguser, Ban Shu Legend. I hope I will be able to finish at least one of them before 2016 arrives!


  3. natalie says:

    I have too many Hu Ge dramas to watch and not enough time! I still need to finish the Disguiser, watch Nirvana in Fire but I’m watching Good Times as it goes along (I didn’t watch Nirvana and Disguiser straightaway because I was afraid of getting hooked and wanted to save it). Also Good Times and CYE is legit on the same channel and times are one after each other!


    • archidisign says:

      xD I am also keeping Nirvana in Fire as a gift to myself for Christmas :3 Q_Q Nobody has enough time to follow all the great dramas … 😦


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