Entertainment Update: Ice Fantasy, Liu Shan Men, Good Time, Yun Zhong Ge


New entertainment update because there are a lot of new stills these days…

Zhu Xian finally has some concrete official news. I am sorry we talked so many times about this in such a confuse way on our blog. The drama’s name is 青云志 or Qing Yun Zhi or Legend of Chusen. I guess they are trying to be original to not get confused with Legend of Zu/S. The production team officially announced the cast. Leading the drama is of course Li Yifeng and Angelababy. TFBoys will have a role to play too, although sadly they are not the leads. The other cast members are Zhang Ruoyun, Cheng Yi, Mao Zijun, and Qin Junjie. The filming will officially start filming on December, the 5th, 2015.


Ice Fantasy will not stop to spoil us with extra stills of the cast. This reminds me of when Guo Jingming was releasing nonstop pictures of his beautiful cast for LORD. Anyway, I actually more excited for Ice Fantasy because I love dramas more than I love movies. 😛 Here are the new stills:

Liu Shan Men, the secret society that you probably heard about in any The Four adaptation, has its own TV series now! I am excited to see how Dili Reba is going to do since she is definitely the breakthrough new commer of 2015.

The drama that will be released on October 16th Good Time will be Hu Ge’s third drama in a roll to air. They recently held a press conference.

Of course, we also have to cover the other big project coming up! It is Close Your Eyes, Here He Comes or Love Me if You Dare. Wallace Huo looks smoking hot in it and I bet this one will be THE drama of the month.


The gorgeous Ning Jing from Idol Up recently had her own photoshot and she looked gorgeous. The aura around her *_*. She also appeared on this week’s Dad Where Are We Going? as a guest!

Talking about Dad Where Are We Going, the most gorgeous siblings of the season 3 shared pictures of themselves bounding: Noe and Nina!

Another super good news: the happy Jimmy Lin family is expecting… TWINS! They are all going to be boys. Hehe, I am still waiting for a little princess to pop out in this beautiful family 😀


Finally, here is a SPOILER picture of Yun Zhong Ge. Basically, Yun Ge jumps and her two lovers are yelling, hoping she will fly back? Joke, I just wanted to share this picture because it illustrates perfectly the nonsense production skills of Yumama. You know what to watch when you want a nonsense addictive drama… 😛


Ok, to be fair. Some of the actresses in this drama looks very gorgeous. I am of course thinking of Yang Rong. This dance says: seduction mode on. Can’t wait to see her turn evil in the drama.


4 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Ice Fantasy, Liu Shan Men, Good Time, Yun Zhong Ge

  1. Cat says:

    It takes just one good show to make me a fan of yang rong. Still. Not sure if I will stomach though her current show being I am not a fan of the rest of the cast. I gave up after one episode. I wish her other shows that are in the can would get released. And can’t wait for WH’s new show. 10/15 can’t come soon enough. NIF will end then as well. Aghh. So good.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. HJ says:

    Waiting patiently for Victoria’s posters… Victoria’s the only one out of 4 main casts whose posters haven’t been released yet. I think it’s because she’s the most hot topic and brings attention on weibo. So they’re putting her towards the end, possibly as a finale. Currently, production company has invited few fans of each of the main cast and novel fans to do a weixin chat. This exclusive group gets to see costumes, special effects, filming pics, etc…before they are officially released. They provide feedbacks to the production company. And Ice Fantasy’s producer has been releasing screencaptures of some of their discussions. And everyone calls Liluo “gege” saying she’s very handsome and cool. She kinda looks like a female warrior and thus has quite a lot of fight scenes.

    According to the scriptwriter and ZhangMeng, Victoria’s postures during the fight scenes were just so beautiful; ZhangMeng even said she wants to learn from Vic. I think Vic’s Beijing Dance Academy background definitely helping out with dramas like these. And apparently Vic will portray 2 characters in this drama: LiLuo and Lijing. LiJing is a mermaid princess? ; her second identity in the next life after being reincarnated. Few days ago, they were still making the mermaid costume. I’m wondering if they’ll release both characters’ posters when it’s Vic’s turn. Maybe that’s why they’re pushing off till the end.


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