Run Brother 3 Releases Official Trailer!!

6f5ea3985d4d46bba307acb424aafaeaI am so ready for this!! This new season will be released in the upcoming weeks of October and I am ready for the craze and hype 😀 Luhan will be replacing Bao Bei Er this season!

I am so happy, this trailer has been English subbed… this means more global exposure  😛 Some interesting quote the cast said that I want to accentuate:

Zheng Kai: “Nerd Nerd Nerd. Deng Chao always consider himself as a class A nerd, but he can’t even write “Ner” correctly.”

Everyone: “He became lazier. He became fatter. At any circumstances, Chen He is always the first to laugh. The one who laugh the loudest. That’s Chen He for you.”

x)) All these witty and awesome comments make me anticipate the third season even more 😛

Another important important feature of Run Brother is the guests! For the first episode, they have invited Amber Kuo, and Zhang Huiwen. Not a super high profile guest list, but there would be good chemistry between Amber Kuo and Zheng Kai since they are starring in Ex-Files 2 together :)… Other rumored guests for this season includes: Yang Mi, Sun Li, Wallace Huo, etc.

Here are more pictures for the promotion activities:


6 thoughts on “Run Brother 3 Releases Official Trailer!!

  1. archidisign says:

    that trailer is so good! I am always surprised to see how Chinese variety show uses such high quality posters and trailers for pretty much every episode. 😛


  2. Hm…I’m probably one with an unpopular opinion here…but the trailer actually made me cringed, especially the latter half. @___@ The first half was kinda okay (though, still feel a bit “try-hard”), but second half really made me click onto another YT video immediately. And then, the question, “why are Chinese variety shows (ie “Run Brother”; “Go Fighting”, “Dad, where are you going?”) get made into big screen movies?”, suddenly dawned on me once again. Seriously, was there anything to indicate that it is a good strategic move in the Chinese market? As an overseas Chinese, all I anticipate are cringes whenever it is announced that a movie will be produced based on a Chinese variety show.

    Anyways, asides from the (cringed) trailer, I am still definitely anticipating the third season (been following this variety show since the first season). ^^


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, but variety shows are all about that cheese xD Most C-variety shows put a lot of drama in each episodes as well as non-existent fight between the members, so I find it better when they put more light-hearted cheesy lines like this trailer.
      The movie thing = I hate it too!!! It is so useless and way less entertaining than the actual show. But that is just another way for the production team to get some extra cash flowing in $_$

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha…well, I suppose I should cut C-variety shows some slacks since they are still adapting to the K-variety show formats and even hopefully changing for the better to surpass the originals (just talking about the ones that are based on K-variety shows). The interactions amongst members still seem forced at times; not as natural as the interactions and reactions in K-variety shows yet…with the exception of “Dad, where are you going?” (simply because kids will be kids =P).

        Seriously, how much more $$ can the production team milk from movie versions? @____@ everytime they come out with a movie version thinking that it would satisfy the thirst of fans waiting for the next season, I would go “Nope, skipping this.” I’ll just wait patiently for the next season. XD


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I think the teaser for RB3 was really good (kind of funny and not too dramatic. Agreed, it felt a little fake and cheesy, but I will let it pass since I love the show :P)… I don’t know if you saw the teaser for RB2, but that one was over the top cringe-worthy (the slogan was “I laugh for you, I cry for you. I am running for you. Please anticipate Run Brother 3” :’D) The Korean version is definitely better, but I feel like Run Brother and Dad Where Are You Going are the good ones 🙂

        And omg, they actually make a ton of money with variety show turned movies! The Run Brother and Ba Ba Qu Na Er movie versions were both a huge box-office success, and lets be real, they didn’t invest much money in the project 😛 … I also find it silly that people watch variety shows on the big screen, but as long as they are making money, they are going to do so 😛

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      • Oh dear…thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitely avoid the second trailer in this case. XD If I couldn’t take this one already, then I really don’t think I can handle the second trailer. lol For Run Brother, though I really enjoy it because of the cast (& guests), I still prefer the Korean at the moment. However, as for Dad, Where Are We Going, I much prefer the Chinese version! ^^” I find the Chinese version more heart-warming and I think that has to do with the fact that each filming schedule lasts about a week while the Korean version only lasts for a couple of days (or 3 days on rare occasions) for each filming schedule. So, I believe the Chinese cast has more parent-children bonding time in general than the Korean cast.

        Wow, that sounds like a very lucrative business! O____O *sigh* when the market is this big, the taste of the mass can be quite unpredictable. =____=”


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