Mega Entertainment Update: Zhao Liying Birthday, Love Me if You Dare, Chinese Paladin 5


New Entertainment Update :))

From Archidisign: Today is a happy day because … it is the birthday of my fave, Zhao Liying! Congradulations for being 28 now and hope you will have another successful year with full of great projects coming up. There is not really some major news about her, but some pretty stills definitely came out and I am more than happy to write about them. Extra, I also updated her page on the blog so you can go there to check more of her pretty face :3

So, in the spirit of the introduction, I am going to share about her stills first and foremost. Her project with Zhang Han, Rise of a Tomboy released some new beautiful stills:

Her other drama Rouge with Lu Yi also released more stills of our girl:

Finally, the video game she is representing currently showed us more of Zhao Liying in her beautiful costume.

The drama Love Me If You Dare got released yesterday, did anyone catch it? Tell me what you thought. My friend said the novel was extremely scary… Sandra Ma and Wallace Huo are both awesome actors so I may check it out during the winter break:

Here is also a picture of Hawick Lau on set of Flying Daggers:


Jimmy Lin is expecting twin boys! 🙂

Talking about never aging idols, Ruby Lin is coming back with a new movie. Interesting fact, did you know Ruby Lin and Jimmy Lin dated before? This fact definitely made Alec Su really sad 😦 The movie Phantom of the Theater will be released on the 24th, November 2015.

Ruby Lin

New Stills for Chinese Paladin 5:

Drama Good Time starring Hu Ge and Wang Xiao Chen released a long trailer as well as stills. They also hold a press conference where the cast seems to have great Chemistry together:

Movie Ex-Files 2 released more trailers below:

Ex-Files 2

The Witness with Luhan and Yang Mi releases more pictures of harmed Yang Mi:


New stills for the drama Three Dads ft. Chen He, Zhang Xinyi, and Li Chen:

New drama A Detective’s Housewife starring Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang released more stills:

The drama Liu Shan Men with Dili Reba released more stills as well as an awesome poster.

Liu Shan Men

Bai Baihe’s new movie called Les Aventures d’Anthony released more stills. Released date: 13th November, 2015.

Interesting fact: for 2015, China has chosen Go Away, Mr. Tumor starring Bai Baihe for the International Oscar Award nomination. Do you guys agree with their choice?

Weekly variety show update: Chen Xiao and Zhang Dan Feng will be representing their it drama (Yun Zhong Ge and Hua Qian Gu respectively) on Happy Camp this week. Seems like the MC will use this opportunity to ship Chen Xiao with her real life girlfriend Michelle Chen.


6 thoughts on “Mega Entertainment Update: Zhao Liying Birthday, Love Me if You Dare, Chinese Paladin 5

  1. HJ says:

    The only flaw with “Go Away , Mr. Tumor” is the English title because it’s so misleading. Not that the title itself is misleading since it’s really about fighting cancer, but more like the nuance I got at first was easy going rom-com movie. So at first when I imagined an Oscar presenter saying “This year’s winner is “go away, mr tumor”….” I just couldn’t hold myself rofl.

    Then I actually watched the movie and omg it was like one of the best movies I’ve watched this year T.T It was very touching. I heard that it’s based on a true story of a webtoon? artist who had this disease and passed away. I literally cried like a baby for the last 15 minutes of the movie. Also, I just simply love BaiBaiHe’s acting. It was her show throughout the entire movie.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Really? People keep telling me to go watch it and since you had such a good experience, I will definitely try it! Gonna tell you my review after 🙂


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