[Update] Idol Up: Zhao Liying Episode Out!!

Here is a biased post about ZLY 8D

After eleven weeks of broadcast, it is finally the turn of my beautiful Zhao Liying to get the spotlight. As you proabably realized before, Idol Up releases every week a short clip about one of their cast member in the form of a video biography. You will hear her producers/directors (the ones for Gong Movie, Rouge, New Princess Returning Pearl) as well as her other co-actors/friends/MC (Xie Na, Ada Choi, He Jiong, Lu Yi, William Chan, Nicky Wu, Kenny Kwan, Bao BeiEr).

After waiting for more than two months, I finally got it! Yeah! Here is the link:

I am so happy and while watching it, I nearly cried. That must be how Bieber fans felt like when they watched Never Say Never documentary. Haha, biased much. If you feel like a HUGE fan as me and want to watch a feel good video of 30 minutes, then this is the one for you. It is such a good feeling to hear others say the same things I am thinking about her. She is a good light-hearted person who works hard in whatever she does. She is such an inspiration for me. Never give up, work from the bottom to the top. Put her all into each of her work and always improving. Always making the effort to improve. Genuinely interact with others without faking it. She is perfection. *_*

I am so happy to see that they are releasing it today, one day after her birthday. What a nice gift for her and for her fans. Also, I wanted to note that I do realize the name of the show is Up Idol and not Idol Up, but I am way too accustomed to my way of writing it. And we are nearly done season 1. If they ever produce another season, I may change my nomenclature. Sorry… :3

UPDATE 10/19/2015:

I thought I could write down in English some of the positive comments about her in this video so that all the fans can enjoy it! ^^

  • Zhao Liying: Each role represents myself back then. Being an actress and doing what I love is a big satisfaction. Even if it is hard work, I still find myself very lucky. […] I always put my all into improving, all my time into each of them, so that the project can please all the viewers. Of course, I believe that working hard will bring back positive results. […] I want to show the true side of me. […] At first, it was hard for me to film variety show because so many cameras are filming everything I am doing. It is only after that I started to enjoy filming variety.
  • Nicky Wu/Producer of Legend of S: She has a very positive, not wanting to lose spirit. Very hardworking. […] It was when I saw her on Legend of Lu Zhen that I noticed her. I always thought she is a really talented actress and has a great future. Reality shows I was right. […] Because I am also an actor, I wanted to chose an actress who can take on challenge. She definity can. In this one, she has to play two opposite way of thinking, and have fight scenes. […] Liying, Liying, show your positive strong spirit to everyone! Of course, your cute side is great too.
  • William Chan: She is really a good actress. .[…] A perfect fit in the Entertainment Circle. […] I was often tired while filming Legend of S, but she seemed to have no problem at all.
  • Director of (?): If she keeps working the way she does right now, she has no limit.
  • Kenny Kwan: She once told me that there will always be negative comments. You need to work hard and prove yourself through your work (acting projects). […] While filming Lu Zhen Legend, she had so many scenes to film. She had to squat on the floor or else, her back would hurt. […] She is really courageous and always keep going on with strong efforts until the end of filming. […] Zhao Liying has a lot of talent in acting. As soon as the camera is on, she is in character. […] Liying, I want to tell you are a great friend who helped me a lot. Hope you will have more success.
  • Director of Palace Movie: Liying gives me the feeling of a very nice and docile girl. Very simple. […] She played a lot of roles. So you can say she got to where she is little by little. Which is really rare in the entertainment circle. […] She doesn’t speak much. She doesn’t know how to express herself, especially when it comes to saying things like “This is hard”, “I can’t do this”, etc. She never takes break. […] One scene in the movie, there were an accident with the horse and she felt hard on the floor. Although people wanted to run and come help her, she yelled “Don’t Come!!” For good filming results, those details are trivial. […] I used to say you are my goddess and people were saying I have no shame. While, you are my goddess! Fighting!
  • Bao Bei’Er: She has a very tomboy personality. .. Apparently, you are the most sought actress right now! Haha I hope you will get a lot of success and think of me.
  • Director of New Huan Zhu Ge Ge: You explain to her and she immediately understands what to do. She makes it into a trait of her character. This makes me think she is a really smart kid.  […] We interviewed a lot of girls for the role of Qin’Er, but it was really when I saw ZLY that I thought I found it. … Ya Tou (Girl), Fighting!
  • Director of Rouge: She told me “It is a good thing you are not watching my past roles because back then, I had a lot of flaws”. For such a young actress to have this spirit is very rare. Even if her other projects are successful, including Hua Qian Gu, she doesn’t let them go to her head. She always improve.
  • He Jiong: Zhao Liying is really a knives speaker King (?). She doesn’t beautiful her words and is very straightforward. It is only when you become close with her that you can undertand her more. She is very transparent. […] I hope you will find your ‘oppa’ and find success in your current projects too.
  • Ada Choi: She always call me Oppa and touches my hair. (laugh)
  • Ouyang Nana: She doesn’t know how to speak at first, but as time goes by, she learns to talk truthfully with others.
  • Wang Han: She isn’t someone who likes to fight with others. At her own rythm, she learns to adapt with others.
  • Xie Na: Liying is someone very simple and smart. I really like her. When doing activities together, she really feels to be part of the group.
  • Athena Chu: I think she is really cute. I really admire her how she doesn’t care about anything and says what is on her mind. This means she believe in us.
  • Zhang Hanyu: At first, I thought she was really weak. However, as I learn to her, I realize she is very strong and work hard.
  • Designer (on Idop Up): I really see in the real life ZLY her characters on screen: the little girl who doesn’t give up on anything. I was most worried about Zhao Liying student at the fashion walk, but she gave me the biggest surprise, showing a perfect walk full of feelings.

Bonus: Here is a gallery of the photoshot from this week’s episode. This is what happens when you put ten gorgeous camwhore ladies (and two men) in front of the camera.



13 thoughts on “[Update] Idol Up: Zhao Liying Episode Out!!

  1. Ann says:

    I did cry! I have midterms and papers, but I still made time to see it just now :”P
    I just love her so soo much!! She is perfection.
    Straight-forward, honest, hard-working and talented… exactly what I think of when I think of an idol.
    By the way, is it just me or did Kenny Kwan seem to be very close with Li Ying?


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, then we are totally on the same boat! :’D So much work to do for school @_@ I need to pass those midterms. I really needed that clip to make me feel better about this crazy student life…
      Zhao Liying and Kenny Kwan did two projects together (Wife’s Secret and Mermaid Legend) and they seem to be good friends since Kenny appears in a lot of ZLY’s ‘biography videos’. I feel like Kenny looks at her in a more ‘goddess’ way and I never saw any rumors between them. So not shippable… yet. xD


      • Ann says:

        Seriously, so much to do!! And midterms in 2 weeks. But, it always cheers me up to read about/watch Li Ying. There’s just something about her, she’s pretty much the only actress I watch! I really like how Kenny Kwan talked about her… seems like he truly understands her and cares about her. I want her to find happiness! Thanks for always writing updates about her (I don’t know how you do it without school and all, but I’m glad you do!) because I only speak/can understand Chinese (I can read very minimal Chinese), so there’s some things I don’t get but you always explain it!


      • archidisign says:

        Haha, my midterms actually start this week =_= So I also wonder where I find the time to watch/read entertainment stuffs. I feel like following Zhao Liying right now is like following ten entertainers at once (in the sense, she is so busy!!) 😛
        My reading in Chinese is also really bad Haha, I rely on a lot of google translate I have to admit. 😛 My desire to gossip is stronger than any language barriers 8D


  2. nabu says:

    I like her being honest and straight forward not fake in this show.. Even I am a fans of her Zhao Knife character in up idol.. I always waiting the scene when li ying will turn as Zhao knife and said sharp words to other goddess..😆😂😂 and her acting skill is always improve when I watch her new drama.. She made me obsess with her drama.. Specially for Shan shan and Hua Qian GU.. Love you Zhao Knife Liying.. Happy birthday wish you get more success😘


    • archidisign says:

      I love how she is straightforward too. I just hope others will stop pointing at her comments as if what she is saying is bad… At least she is trying to be herself! I love when she makes sudden comments too!
      xD My favorite of her is still Yang Yiliu (in Cuo Dian Yuan Yang) so far, although she did improve time after time. I just can’t the first time I saw her on the small screen :3


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