[Drama] Ice Fantasy with Victoria and Feng Shaofeng


YEAHH!! An official article for Ice Fantasy 😀 I am totally anticipating this huge project to get released. With the continuous adding of new cast members and the release of more (and more) stills, we decided to write an official post for it ^^!

Here is the first article we posted for this drama where I talked about the casting.  Don’t forget you guys can always go check the tag ice-fantasy for past pictures :)) Also, a lot of pictures here are from mingsojia on tumblr and from Weibo.

UPDATE New pictures of the main cast:

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Victoria Song as Li Luo (two pictures for her since we waited forever for them xD)


Feng Shaofeng as Ka Suo, Prince of Ice Kingdom.


Ma Tianyu as Ying Kong Shi, the younger and ambitious brother of Ka Suo


Lu Zi Zhen as Moon Godess


Xu Ke as Xing Jiu, Astrologers


Xu Jiao as Xing Gui, Death of Meteor


Zhang Yu Jian as Pian Feng, Wind


Wang Duo as Huang Tuo, Guardian


Shao Bing as Ice King


Gong Beibi as Ice Queen


Hu Bing as Fire King


Zhang Meng as Yan Da, Fire Princess


Shu Yaxin as Fire Prince


Liu Dong Qin as God of War


Chen Xinyu as Goddess of Music


Francis Huang as Li Luo’s brother and guardian


Zheng Pei Pei as Feng Tian


Shen Hairong as Queen of the Mermaid Family


Kim Hee Sun as Goddess of Fate


Madina Memet as the Mermaid Princess


More character stills:


7 thoughts on “[Drama] Ice Fantasy with Victoria and Feng Shaofeng

  1. archidisign says:

    Is it supposed to be a xinxia drama? I expect it to be a hit next year, a little bit like 2016’s Hua Qian Gu 😉 Character stills are all so pretty


  2. HJ says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ve been waiting for Victoria’s posters for the last freakin 16 days and hers was finally the finale!!!!! You can definitely tell I am super excited today :p
    And our Coriander Babies (name that is attached to Vic’s Chinese fans… they call themselves this and also everyone in Chinese entertainment industry call them this lol) were excited too and were prepared. Since last night, they started hashtagging keywords including Vic name and the drama name. So for entire day today, “song qian huancheng” was up on weibo real-time search 🙂

    May I suggest to you guys a twitter account? International Victorians set up a twitter account dedicated just for all Ice Fantasy updates. Twitter account is @Icefantasyliluo

    Anyways, I saw that IQIYI grand theatre announced their 2016 drama lineup and Ice Fantasy was already included. Considering it only just started filming and yet the online broadcasting right got already sold, I think this is one of the most highly anticipated dramas next year. With famous original IP work, good production company (same company as LanLingWang, Lady&Liar), and awesome popular actors as main casts, I think it’s harder to flop than do well.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      IKR? For the last two weeks, every time IF releases a new character poster, I was like…”This is nice, but where is my goddess?” 😛 Haha, kinda funny Victoria’s Chinese fans has a nickname but f(x) as a whole doesn’t have any 😦 Coriander is very fit for Victoria, it is fresh and she likes to cook 🙂

      I don’t usually go on twitter, but I just checked! It has a lot of pictures I never saw before, so it is really neat. They are basically translating all the official posts by the IF’s weibo team 8D

      I also have high hopes for this drama. However, there have been times where big budget projects wasn’t as bankable as hoped (ex. The Four, Diamond Lover, etc.) but yeah, this one will definitely do well!!!


      • HJ says:

        There’s a cute story behind how Vic’s Cfans came about to have nickname of “Coriander Babies.” Vic went on Chinese radio show in Korea called “Idol True Colors” (hosted my MissA Fei, Jia and Suju-M Zhoumi). During that show appearance, Vic once said that she doesn’t eat corianders ( I think it was specifically in a soup?).

        Anyways, Vic doesn’t update her weibo a lot. Usually just once a week or so. So Chinese fans missed her so much that they jokingly threatened Vic with corianders. They say, “If you don’t update your weibo, I’m going to send you a box of corianders!” Then SM Town concert in Shanghai happened and Vic Cfans organized a group seatings for themselves. And they each held a green LED board that said “Qian” (in Chinese character). It looked like a “coriander field.” Afterwards, her fans started to call themselves Coriander Army/ Babies and the name kinda stuck afterwards. Vic is often times referred to as “coriander field owner” lol

        What’s really cool is that Vic Cfans have made a name for themselves within Chinese entertainment industry. The scriptwriter and producer of Ice Fantasy calls Vic fans “coriander babies” on their weibos lol Not only this, but lots of entertainment weibos with lots of followers refer to Vic fans as Coriander Babies too.


  3. HJ says:

    HNTV announced that they bought the braodcasting rights (? is this the correct term to use lmao)…. for all 3 of these works: Chinese Paladin 5, ZhuXian, and Ice Fantasy. For the moment, Ice Fantasy has been given summer 2016 timeslot. ( you know how they change these timeslots so often ugh hope it doesn’t get pushed….)

    Yesterday, HNTV posted a weibo saying that as of now, among all the scheduled HNTV 2016 airing dramas, ZhuXian and Ice Fantasy are both tied for the highest sponsor fees. 5500万RMB per episode.

    Vic’s other drama, Beautiful Secret seems like it will also air next year T.T This means next year Vic has 2 HNTV dramas and 2 movies coming out. She’s already very popular without any work released in the past three years…..She’ll definitely rise even more next year!!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Really? That means it will be released at the same time as LORD (another project of GJM)… I guess he is hoping for double hit? I hope it will not be pushed back any longer. And awwn no 😦 I really wanted to see Victoria in a drama soon. For some reasons, a lot of dramas of Liu Shishi and Victoria are continually pushed back, which makes me so mad ><… I also think Vic is going to get busier next year, since she would be more present in the Chinese market… I hope it goes well! Hehe, definitely a lot of good dramas are coming up in 2016!


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