Hua Qian Gu Kiss Released!!

Haha, let me share a quick link befor I disappear again behind my horrible notes and textbooks.. Hunan had a beautiful gift for the fan yesterday. Indeed, they finally released the steamy kiss scene between Hua Qian Gu and her master, Bai Zihua. I guess I can understand why they chose to delete the kiss at some level because nothing can explain it except.. primitive impulses!

Haha, on a sidenote, Zhao Liying said on an interview that her longest filmed kiss scene was with William Chan for Legend of S. After seeing how long and hot the one she filmed with Wallace Huo, I am getting curious about the ZLY+WC scene. 😛 I am just saying… it is going to be hoot!

Also, for fans of the show, if you want, they released a total of 12 minutes of cutted content. You can watch it at Youku here or on Youtube as follow:


9 thoughts on “Hua Qian Gu Kiss Released!!

    • archidisign says:

      I actually enjoyed it a lot, but you definitely have to keep an open mind about different elements… For instance, both ZLY and WH’s characters are the annoying types (the girl is the classic Mary-Sue and the dude is the cold master and everything in this story revolves around them). However, the costumes are beautiful, the cast and acting are perfect and the story is definitely more complexed then your classic one. :3

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  1. natalie says:

    Actually the kiss scene wasn’t that intense lol compared with Wallace and Tiffany in Perfect Couple lol…
    I know HQG had a lot of hype but now that the addiction you get from having only 4 episodes a week and reflecting on it overall, it’s not that good. The cast is good especially ZLY and Wallace (no one can play that char as well as Wallace aside from Hu Ge). The plot in the middle was draggy and tbh only towards the end did I ship the couple (when she was evil). The plot was kinda crappy and SQM was such a random character and his devoted servant was just annoying. The trailer kinda made me have really high hopes (when I was revising for my exams so I was dying for dramas). ZLY and Wallace’s acting is really good and I think it’s her best work so far but for Wallace his past roles were better e.g. Jin Yuan Bao, Linghu Chong, White tofu (mainly cos they showed emotions and the role is too limited).


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, is there a clip of that kiss between TY+WH on Youtube? I wanna watch it … for science of course 8D
      I actually thought the story got way better by the second half. There are some big nonsense elements, but the story was well exectuted so I don’t have much complaints. SQM indeed didn’t feel like a real villain since he looked so beautiful and he didn’t do anything evil since the beginning. His whole dark world felt like a joke xD. But, gosh, I want a Sha Jiejie too!! Wallace and Liying both had better acting roles, but I bet for them, this must be the worth it anyway! It is THE most watched drama in China of all time!


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