[Movie] Deng Chao and Sun Li to Star in Devil or Angel


  • Starring Deng Chao and Sun Li (Real life couple!)
  • Release date: 24th, December 2015


Click on the link because there is no good quality trailer on youtube 😦 (link 1 and link 2)

This movie has been in production in absolute secrecy since since the beginning of 2015 and it is only now that we learn Sun Li will be the main female protagonist. It will also be the second time Deng Chao directs, after the great success of Break-Up Guru. Hehe, I can notice the similitude in the two movies 8D…

The movie tells the story of two partners in their daily adventures accompanied by a dog, two turtles, and a goose.

Press Conference:


The press conference happened two weeks ago next to the river in Shanghai. Since the movie will be released on Christmas’ Eve, everyone was wearing Christmas’ costumes and Deng Chao danced… to his interpretation of Nian Nian Wo Cuo Le with a Jingle Bell twist. They then invited Sun Li and interviewed her about the whole process behind the the production of this movie. SL complained a little about how busy her husband is and his absence at home (:”D) but also declared he is a great producer. There seems to be a little tension between the two, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it x)…

Stills below:

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