Entertainment Update: Vogue China Red Carpet, The Witness, Chen Xiao Proposes

Ni Ni

OMG, it felt forever since I haven’t posted new article. Missed you guys :))

Big news! Chen Xiao has proposed to Michelle Chen! I will let Archidisign develop on this event, but personally, I am shocked by the news. Both seems to be at the early stage of their love life together and it seems neither is at the moment in their career where they can focus on their personal life. HOWEVER, I am still happy for these two 🙂


How did it all happened? Hehe, Chen Xiao has prepared a sculpture of Michelle Chen (as her character of Xiao Long Nu in Romance of Condor Heroes) and surrounded it with rose petals. He installed all of this on a yacht in France and waited for his goddess, Michelle Chen, a ring of two carats and ready to propose. :’D So adorable….


Talking about Michelle Chen, her drama Qin’s Moon with Lu Yi released a new beautiful trailer. Definitely worth a watch if you are an original anime fan.


Another good news: Tong Liya is pregnant! Despite rumors of this couple been on a fight, it is nice to know they are growing their family instead of the inverse!!


Tong Hua, author of Bu Bu Jing Xin, is preparing another book of her pen to adapt into dramaland! The title of this work is ”Abandon Me, Hold Me” and is starring Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai. it tells the story of a woman going up the fashion ladder. This is the second collaborations between the two ladies as they also worked on Destinated to Love You together.

As mentionned before, the new drama for Dilireba (this girl is hitting a home run!) recently released a trailer.  Named Legend of Liu Shan Men, it stars both Dilireba and Raymond Lam. The drama tells the story of successive deaths in the palace as the king coincidentally falls ill at the same moment. It is set in the Ming Dynasty.


Here is a photophot of the say IT girl:

The drama Ice Fantasy released more stills:

Oh My God starring Lay of EXO and Chen Xuedong of Tiny Times Saga recently released a trailer:

The movie, The Witness, starring Yang Mi and Luhan, was finally released on October 23rd! I am probably going to watch it…. but for the meanwhile, here are some pictures from the press conference. The two stars definitely has a lot of celebrity friends (such as Victoria, Dilireba, Deng Chao, Yang Yang, Liu Yifei, etc.) In addition, the MV which is sang by Luhan is getting first place in music charts! BTW, Yang Mi is coming on Run Brother 3 very soon… but I will probably write an article about the episode anyway 🙂

On the same day as The Witness was released, Youth Never Returns featuring Chen Qiao En and Zhang Han was also released. Here are some stills:


Another red carpet that happened this week: Vogue China’s Ten Year Event! They have already released a special photoshoot for this event, but a special night program is also appreciated! I love William Chan and Kris Wu’s bleached hair and Bae Hayden and Yang Mi’s looks!!

Some more pictures because everyone loves interactions between actors/entertainers 🙂

Tribes and Empires is a new drama to be released before the end of 2015. It stars a lot of new actors and actresses such as Xu Lu, Ming Bao and Zhang Jianing that I am not very familiar with, but the pictures are gorgeous. It supposedly tell the story of modern luxury life:


12 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Vogue China Red Carpet, The Witness, Chen Xiao Proposes

  1. archidisign says:

    To see Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen moving so fast and becoming an engaged couple, I guess my opinions wouldn’t matter at all in their eyes. Oh well, I guess it is time to come back to reality and accept that they are indeed a happy couple. Because of how fast those two are going, the media is saying Michelle Chen is probably pregrant. I hope this is false because I don’t see them ready to get married just yet. I saw the new trailer of Qin’s Moon and Michelle Chen was ok in it. I will give her another chance to impress me with her acting.


    • Ann says:

      They obviously don’t care about what I think either… but this relationship is mind-boggling. It has moved SO fast! Makes me think there’s more to it than we know, but I guess it is what it is. Strange he would choose a sculpture of her in the XLN role… just why! Imagine she is pregnant ><"

      Liked by 1 person

      • archidisign says:

        Yeah I know! that sculpture of her isn’t even that flattering. There must be some symbolic meaning to it we outsiders don’t understand 😥
        I was expecting them to move fast. After all, they were caught as a couple in a hotel… Hence, in my opinion, there is probably a high chance she is indeed pregnant. @_@


  2. HJ says:

    OMG last night on weibo, both YangMi and Victoria fandom going crazy lmaoooooo cuz since when did these 2 know each other lol They met like once in 2012 at National Drama Festival when Vic received an award and Yangmi was the presenter.

    Vic’s interview clip was released and she said that YangMi personally called her to invite to the movie premiere. Poor girl was still filming in Hebei (which is like 3 hour drive away from Beijing), so she was late compared to other celebs. And because Vic had to go back to filming site, she couldn’t actually watch the movie. She just came to do media interview, photowall, and promote on weibo for YangMi.

    I saw China Paparazzi hinting that these 2 might work on a movie together in the near future. Whatever project that may be, I am super excited 🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      OMG, I love Victoria’s dedication, she is literally everywhere!! Do you follow f(x) activities? Well, they just had a LIVE performance today and she nailed it too! Considering she is promoting actively right now in China and in Korea, I can only hope she is not exhausting herself… However, I also hope she can do a project with Yang Mi soon 😀


      • HJ says:

        29th performance on MCountdown wasn’t “live.” They actually prerecorded last week around 22nd. Cuz Vic went to China Oct 22-24 for Happy Camp recording. Then f(x) had a schedule in Jeju, and on 25th, Vic went back to Beijing to continue filming for Ice Fantasy. Then she came back to Korea on 29th night…… Today 30th performance at Music Bank Vic was actually there today.

        Nowadays, all SM artists promote for 3 weeks only. And by coincidence, the same 3 weeks that f(x) does their promotion……. Show Champion (music show on Wednesdays), they cancelled their shows because production team is busy preparing for Melon Music Awards. So f(x) won’t appear on music show on Wednesdays. Moreover, with Korean Baseball League playoff season and their live matches,,,,, several music shows been cancelled. Just this week, tomorrow’s Music Core is also cancelled due to baseball match. However, all the performances are still prerecorded. So f(x) still goes to Music Core tomorrow and will prerecord. It’s just that this prerecorded stage performance will air on TV next Saturday instead.

        Currently, as far as I know,,,, Vic schedule for the 3 weeks of f(x) promo works like this. Monday to Wednesday is filming Ice Fantasy in China; Thursday to Sunday is f(x) activities in Korea.
        This weekend, they have like a fansign event. On Sunday(Nov 1st) night, Vic will go to HongKong because on Nov 2nd, she has a ribbon cutting ceremony event for Coach HongKong. (Vic is Coach model in Asia right now). Then she stays an extra day in HongKong and is returing on 4th…. Everyone is wondering what her “mysterious” schedule in HongKong might be… it might be just magazine photoshoot or even meeting with directors since it’s HongKong…


      • HJ says:

        Vic has her own studio in China, so SM cannot have a say in her China schedule. They can only coordinate with her China manager to balance her Korean (f(x) schedule) and Chinese (drama and movie) schedules.
        Besides, don’t you think it’s awfully unfair for Victoria to “avoid” all these ex-exo members in China? I mean, she has done nothing wrong and is a 3rd party in their ongoing lawsuit problem.

        For this movie premiere, Vic made herself clear in her interview and weibo that she personally got invited by YangMi. (in fact, in her interview, Vic said YangMi personally called her on phone!) Nothing to do with Luhan. She was just there to show support for her friend.

        On Knet, this stupid trash journalist tried to bring attention to her article by saying Vic went to go support Luhan’s movie lmao. You gotta see the comments by knetz! They all took Vic’s side and shielded her saying “ya trash journalist nice try …trying to bring hate on Victoria? well she was there because she got invited by yangmi. besides, why does it matter that she went? she has done nothing wrong. she doesn’t have to avoid anyone” etc……


      • archidisign says:

        Oh really? I didn’t know! It’s great that Vic has now more independence and freedom about her Chinese projects. I still remember the time when SM didn’t allow their artist (aka Super Junior) to even communicate with Hangeng after the lawsuit. It is a good change to see from the kpop industry, that they are becoming less strict about these nonsense. And I totally agree, Vic has nothing to do with the whole EXO mess and the media should stop putting her in the middle of it just because she is Chinese.


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