[Recap] Run Brother 3 Starts with Luhan Ep.1!


Excited to welcome back the most popular variety show at the moment in China on the small screen? I for one was super happy to watch it in the comfort of my bed today. The games were very pleasant but unlike season 2, the season 3 decided to start slowly and with less panache.  For this episode, a series of challenges in order for the magical red lotus to blossom!

All the members arrives while running… in beautifully decorated costumes 8D. It may even be too well decorated, considering these manly men where wearing ancient Chinese clothing with flower ornaments. Oh well, at least they all looked pretty ^^…

After talking a little bit and introducing Luhan as their newest regular member, everyone heads to their personal car for the first challenge of the day. Chen He jokes about how the adding of Luhan will decrease the average age of the Run Brother members but after receiving the death stare by Deng Chao (one of the two oldest member), he slowly disappears to the back :”D AWWN. In the car, everyone receives a red card with the instructions. Apart from Luhan, everyone gets the “murderer” task…. wait, what? Aren’t there supposed to be 1 “murderer” for 6 “citizens”? Not for today it seems! Everyone acts anxious and happy to be chosen as the first “murderer” of the season, not knowing that they are not the only one.


Luhan successfully takes out Chen He, Angelababy, and Li Chen. However, the other members found out at the same time through hints hidden everywhere in the museum, that Luhan is the culprit. He gets arrested by Deng Chao and Wang Zulan who take his nametag off… Game Over. Despite the boring fast ending of this game, everyone praises Luhan for his excellent abilities. Chen He was the first one to be OUT, and was frustrated the game is still on going despite the fact that him, the MURDERER, is already out xD. As a prize, the Run Brother cast receives the unblossomed lotus.


The next challenge will determine if they get the dust! To win, the seven members must solve 10 questions about Chinese calligraphy in one round (one round means each of the seven members gets to guess once). At each new word, one member must go to the top of a ladder while the remaining six members must use their body to illustrate the Chinese word. If the word is not correctly guessed, the PDs would simply flib the board and dump everyone in the water. For this game, everyone is wearing hilarious black one suit. On one occasion, Li Chen accidently takes off Deng Chao’s pants while trying to grab onto something on the board and not be dump in the water. Lu Han and Deng Chao both does greatly in this game and they win easily.


Next game is an obstacle course. It is a little bit hard to explain but overall, the members must run around the circuit with a cup of water on the top of their head and while carrying the contestants before themselves on a chariot. If the total amount of water is higher than the red mark on the bowl of water, then it is a success. Everyone laugh at how heavy Chen He as the chariot was not moving once he jumped on it :P. Luhan, as his usual goofy self, dump the water out at many occasions ^^. After 2 tries, they successfully complete the challenge.


Final challenge and probably the hardest one on the show!! They must complete 10 jumps using a jumping rope with the Run Brother members AND 66 volunteers. I wonder how long they practiced because everyone looks exhausted and super happy when after an infinite number of attempts, they finally succeed! During the first part of this challenge, everyone member got the chance to choose 10 members and train them. It is funny how Li Chen and Angelababy do an excellent job at training while Chen He’s team was very sloppy xD


END of this week’s Run Brother… What did you guys think? 🙂

 PS… It will be a couple game next week and the guests  are:

  • Yellow Team: Luhan, Zhang Huiwen
  • Purple Team: Zheng Kai, Amber Kuo
  • Blue Team: Li Chen, Chen Qiao En
  • Pink Team: Wang Zulan, Ma Su
  • Green Team: Chen He, Song Jia
  • Red Team: Deng Chao, Angelababy

As you can see, half them already came to Run Brother before, so this should be a lot of fun!


One thought on “[Recap] Run Brother 3 Starts with Luhan Ep.1!

  1. archidisign says:

    Haha. That sounded like a boring episode. :’D The goal was just to play games one at a time with no ultimate true challenge. Oh well, welcome back Run Brother! I want some real conflicts next time :3


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