Entertainment Update: Ma Ke, So I Married my Hater, L’Officiel Gala


Another entertainment update because we are in November! Throws confetti (for no reason)! 😛 Hehe

To start off with, here is the big news that a lot of you already know. I am just sharing it again in case… Yang Mi and Mark Zhao were casted for the Chinese drama adaptation of the novel Three Lives Three Worlds. We already know Liu Yifei and Yang Yang were casted for the movie adaptation. I definitely feel like the LYF+YY coupling are perfect for the touching and long small screen version while as YM+MZ are perfect for the box-office movie version. Anyway…

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To prepare yourself from the new Run Brother season, you can check out… Star Brother! xD It stars Chen He as the male lead as well as Yu Gantingting and Wang Chuanjun as the other leads. They also invited Zheng Kai for a special cameo. The story will of course be about a love triangle.

On October 31st, it is not simply Halloween… It is also Nicky Wu’s birthday. Happy birthday to him and I hope he will be able to have a wedding ceremony this year. Cross fingers!


Did you know Tang Yan is the official spokesperson for a diamond company? I wonder if they helped her get her role on this summer’s hit drama, Diamond Lover? 8D Or is it the other way around and she was offered the luxury job after her great acting performance? Tang Yan went to the International Diamond Jewllery Competition as eye candy on October 29th, 2015.


If you are a fan of Wank

Dad Where Are we Going? Season 3 finally ended airing after 16 great episodes. It was pure joy to see those six beautiful families interact together, especially the kids. :3 The last episode had the moms and siblings as guests and it was very touching. A perfect happy moment to end it all.

Li Yifeng’s new movie Fall in Love Like a Star will be opening this December.

Les Aventures d’Antony directed by Zhou Xun and starring Bai Baihe:


Two additional pictures from Oh My God starring Chen Xuedong and Lay, also set to star in December:

The sad drama Xiao Shi Yi Lang lost their precious air date this summer… So, they recently released some more character stills. For the sake of this drama, I hope it will be airing soon before crazy drama period restarts soon (yep, I feel like 2016 has a crazy line-up coming).

Ma Ke is the busy busy bee of the C-entertainment right now. Here are two of his projects coming up. He signed up for a drama called Revive with Viann Zhang and Xu Haiqiao.

He is also starring in a web drama called The Ferry Man 2 with Yang Zi,  Liu Zhiyang, Xiao Yin, and Yu Yiyan. From the stills, it looks a bit like a scary drama. It starts airing on October 30th, exclusively on IQiyi.

Another red carpet happened last week, so here comes the pictures 🙂 It was for the magazine L’Officiel

Is anyone watching the drama Good Time with Hu Ge and Wang Xiaochen? It is already at episode 26 so it will done airing in 4 short episodes. I am predicting a happy ending based on the stills that came out. I watched the episode 26 and I all I have to say is, as long as the crazy girlfriend Xia Bingbing gets out of the picture, I will be satisfied with the ending. Side note, Hu Ge will get a special award at the 10th Annual Asian TV Drama Conference for his great contribution to dramaland in 2015.

Finally, a picture of Chanyeol of EXO and Yuan Shanshan for their movie, “So I Married my Hater”



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