Entertainment Update: Best Beauty, My Male God, Dulala2


Hehe, there are always news to share in the busy Chinese Entertainment circle. I am done with my midterms finally, so to celebrate, another entertainment update! If November is slow on the released dramas side, it is however full of casting news! This update is quiet long. We first cover 1) Casting news, 2) Stills for drama/movies/variety, 3)Gossips and 4) Fashion photoshots and events. Enjoyy!

Ma Ke and Qiao Zhenyu both got signed for yet another drama! This time it is Best Beauty (? good translation) 思美人with Hayden Guo (the long hair beauty from Tiny Times). Apparently, one of the TFBoy member is also signed up for the project. It is based from a novel.

Of course, they are not the only ones to make the headlines in dramaland! William Chan and Zhang Yixing (Lay) from EXO were recruited for another big budged drama. It is called Old Nine Door 老九门 (again, I am waiting for an official English title).

Another production in the work is Forever Young! You may have watched the movie version this summer starring Li Yifeng and Zhang Huiwen, but now, it is announced that a drama adaptation is in work. As someone who saw the movie, I don’t really recommend making a longer version… The story already didn’t make any sense in less than 2 hours, how are they going to survive in a long drama version? Anyway…

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Finally, the big Korean-Chinese casting news. Starring Korean actor Ji Chang Wook (Empress Ki) and Wang Xiao Chen (Good Time), the drama is called My Male God. It is making the headlines because the actor is a famous Hallyu actor (I never saw any of his projects personally) and the girl is of course getting quiet a bit of recognization thanks to her recent collaboration with Hu Ge. This can be interesting.

New poster for the movie of Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou and Bolin Chen. The movie Du La La 2 will hit the theaters on December, 4th 2015.


Guess what came out today? Yes, it is Ex-Files 2 with Zheng Kai, Amber Kuo, and Lay:4c033d1egw1expyp1th94j20qo0bewjn Qiao Zhenyu’s new movie Not Everyone Can Be Loved released stills and a poster.


Yang Mi, Dili Rebat and Li Yifeng‘s new movie Fall In Love Like A Star together set to be released for December 3rd came out with more character stills and movie stills. Did you know Dili Rebat is under Yang Mi’s agency? All three of the leads starred in the 2014 mega production drama Ancient Swords.

New movie This Is Me just started their promotion phase. The production stars Michelle Chen, Zheng Kai, Bao BeiEr and Tang Yixin.

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New movie starring Wang Baoqiang, Chen He and Tong Liya:

The show Run for Time released a poster with all the cast members (including Ada Choi, Huang Xiaoming, TFBoys, Tian Liang, Viann Zhang, Zhang Meng, Jia Nailiang, Ma Ke to name a few). It will be airing today on Hunan!! Oh yeah!

Good news for all the shippers out there! Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu will hold their WEDDING in spring next year (it is affirmed by a source, but no confirmation yet…)!! <3<3<3 To celebrate, here are more pictures from her current collaboration with Tong Dawei: If Love Like This.

Actors Wang Likun and Yu Hewei were caught on a possible date. The two had already worked on five acting projects together in the past so them becoming an item is just following the natural line of life. :3

The newest crazy rumor: Yang Yang and Ma Su dating? The two were spotted vacationning in Japan and later they share selfies of themselves cosplaying (celebrating Halloween?) together. As they never did any project and no casting news were announced yet, people are puzzled at this sudden friendship/coupling. However, both denied the coupling and Ma Su says in an interview they are only friends. She also points out she should get caught more often hanging out to be on the trending hashtag more often. xD

Some gorgeous pictures of Zhao Liying:

Fashion week with Li Bingbing, Carine Lau and Liu Shishi (talk about dream team!):


Talking about red carpets, Cosmopolitan hold one too and invited some of our favorite actors:


9 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Best Beauty, My Male God, Dulala2

  1. Cat says:

    Holy. What a boat load of info. I need to re-read at least one more time. Off the top of my head, for Ji Chang Wook, I’ve seen him on a guest appearance for Happy Camp and also for Healer. He is really cute and seems down to earth on the guest appearance. He does the usual smile and nod. Rinse and repeat. Works for me. 🙂

    Go LaLa 2 I think was supposed to come out on 11/11 in China with US release date of 11/20. I do see that China was bumped to December. US though, as of right now, I still see the release date of 11/20. Doubtful US will get to release before China. Bummed if this got pushed back. I’ve been really looking forward to this one!

    Zhao Liying looks lovely in these photos. I am looking forward to her new projects.

    I think Hayden is just stunning. Her new drama with Mark looks like will be another novel I’ll be reading first before catching the show.

    Thanks for all the time and effort. Keep up the good work!


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, when I released the post, I also felt it was a crazy overload, hence why I tried to categorize the news a little bit more than usual. 😛 JCW was on Happy Camp? I never realized! Although, I do tend to skip kpop centered expisodes because I am not too int the ‘oppa flower boy is the best’ phase anymore. I agree that they are cool and talented, just not a fan of the craziness around them. :3
      Welcome! 😀 Glad you enjoy them. I think I have some time for updates in Novemebr (done with midterms!), but I will be back to study crazily during December… Oh well, student life, right? We are all on a rollercoaster.


  2. Hagu says:

    I heard Zhao liying will play as cameo in nine gate with William and lay. And another rumour is Zhao liying will play with Huge in paladin movie.. Wish this rumour come true.. Another hot news that Zhao Liying and Yang Yang will play in the movie base on novel adaptation Orient House. The drama of the same title will be play by fan bing bing.. 😍


    • archidisign says:

      Yeah! I read that too (on Avirtualvoyage’s blog :3) I hope it is true, but I will wait for official casting news before posting on the blog. 😛 Our girl’s name is tagged to too many projects already!
      Fan Bingbing in the drama version and Zhao Liying in the movie one? That sounds reversed to me! :O It would be so weird if it happen, but again, I am all in for a YangYang+Liying collab!


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