[Recap] Run Brother 3 with Chen Qiao En, Amber Kuo, Song Jia, Ma Su, and Zhang Huiwen


This week present our lovely cast members as hardworking and loving people whose ultimate dream is to watch the flag rise at Tian An Men! In group of two (couple missions!), they must complete a series of games, including a name tag duel off, to determine which couple will have this honor! (short recap)

The couple meets in the cheesiest, quoting lines from famous dramas in the 80s and 90s and acting as fated lovers. It is interesting to note 3 of the female guests already came to RB before and if you add Angelababy, it is a lot of familiar faces! Baby cheerfully call Deng Chao, her supposedly lover, “uncle” and he tells her he is younger than Huang Xiaoming. She declares, so what? he is also my uncle :”D… When Luhan and Zhang Huiwen arrives, Deng Chao and Li Chen declares then feel really old (since Huiwen and Luhan are 22 and 25 yo). Li Chen jokes about how Deng Chao had to dye his hair black before filming today XD

The couples are

  • Yellow Team: Luhan, Zhang Huiwen
  • Purple Team: Zheng Kai, Amber Kuo
  • Blue Team: Li Chen, Chen Qiao En
  • Pink Team: Wang Zulan, Ma Su
  • Green Team: Chen He, Song Jia
  • Red Team: Deng Chao, Angelababy


The first game is a massive Rubic Cube. After 10min, the team with the most cubes with their team color on the top wins. Deng Chao and Wang Zulan decides to sacrifice themselves to prevent Li Chen from winning. Green (1st), Yellow (2nd), Blue (3rd).


Second game is divided in 3 parts. On a field full of mud, girls must push guys first in a small agriculture chariot, then guys push girls, and for the final game, it is half guy half girl. The mud is extremely sleepy and Amber Kuo has a lot of difficulty pushing Zheng Kai…. He falls so often that by the end of the game, he is a ball of mud xD … Poor girl, she is just skinny. On another note, Chen Qiao En and Ma Su both does extremely well!! Winners: Pink (1st), Blue (2nd), Yellow (3rd). Deng Chao jokes about how Li Chen (nicknamed as Black Bull for his strength) was not at his full potential during this game since he is so excited to be back at home (in the mud).


Final preliminary game is a quizz guys VS girls. All the girls receive questions about engine, cars, basketball, etc whereas the guys receive questions about nails, shopping, make up. No surprise here, but both sides does horribly. Thanks to what I presume are quality time with HXM, Baby is able to answer the most questions. Luhan and Deng Chao also does a fairly good job. Final standing: Red (1st), Yellow (2nd), Green-Blue-Pink (3rd) . The purple team pleads for a participation prize and get one point. Thus:

  • Yellow Team: Luhan, Zhang Huiwen ~~~5
  • Purple Team: Zheng Kai, Amber Kuo ~~~1
  • Blue Team: Li Chen, Chen Qiao En ~~~ 4
  • Pink Team: Wang Zulan, Ma Su ~~~ 3
  • Green Team: Chen He, Song Jia ~~~ 4
  • Red Team: Deng Chao, Angelababy ~~~ 3


For the final mission, they must find RB cardboard with names of important cities in China. If they find a list of cities which correspond to a possible itinery from their starting point to Beijing, they win the game. Despite outstanding luck for the Green Team, the pink team got the better end of the mission and succeeds! Hehe, it is cute to see how disappointed Luhan was and how Zhang Huiwen is sad to be the only one eliminated. End of this week’s episode!


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