Entertainment Update: Sparrow, Les Interpretes, Summer Tears in Paradise


New Entertainment Update!! Say what? Hehe, a new entertainment with many drama news. It is a slow week, but at least we got a lot of new stills 🙂

First, let me add some more air dates. Yop, that’s how unstable air dates are = they are always changing! I am sure you are happy to learn that The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 will be released for November 11th, 2015 and Qin’s Moon for November 29th, 2015. Some new period dramas! Here are some new stills for Legend of Xiao Zhuang:

Gui Gui‘s The Girl Who Wears Earrings released stills and a trailer. The drama looks good, but a bit too makjang for me(the slapping of that girl at the beginning…). I am not really a fan of her and this trailer was not addicting enough for me to anticipate it yet.

1 2 4

Rouge Rookie Agent with Zhao Liying and Lu Yi released more stills of the leading lady! They are finally done filming it meaning Liying now has more free time to chose new projects to work on! I am anticipating casting news with her name everywhere. Rumors say she may be casted for a movie with Yang Yang and a cameo in the upcoming Chinese drama Old Nine Gates (source @Hagu). *_*

Hehe, this picture is for all of you, Chinese fans of Victoria (aka Corianders) @HJ. Don’t forget! She will be appearing on the upcoming Happy Camp episode next week.


3 4

More BTS and stills released for new drama Sparrow with Li Yifeng and Zhou Dongyu. Based on hashtag, I feel like this is one of the most anticipated drama (with Just One Smile is Very Alluring and Ice Fantasy)

More stills for Border Town Prodigal with Zhu Yilong and Viann Zhang.

I know we just talked about this new drama in the LAST entertainment update, but I thought you guys may be interested in a small synopsis. Old Nine Gates, which announced the casting of Lay (EXO) and William Chan, is the prequel of Lost Tomb which starred Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, and Tang Yan. At the start of the battle of Changsha, Zhang Qishan (William Chan), decides to unveil the mystery behind a mine and ask for the help of an archaeologist and Opera singer (Lay), nicknamed Red of February. After many obstacles, they unveil a terrible secret of the battle of Changsha and save many lives.


Les Interpretes of Yang Mi releases more adorable stills:

Bao Bei Er‘s movie My Original Dream released an official trailer:

The movie of Bai Baihe and Zhou Xun, Les souvenirs d’Anthony, will be released this week:


The movie Summer Tears in Paradise (which we briefly talked about in this article here) stars Hangeng, Kris Wu, and Lu Shan. Here are the trailer and some additional pictures (no pictures yet of Han Geng, so here are some Kris Wu eye candy for ya all):

Stills for Lay and Chen Xuedong‘s movie:

2015 is nicknamed as the Journey to the West year! Indeed, there has been so many movie adaptation of this story (animation and real life). Well, here comes another one. Named The Monkey King 2, it looks gorgeous:

Fan Bingbing and Jackie Chan‘s movie, Skiptrace:

Liu Yifei is having a new movie Rescuing Flying Tigers! Some BTS pictures below:

A new White Snake movie is in production right now. I know it is cliche, but I love that story! Hope they will cast someone pretty and they don’t destroy this childhood story.

White Snake Movie

Next is an awesome news!! (at least for me, since I don’t think there is many Deng Chao and Sun Li fans among our readers :’D)… She is finally coming on Run Brother! However, they will not be on the same team… She is probably coming to promote her drama Mi Yue Zhuan or her movie with hubby Deng Chao, Devil or Angel.

On the gossip and unfortunate side, Guli Nazha’s phone got hacked recently and pictures of herself with past boyfriends were leaked (including some kissing ones). I feel so bad for her and I find the hater who did it really a low person. I will not be sharing those say pictures. Hope her relationship with Zhang Han won’t suffer too much from this. I am sure he is an understanding guy!


24 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Sparrow, Les Interpretes, Summer Tears in Paradise

  1. Thanks for post!

    The first Monkey King was so good, I’m really looking forward for second movie. Posters amazing as always!
    I’m a huge fan of White Snake adjustment cycle, I want this one will have happy ending which is rare in c-movies! And I want Monk to fall for Green Snake lol I really shipp that bastard-monk with green snake after Maggie Cheung’s movie lol

    I’ll be so happy if YY and ZLY cast together especial in period drama ♥♥


    • archidisign says:

      I love the posters for Monkey King too!! so pretty *_* I tried to watch the first movie, but it had too much special effects for my eyes to handle xD
      I never watched the Maggie Cheung’s version :O Should give it a try soon…


      • Maggie Cheung’s movie called Green Snake 1993 year product, it’s like the same white snake’s story but more concentrate on green sister! And the Monks role played by Vincent Zhao, damn hot Monk I’ve ever seen :Q_ They have so crazy chemistry, that I liked the idea of snake/monk couple.


  2. Hagu says:

    If I am not wrong the name of The Movie is Legend of Four the OTP was Zhao Liying and Yang Yang.. And The rumour also said that fan Bing Bing will play as lead on tv series version. This news release by SiNa on weibo.
    And another news for our cute pie Zhao Living she will play in a movie as leading actress with Aaron Kwok as leading actor in Spy movies.. With Zhang Han and Simon yam too. The shooting will begin this December, I am forget the name of movie but this news already fix.. So Liying didn’t have much time to rest.. This girl really need a rest.


    • Hagu says:

      My bad the movie name is rumored cast Zhao Liying and Yang Yang is Orient House, who is fan bing bing will play in TV version. And for the legend of four is still on vote who gonna play as the cast for this drama.. But Liying name is included in the vote as leading role.
      For Spy movie is already fix the OTP will be Aaron Kwok and Zhao Living (spy Couple maybe this Mr/mss Smith Chinese version). This movie will begin to shoot this December and will release next year (probably on December 2016)


      • archidisign says:

        Great! Thanks for all the information and I can’t believe I never noticed before 😛 Yeah, sounds like she just doesn’t take any break, poor girl. I searched a bit about these projects and it seems like those are old casting news that date from this summer (like from June/July). I notice that back then, a lot of people leave hateful comments on ZLY’s article. Glad to see that HQG shut down so many haters!
        As for the projects, it doesn’t seem like they started filming yet, so I hope she is still signed for those projects. From what I read, the Spy movie will be filming during Christmas so it should be ok. It sounds like it will be a very patriotic movie against Japanese invasaion so I doubt there will be too much romantic scenes (unlike Mr/Ms Smith). However, the Orient House one… I really want it to happen so let’s cross fingers this works out and hope those two will have great Chemistry together. 😀
        ps; I will post about those casting news when there will be some new information/confirmations out. 😛 Thanks!!


  3. Hagu says:

    If I am not wrong the name of The Movie is Orient House the OTP was Zhao Liying and Yang Yang.. And The rumour also said that fan Bing Bing will play as lead on tv series version. This news release by SiNa on weibo.
    And another news for our cute pie Zhao Living she will play in a movie as leading actress with Aaron Kwok as leading actor in Spy movies. The OTP LY and AK will play as husband and wife (spy couple). The other cast are Zhang Han and Simon yam. The shooting will begin this December, I am forget the name of movie but this news already fix.. So Liying didn’t have much time to rest.. This girl really need a rest.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Missy says:

    Yay, the legend of Qin 🙂

    Also, really liking the stills from Les Interpretes! I never used to like Yang Mi very much, then I watched all 4 Tiny Times movie and became a fan 😀


  5. Holy guacamole, they are adapting Old Nine Gates? I’ll automatically overlook the “you-must-be-joking-about-them-being-archeologist” part and go straight to straight to hyperventilation. I don’t know much about Zhang Yixing. The few times I saw him, he seems a little to be zoning out in his little world, so I can’t really picture him as the calculating acrobatic opera singer who is skilled in changing his entire persona. Maybe he will surprise me.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      X) you are funny… I don’t follow EXO either so I have no idea if he has enough stage presence and charisma to correctly portray his character. However, he definitely has the feminine looks for it so maybe it will turn out well? As for the archaeologist part, I guess I miss translated from baidu. The more appropriate work would be expert :))


  6. HJ says:

    You called me? hehe thanks for updating Victoria’s pictures from Ice Fantasy. No wonder the production team calls her LiLuo “gege” lol Have you seen Victoria’s weibo post? the one that she reposted FengShaoFeng’s funny pic of him as Kasuo wearing sunglasses lmaooooo
    On the comment section, Ice Fantasy Crew and actress ShuQi having fun lol. I love the interaction and chemistry between the actors and production crew of Ice Fantasy. It sure seems like they enjoy each other’s presence. Hopefully good filming atmosphere leads to good results in the ratings later on 🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yeshhh! I saw the pictures and I really liked it ^^ I will go back to the official post of Ice Fantasy soon to re-update the new pictures. When Victoria was filming Beautiful Secret too, she seemed to have a lot of fun, so as a fan, I am happy to know she enjoys all her projects 8D


  7. HJ says:

    (The above are the screencap of weibo post with its comments and their translations) Fans sure had a good laugh reading them lol
    Btw, they are releasing couple stilcuts for Ice Fantasy today….I am super excited ! Would appreciate it greatly if you could update them in your later posts hehe 😀


      • intellectualkitten says:

        No, I actually like him better with Shu Qi… I think they have a good chemistry and there is also a lot of pictures of the two together ^^, but that is just my opinion hehe, i just can’t bring myself to ship Vic with any actors just yet (maybe Peter Ho, but he seems to be in a relationship with Janine Chang…). Do you follow f(x)? I heard Victoria went out with Zhoumi and there is a lot of rumors about who Luna dated (some famous idol), do you know? I am really curious but it seems to be just rumors…


      • HJ says:

        I wanted to reply to your comment at the bottom but couldn’t T.T
        ShuQi’s has on-and-off relationship with Stephen Fung lol and Peter Ho has a non-celeb girlfriend. And as for Vic and ZhouMi, no they never went out. On k-net, there were never any of those rumours either. I find that a lot of international fans on tumblr and twitter just like to ship kpop idols and this somehow gets twisted into those rumours;;;;


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Really? Woah, that is surprising, I always assumed Peter Ho and Janine Chang are an item. I don’t really know who Stephen Fung is, but I hope they con officialize it soon then 8D How do you know Vic never went out with Zhou Mi? They seem really close! I guess I should stop reading international feeding news… :’D


      • HJ says:

        ZhouMi and Vic are seriously more like girlfriends lmao. Yes they are close since trainee days. My main point is you shouldn’t read too much of those international fan shipper stuff. Besides, I remember when ZhouMi went on Chinese talk show and called Vic for this mission (vic not knowing it was a tv show recording). And their convo lmao Vic bluntly asked, “you got dumped? broke off with someone? ” lol


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I also watched that episode of Left Men, Right Women ^^… It is true that from their discussion, it seems Zhoumi and Victoria are not dating. However, because of how she is continually using aegyo, I thought she was flirting and there may be a possibility for future love line between these two ^^… But I agree with you, speculations are only speculations…


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