Entertainment Update: Ode to Joy, Clouds, Ghouls, Hot Girl


New entertainment update! Hourra! Tone of new stills in dramaland and movieland. Sidenote, but I love this OTP Ice Fantasy picture. Their Chemistry will be amazing! Out of all those stills, I am mostly excited for Ode to Joy! ^^

Liu Shishi is getting her own wax figure in the Wuhan Madame Tussaud Museum! Sadly, it will not be next to hubby Nicky Wu’s, since his’ is located in the Shanghai Museum…

Another great news!! Vic Zhou just recently got married to his now life partner. Today, he posted on weibo pictures of himself with girlfriend Yu Hongyuan with their official wedding rings. The two were dating since April 2012 and kept a low profile relationship away from the media. Congradulations!

Kris Wu came out with a teaser for his next MV “Bag Girl” ft. William Chan:

New modern drama Ode to Joy starring Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, and Yang Zi released more stills. It looks so awesome and is on the top of my to watch dramas:

More pitures of the OTP in Ice Fantasy: Victoria and Feng Shaofeng:

704_1774997_281849 704_1775617_442984

Posters and trailer for drama Love in the Cloud (starring Chen Xiao, Yuan Shanshan and Zhang Zhehan) are released. Gosh, this drama looks like a rollercoaster. After watching a short clip of Yuan Shanshan on her new variety show Grade One Freshmen, I liked her a bit more. But after watching this teaser, I am back to nope, not watching. I think Yumama is having a blast transferring his period cat fight writing skills to modern world, making this production look like a mess. After the successive failure of Return of the Condor Heroes and Yun Zhong Ge, I am not definitely not watching.

Ghostly Blows the Light: Mojin The Lost Legent starring Huang Bo, Chen Kun, Shu  Qi and Angelababy released more stills:

More stills for Les Aventures d’Anthony with Bai Baihe:

New Stills for Hot Girl with Dili Rebat and Ma Ke.

Some more pictures for Mr. Six, for Zhang Hanyu:

More stills for Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu’s drama: A Detective’s Housewife

More stills for Chinese Paladin 5 with Han Dong Jun and Guli Nazha. I was thinking about it and I remember a while back they said they were casting Jiang Jingfu as lead and suddenly switched. Is it the cause or the consequence of Jiang Jingfu’s desire to part away from Tangren? Share your thoughts ^^

Finally, some more stills from the movie This Is Me with Zheng Kai, Bao BeiEr, Michelle Chen and Tan Yixin.


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