Entertainment Update: Casting News Special


I made a round-up of current casting news as well as that old ones that we never really covered. Some of them are rumors, others are official. All I can say is that, until we see official BTS/stills, anything can happen! On a sidenote,a lot of the stars of these casting news are linked to either Hua Qian Gu or Nirvana in Fire ^^ 

I fear we never covered this casting news… Forgive me. New Eternal Waves is a new spy movie that will star Aaron Kwok and Zhao Liying as leads. The movie is filmed as a commemoration for the 70th Anniversary of the victory of the anti-fascist war. Apparently, they also approached actors such as Feng ShaoFeng and Li Yifeng for the projects. Other confirmed cast members are actor Zhang Han and Simon Yam. This could be the third collaboration between Zhao Liying and Zhang Han. They will start filming in December.

1 2

Zhao Liying is also rumored to film the movie Orient House with Yang Yang. The casting news was announed in June 2015 and I fear we didn’t see any stills/BTS yet. Let’s hope they are just waiting for both leads to be more free to start filming.

0  Orient House

There are always rumors of Korean actors jumping to China to get some quick cash. With the success of Rain, I am starting to believe this may be a win-win solution for everyone. I am still not lenient to watch those collaborations easily though. Anyway, the new rumor is that K-actress Goo Hye Sun (female lead in Korean version Boys over Flowers) will star in Chinese drama The Legendary Tycoon 傳奇大亨. I hope this is just a crazy rumor that won’t actually concretise. The rumored male lead is Zhang Han (poor dude…)


Another Korea-China collaboration in productin that we talked about before is Chanyeol (EXO member) and Yuan Shanshan’s I Married my Anti-Fan. Seohyun (SNSD member) casted as second female lead. Here is a picture of her being kabedon-ed by Chanyeol. It must be hard to film this in Chinese when two of the main cast only speak Korean… maybe Seohyun know some basic mandarin? Anyway, let’s see if the SM curse strikes again and if this production can do well.

1 2

More information on Qiao Zhenyu and Ma Ke‘s costume drama 思美人 Best Beauty. More cast members were added: Du Chun (Yun Zhong Ge), Liu Yun (Royal Trump 2008) and Zhang Xinyu (Viann Zhang) It will be happening in a legendary monarch setting. The story will be about the grandson of the Legend of Qu Yuan (famous Chinese poet) and his adventures. The drama will start filming in December. I feel like Hayden Guo is not on the project anymore since I don’t see her name associeted with the drama anymore :/


Talking about names I don’t see, I was surprised to not see Yang Mi and Mark Zhao’s on this promotional poster for the drama adaptation of Three Lives Three World Ten Miles of Blossom Flowers. Are we back to square one for the casting news?

Another great news for period drama fan! There will be another Legend of the Condor Heroes adaptation. The novel by Jing Yong is one of my favorite and I loved the Tangren adaptation of 2009 with Hu Ge, Ariel Lin, Liu Shishi and Yuan Hong. I am very curious how this one will do. CRY of joy because finally, Yumama is away from this precious story. Ouf!!! I can’t handle his poor production skills anymore…New LOCH drama adaptation will start filming in January 2015 (everyone will be squeezed in Hengdian like crazy). Director Jiang JiaJun, Screenwriter Chen Manliang, producer Guo Jingyu, and Wu Dun. Who do you think will be casted?


Jin Dong(Nirvana in Fire) and Chen Qiao En were casted for the drama adaptation of Ghost Blows Out the Light 网剧鬼吹灯. Jing Dong will play 胡八一 Hu Ba Yi, Chen Qiao En will play Yang Shirley杨. Ma Tianyu was casted to play the child version of Hu Ba Yi. Notice that the story had already been adapted in movie twice this year. It is a story about exploring tombs. Not my cup of tea.

Jin Dong is also in another project. New Three Kingdoms period drama adaptation: Si Ma Yi Eats The Three Kingdoms 司馬懿吃三國, directed by Zhang Yongxin. They will start filiming in January. The drama will star Wu Xiubo (Before the Dawn) as the legendary Si Ma Yi and Jin Dong (Nirvana in Fire) as Cao Pi (the emperor aka CaoCao’s son).


Rumor: apparently, Yang Yang gave a very good impression as the male lead of Just One Smile Is Veru Alluring, drama. Movie adaptation is now in the work and he received once again the offer to play the male lead. The other rumored cast are of course the hot kids of the hour Kris Wu and Dili Reba…


13 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Casting News Special

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    Thanks for the update 🙂 Out of these projects, I am anticipating Best Beauty the most… There is actually a lot of other projects on hold/ recently casted and among those, I am waiting for Luhan+Jing Boran collaboration the most :))


    • archidisign says:

      Me too! I wish they didn’t cast Viann Zhang though since I am not really a fan (she gets into too many scandals). Anyway, I gotta check it out for Sha jiejie!!
      You mean Lost Tomb movie adaptation? They will start filming in December/January too!


  2. Wow Liying’s career doing well! I’m looking forward for YYxZLY movie.
    I will be sad if Yang Mi and Mark Zhao won’t be confirmed in the cast for tv-version. Wanna see Mark Zhao in ancient appearance.

    I hope they won’t makes crap from new CH as they did with RCH.


    • archidisign says:

      Yes! I hope her movies are going to do well. So far, she is mostly into dramas so I am curious to see her act in more intense roles (I feel that movie roles are always more demanding since they have less time to really immerge into their character).

      For LOCH to be successful, they need to find a good actress for Huang Rong. Out of the current actresses, I fear the only legit option is Dili Reba. Although I don’t think this will happen, but I hope they could cast someone like An Yuexi (the girl who played Tang Bao in HQG). Keep my hopes high please!!


      • archidisign says:

        Haha, actually me neither. But she is one of the very few “new” actresses. And I don’t think they would cast someone like Yang Mi and Liu Shishi since they kind of have that “older generation” feel. Zheng Shuang could be good!


  3. Lizzie says:

    Completely off-topic but is anybody watching Return of Happiness with Li Qin and Ron Ng? Surprisingly addictive – not much news update but thankfully viki is subbing it!


  4. lilhanh says:

    LOCH….CAN’T WAIT!!! I’ll be honest, my favorite is still the TVB 1982 version since it was all about character development and complexity. While I do love all the CGI and newer technology, I feel sadden when that gets replaced with a great script and good character build up.


  5. coffeenlucia says:

    Goo Hye Sun in a Chinese drama? Did the Chinese audience like BOF that much? Or her acting in BOF? (Though she somewhat redeemed herself in Angel Eyes).

    And ZLY the poor woman she just doesn’t get any breaks, does she?


    • archidisign says:

      As weird as it is, BOF was popular in Korea, China and even abroad. And I feel like China has this strong hallyu wave going on right now. So silly because her acting sucks so much.
      Yop, Liying should definitely take a break. Poor her, I am sure she is under a lot of pressure too.

      Liked by 1 person

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