Entertainment Update: Rouge, Li Yifeng projects, 15 Years of Waiting

4Before all, let’s first all #PrayForParis. Hope no more attacks will happen and all the culprit will be caught. Most importantly, hope all the survivors will be able to recover fast and well. ❤

First, some stills for Zheng Shuang! She is busy filming new dramas but we haven’t got the chance to cover any of her projects yet. Some new posters have been released and from the look of it, she definitely has chemistry with her co-stars: Yang Yang in One Smile is Very Alluring and Hawick Lau in Chronicles of Life:


Another cast member for the Chinese drama Best Beauty 思美人. I am talking about Sun Qian. She previously acted in Zhen Huan Zhuan and Mi Yue Legend.


Bad news for Beauty Maker‘s fans! Yumama is, unsurprisingly, again in another plagiarism issue. This time, it is the writer Zhou Haohui who brought in the lawsuit against Yu Zheng Production for the drama that starred Yang Rong and Jing Shijia earlier this year. I am seriously disappointed as I really liked that drama and I was happy that for once, Yumama didn’t use any weird shaddy methods to produce it (at least that is what I thought back then). I find it weird that this is becoming an issue just now though so we will have to wait for more information.

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Next is another busy star in the entertainment world: Li Yifeng! Many of his projects are set to be released before the end of 2015, so his pretty face is everywhere on weibo :3

Movie poster for Mr.Six with Feng XiaoGang:


Drama Sparrow with Zhou Dongyu:

Press conference and stills for Fall In Love Like A Star with Yang Mi. The two look super lovey dovey and this movie has a lot of potential 🙂


Rookie Agent Rouge with Zhao Liying and Lu Yi released more stills and a short and exciting teaser. She looks extremely sad and intense in these stills!

The currently airing drama Return of Happiness with Li Qin, Rong Ng, and Tong Xuanyi. Already 12 episodes are out. For people watching, what are your thoughts so far?

The drama The Adventure for Love starring Jiang Jingfu and Chen Xiang just held a press conference recently. It tells the story of three families, all with a family secret and with youthful members who wish to find love and confront many obstacles:005IMuZvgw1exy5n71h7jj30u61hmtkc

New drama production by Mango TV (Hunan TV channel) called Fiften Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds 十五年等待候鸟. It is based on a novel about youth: Zhang Ruoyun as Pei Shangxuan, Sun Ya as Lili, Deng Lun as Liu Qianren, Zhang Xueying as Han Yichen, and Li Zhonglin as Dan Nier. Looks like a very refreshing cast. They will start filming by the end of Novemebr.

Our Times starring Wang Darren and Vivian Sung and guest starring Chen Qiao En, Andy Lau and Jerry Yan was rereleased this past summer and immediately became the biggest 2015 hit in Taiwan! It is apparently very similar to You Are the Apple of My Eyes (2011 TW movie). I will definitely give it a try soon. Any thoughts?

More stills for drama The Gods with Wang Likun and Luo Jin.

Jing Boran having a photoshoot with Japanese it girl Kiko Mizuhara. I (Intellectualkitten) am having a major crush on Jing Boran since I saw him on the variety show Run Brother. Do we have any fellow fans here? ^^

Pshhh…. what kind of variety show needs guests, when you have a main cast of 20 super stars? Indeed, the show Run for Time is getting a lot of spotlight this week for their many stars. To name those who came this week: Huang Xiaoming, Ada Choi, TFBoys, Xie Na, Tian Liang, Wang Likun, Jia Nailiang, etc.

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Zhu Yawen and Ma Yili‘s upcoming Chinese drama Swan Dive for Love released stills:


More stills for Yang Zi in her new drama Da Yang Ge. This girl is back in track and ready to become the next starlet in the entertainment world! Her other dramas are all doing extremely well right now and I am expecting her work in Ode of Joy:

Next, we have Legend of Miyue. They released a new long trailer of 26minutes here and attended a press conference. For this occasion, we decided to update our gallery for the drama so don’t forget to check that out here!


12 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Rouge, Li Yifeng projects, 15 Years of Waiting

  1. Lizzie says:

    Return of Happiness is surprisingly addictive although it’s really a variation of the chaebol/Cinderella story (with switched identity to boot!) – the sailing theme feels fresh and rock solid chemistry between the leads , Ron Ng (pretty darn good compared to his TvB days) and a more nuanced Li Qin ( thought she was a bit shrill in My Best Bride). Male lead is suitably Mr Darcy like and female lead is charmingly spunky. All good so far but afraid it may get draggy and overly melo since its 42 episodes!!!


    • archidisign says:

      Thanks for the quick review! Sounds good! But I think I will pass because I am neither attracted by the cast nor I am ready to immerge in a modern drama right now. :/


    • I agree girl, Ron Ng is so much damn better in c-dramas than TVB dramas for some weird reason. I’ve been hooked on Return of Happiness too, but as the tropes are beginning to unravel I can feel the extreme melo coming through already, i just hope the characters can make it out alive 😛


    • archidisign says:

      Oh, Yumama is a synonym to Yu Zheng. He is a infamous producer in China who produced hit dramas like Palace (Gong), Return of the Condor Heroes 2014, Swordsman 20113, Beauties of the Emperor, Ban Shu Legend, Cloud, Beauty Maker, etc. Famous celebrities under his agency includes Chen Xiao, Yuan Shanshan, Yang Rong and Zhang Zhehan. He is infamous for adapting wrongly novels and ruinning the dramas through bad castings.
      I want to watch The Gods too! Yeah, I feel like the stills are so messy so far. Hope it gets better :3


  2. Thank you for always updating us with C-entertainment! Just a little correction, the girl with Jing Boran is Kiko Mizuhara, not Miko 😀 she’s actually close friends with Angelababy because they’re both under the same management 🙂


    • archidisign says:

      Yes! Thanks for sharing your feedbacks, they definitely look like rising stars of the TW entertainment. I will definitely check it out soon :3


  3. Julianne says:

    Run for Time is(was) like the BEST THING EVER! (exaggeration..but you know what I mean). It was really good (except I didn’t really like the last ep, but whatever). You get to see a lot of the celeb’s personalities. I developed my crush on Jia Nai Liang from RFT, and I started liking the TFBoys too. They get a lot of screentime compared to other peeps, which made me kind of sad, but honestly they were legitimately good at the game, so props for that. Yi Yang Qian Xi is a CRAZY fast runner. And we got to see Tian Liang from Dad where are we going, and he of course was an amazing sprinter with great stamina as well. Jia Nai Liang and Ada were hilarious, and the one ep that Xie Na went on, she was damn amazing too. Her hiding was so spot-on and she managed to cling to the side of a bridge once. And she was the first one to win an episode.

    In the first ep, a lot of viewers compared it to Run Bros, and it’s hard to compare. They don’t give enough time, necessarily, to develop chemistry/game-relationships between peeps, but over time their personalities really start to show. The crowd of guests and format really works here cuz fundamentally, this is a very basic exhilarating game of tag, or chase, or whatever you call that game kids play. There’s a really tense, instinctive flight feel to the whole thing, which is really different from the variety-focused witty feel of Run Brothers that relies on inter-cast interactions. Plus the peeps here actually feel more friendly, cuz they have a common enemy and don’t really compete against each other. Like they are in competitions with each other, but they’re all really supportive, like they’re surviving the game together.


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