Let’s open… the Old Nine Gates

Let’s open the Nine Old Gates… This drama will star William Chan, Zhang Yixing, and Zhao Liying!! 😀 Yeah!

Update: 2015/12/05 New character posters!! OMG

Other roles: Zhao Liying will play Yin Xinyue 尹新月, Ying Haoming will play Qi Tiezui 齐铁嘴,  and Yuan Bing Yan will play Ya Tou 丫头 .

Rumors say the series will be filmed for four seasons of twelve episodes each. This story is the prequel of Lost Tomb so I guess it is normal for them to follow a similar drama planning as the LT drama with Yang Yang and Li Yifeng. I hope that, after seeing Zhao Liying’s great performance, the production crew add her more scenes so that she can go from cameo to female lead in the next seasons!


On the eve of the Battle of ChangSha, a mysterious train is travelling with the male lead Zhang Qishan in it. As the story goes on, Zhang Qishan with the help of his newly made friend ErYue Hong finds a tomb with a big secret. (Oh, and they both fall in love with the female leads) Both are part of the Old Nine Gates, a group composed of nine members. They off play the Japanese people before the Battle of Changsha and saved hundred of lives. At the end, an epic battle happens between the troops led by Zhang Qishan and the Japanese invaders.

Zhang Qishan 张启山 (played by William Chan): Big Boss. Apparently there is a big buddha status burried in his house backyard. He is nicknamed “Zhang Big Budhha”.



Er Yuer Hong 二月红 (played by Zhang Yixing): Second lead. He sings opera during the day and explores tombs during the night (his description is a bit creepy ._. ).



Yin Xinyue 尹新月(played by Zhao Liying): The wife of Zhang Qishan. (Can someone confirm if this character exists in the original novel?)



Ya Tou 丫头 (played by Yuan Bing Yan): Er Yue Hong’s wife.



Qi Tiezui 齐铁嘴 (played by Ying Haoming): In the Old Nine Gates, he is ranked eight and is considered one of the small ones. He is good in calculation and has a lot of luck. He sells old artifacts and has a great business!



Ban Jieli 半截李: Number Three. Nobody knows his real name.

Chen Pi A’Si 陈皮阿四 (played by Hu Yunhao): Number Four. The most ruthless between the nine members.


Wu Lao Gao 吴老狗: Number Five. Owns a dog.

Hei Bei Lao Liu 黑背老六: Number Six. Thugs life, he says his life companion is a knife.

Huo Jianxi 霍锦惜 (played by 王美人) : Is that the new name for Huo XianGu?

Huo XianGu 霍仙姑 : In the Old Nine Gates, she is ranked seven and under the supervision of no.3. She is the only girl in the group and is skilled in everything. She is Huo Xiuxiu’s grandmother. In her family, the big bosses are the ladies. She will be married to a high rank government general.




Jie Jiu Ye 解九爷: Studied in Japan during the past, he is very calculator.

Lu Jianxun 陆建勋 (played by Wang Chuan)


Zhang Fuguan 张副官 (played by 张铭恩Zhang Ming En)


So exciting! *_*


This drama will start filming on November 24th so more BTS will be added to this post soon enough.

On a sidenote, it seems that William Chan is doing extremly well in Legend of Zu (drama in which Zhao Liying is the female lead!!!) right now as I see tone of hashtags about him on weibo. Legend of Zhu is currently airing its third part.


14 thoughts on “Let’s open… the Old Nine Gates

  1. Hagu says:

    Just want to share some information about Liying Role in Old Nine gate. I heard her role is change in the last minute. Liying will play YIng Xue (previously listed to Zhang juning), source from Vlinkage and Youth TV Drama weibi. Some of fans is dissatisfied with this changed but many of them like it, cause its mean ZLY not play as a guest only and will have more scenes in this drama.


    • archidisign says:

      Oh really? I didn’t realize! :O I will change the article a little bit with your added information. Thanks for the tip! 😛 Who will play Huo Xiangu then? because that character description sounded so interesting 😦


      • Hagu says:

        I am not sure about who Will play as huo xian gu. But it’s already fix Liying will play as Ying Xue (ying moon).. There’s no news about Zhang chuning role either.


      • archidisign says:

        Maybe Janine Chang will get the role of Huo Xian Gu then? Oh man, and I really loved the character description of Huo Xian Gu. Seems like they will derive a bit from the original novel then. With today’s opening ceremony for the drama shoting, seems like a lot of characters’ casting were changed. Oh well, hope Ying Xue will be a badass character too *_*


  2. This is, by far, my most anticipated drama of 2016. While I can’t reconcile that Zhao Li Ying is Cheng Pei Pei’s younger self in Old Nine Gate, I am nonetheless excited to see her portrayal of the enigma that is Hua Xian Gu. And I am also looking forward to see some awesome fight scenes.


    • archidisign says:

      Apparently there may be some change in the casting news? @_@ confused. But Zhao Liying will definitely be in the production, just not sure if she will play HXG. It is great that you read the novel, please tell us if we are doing bad synopsis or if you want to add a more accurate synopsis. 😉 Old Nine Gates sound so so interesting… I love that the characters sound like a select elite group of baddass :3


    • archidisign says:

      OMG! This is so interesting, it is like a mix of Zhao Liying with Brigitte Lin :3 Yes, I hope so. After two xianxia dramas, I feel like Liying is now quiet good with fight scenes so it would be great to see her as a badass! 😛


      • archidisign says:

        Haha, I agree. I love Liying but she is far from Brigitte Lin’s status and acting skills yet. But that picture is like a beautiful mix of their facial characteristics *_*
        I think this will be my most anticipated drama for 2016 now because that story sounds like so so much fun!


  3. Hagu says:

    I have some other information about Liying she will be part of music show called “Your Voice” in Jiangsu TV and will collaboration with some other star from Korea too. Other than this after Liying finish shooting for her new eternal wave movie with Aaron, in march Liying will begin new drama project “princess Angent as Joe chu” leading female.. And she will joint Hunan TV new years eve with yang Mi, yang hang and others actress..


    • archidisign says:

      I saw for “Your Voice”, but it is great to learn that she will be back as lead for another drama! Yeah!! Thanks for the tips, will add these infos on our next Entertainment update :3


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