[Review] Love Me if You Dare Ep. 1-12


I am busy for school these days (still one month to go!) and did not watch as many dramas as I would like. Still, I try to keep some time every week to watch Run Brother 3, Happy Camp… and Love Me if You Dare! These TV shows definitely made each new week a little bit more bearable. I recently realized we have not been talking about a recent drama for a long time so here is my first impression for Love Me if You Dare 🙂 BTW: There is a renewal of this drama for a second season!!

Before I start reviewing, let’s talk about the present drama scene…. what are our drama recommendations? Definitely Nirvana in Fire, Love Me if You Dare, and Legend of Zu! All three are super popular and it is a shame we are not caught up with them yet :’) Other dramas that are getting a lot of popularity are Yun Zhong Ge, Da Zhong Ge, and the Ferry Man.


My new obsession is: Love Me if You Dare! It is amazingly well done and I am super happy to finally see a good thriller and detective drama from China. Wallace Huo is simply adorable in every scene and despite his robotic personality, his character (Jing Yan) is very each to get attached to. He is like a modern Sherlock Holmes, interested in morbid cases and occurrences and with an important lack of social skills. Another nice thing: Wallace Huo in suit in EVERY scene! He is smoking hot in this drama, totally a good eye candy drama. Sandra Ma is very reliable in this drama and it shocked me to see how much her acting in LMIYD is different from her acting in Left Ear (where she played the sexy and courageous Ning Bala).  She plays an intelligent sidekick/assistant to Jing Yan, who always find herself right in the middle of the mystery. She is a normal university student,very cautious and independent but lack experience with criminal cases. Sandra Ma and Wallace Huo has good chemistry as a team, and they are fun to watch together! As for the second main lead, we have the extremely handsome Wang Kai. Hehe, he has the aura to be a protagonist, and I want to watch him act as the main character in a drama! He is very nice, righteous, supportive, and unlike the other secondary character, he does not stick to the girl!



I am reading the recaps for this drama from dramaforreal.com and I think they are doing a great job. I have difficulties understanding some of the key elements of the plot (like why a criminal would do something and why a particular scene is important), so it is nice to have someone explaining everything online and in English. The plot is going super smoothly and I excited to uncover the ultimate secret: Jing Yan’s past in the US (Dun Dun Dun DUN!). Sadly, unlike most C-dramas, this one has a very moderate number of episodes per week: only two. I know it is still a lot compare to American dramas, but I hate been left at a cliffhanger at the end of every week. (SPOILER: So far, there have been three cases: a morbid body cutting serial killer who has an inferiority complex, a drug deal in a big law company, and a young girl killed due to her overly popular boyfriend). The story is really interesting and even though it is not too complex, it does not insult our intelligence 🙂



The love line is very cute and in the last episode (Episode 12), Jing Yan finally realizes his feelings for Yao Yao. He is very straight forward in his way of declaring his love, something you don’t see often in dramas. I love his best friend (actually, the whole cast is perfect!), a funny and bubbly software engineer. He created a car for Jing Yan and it is the cutest thing ever (kind of like Baymax in Big Hero). Anyway, I suggest everyone to watch this TV series, especially since the Viki team subs them really fast.


13 thoughts on “[Review] Love Me if You Dare Ep. 1-12

  1. archidisign says:

    Who can say no to Wallace Huo in suit? 😛 I don’t have time for dramas now (buhuhuhu) but I defintely appreciate some eye candies. Thannks


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I approve! I was really scared to watch it since my friend told me it is a thriller drama, but I found myself hooked on the story from episode 1… Did you know the drama is aired in China between 10PM and 12PM? That means they are all watching it before going to sleep, lol. Anyway, happy to know someone else is watching it 😛


  2. As a huge fan of Wallace Huo, I started watching this about when it first came out. The story’s awesome, and I even started reading the novel. Kind of takes away the suspense, but it’s kind of interesting how there are some minor differences in the drama.


  3. adz143 says:

    Hi, was this drama popular in mainland China or in the net?? There’s a “rumor thread” that I’ve read that there’s going to be a season 2 because of that “creepy hint” at the end…I would really appreciate it if you can clarify this…tnx…


    • It was a popular/successful drama and got good viewership (the ratings are between 0.5% and 0.7% which is really good in China), but not exceptional considering the all star cast. I never heard of a second season, but who knows. Maybe the producers are planning one?
      A lot of shows like to end with an ambiguous part. The reason I think is because the whole drama was filmed before it airs and the producers often want to have a loose ending in case the viewership is good and they can renew for a second season.


  4. The best news i have heard in a very long time! And discovered only by accident here — My very favorite drama of recent times! The writing & the acting! Wonderful! Best Couple Award from me, at least! Never dared to dream of seeing them in a second season. I’m so happy!
    After their most adorable and sincere first “love scene” — I waited in each episode for his next revelation of how much she means to him! So romantic! And I was so worried that his handsome & funny best friend would also be a victim!
    Thank you for posting this news!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      ^^ OMG, so happy I encouraged you to watch the drama ^^ YOu just made my day <3<3… I was misinformed when I said there will be a second season. I thought since the story is written in two books, they will do a sequel. However, my friend told me the second book's story is already in the book 😦 Wallace is so cute in his robotic kind of love and I really like all the cast… Very solid production that sadly does not have a fanbase as strong as the other dramas of last year ^^ But I will definitely update the blog with the news of the second season if that happens!!!


  5. Can not forget his memorable “morning after” line,as he hugs and comforts her as she feels embarrassed, (paraphrasing) “If I had known how much joy would come from being with you in body, mind, and soul, I would have asked for your heart when I first met you.”
    Enjoyed the BTS videos tremendously. Actor Wallace Huo makes it very clear that he himself wouldn’t mind being as clever and romantic as his character is in the drama. And it becomes clear to me, finally, that he is a fine actor. But the character is his creation! Thank you, Actor Huo!


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