[List] Movies in December 2015


Remember when I told you guys how excited I am for the month of December because it is filled with great movie release? Well, here is a list of those movies! Tell me which one you are anticipating the most!

Fall in Love like A Star on 3rd December with Yang Mi and Li Yifeng

《怦然星动》 12月3日 (杨幂 李易峰 陈数)


Oh My God with Chen Xuedong, Li Xiaolu, and Lay on 4th December

《从天“儿”降》 12月4日 (陈学冬 张艺兴 李小璐)


Du Lala’s Promotion Story 2! with Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou, Chen Bolin, and Nana

《杜拉拉追婚记》 12月4日 (周渝民 林依晨 陈柏霖)


Forever Love (AKA Time in Beijing) with Chen Qiao En, Ma Yuan, Li Baotian on 11th December

《北京时间》 12月11日 (陈乔恩 李保田 马元)


The Ghouls with Chen Kun, Huang Bo, Shu Qi and Angelababy on 18th December

《寻龙诀》 12月18日 (陈坤 黄渤 舒淇)


Surprise with Chen Bolin, Ma Tianyu, Tong Liya and more on 18th December

《万万没想到:西游篇》 12月18日 (白客 杨子姗 陈柏霖)


Mr. Six with Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Hanyu, Li Yifeng, and Kris Wu on 24th December

《老炮儿》 12月24日 (冯小刚 许晴 张涵予)



Skip Trace with Fan Bingbing, Jackie Chan, and Johnny Knoxville on 24th December

《绝地逃亡》 12月24日 (成龙 范冰冰 约翰尼-诺克斯维尔)


Devil or Angel with Deng Chao and Sun Li on 24th December

《恶棍天使》 12月24日 (邓超 孙俪)



4 thoughts on “[List] Movies in December 2015

  1. Surprise and Fall in Love like A Star I anticipate the most, also I would like to see Go Lala Go and Devil or Angel. Deng Chao and Sun Li is my favorite otp since Mural. According to steels movie must be something crazy and hilarious!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I don’t think they issued a date yet and considering they are not promoting, my guess is the movie will be released in 2016. But Zhao Liying is having a reality movie with the cast of Go Fighting in January 2016 🙂

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