Entertainment Update: Go Fighting Movie, Aaron Kwok Dating, Hangeng Dating, Ghouls


We wanted to notice you that the upcoming weeks are … finals!! Probably all of our readers understand the pain of studying for finals so please be understanding as we will slower our blog postings for the next, hum, three weeks. Of course, as we are big followers of Chinese entertainement, we may not be able to resist and post from time to time. 😛 Sorry about that, but we promise more articles and features after Christmas!

Today’s entertainment update is a little bit boring as nothing much happened. However, it was the release of two big dramas (Legend of Mi Yue and Legend of Qin) so these two are getting A LOT of clics on weibo.

Dating news that may shake you or not! I love the actor, but I don’t want to get into his messy private life. Aaron Kwok (50 years old) announced on December 1st, 2015 his relationship with twenty-three years younger girlfriend, Fang Yuan (online network model) who is only 27 years old. Yip! :S


Hangeng has been announced to be in couple with Li Bingyu, a fashion assistant at a large company. From the report news, the two have been dating for some time and are sharing an apartment. However, from her number of followers on weibo, I would say she is also a fashion blogger…


Go Fighting! movie version has casted Zhao Liying as their special guest appearance. Here are some posters with everyone (Show Luo, Sun Honglei, Zhang Yixing, Huang Lei, Huang Bo, Wang Xun):

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Trailer was also released:

The Zhao lady on stage, probably for her new variety show “I Can See Your Voice”. It is based on a Korean variety show of the same name. Here is the description of the show on wikipedia. Personnally, I don’t feel very excited about this premise… It sounds like the opposite of The Voice, recognizing a singer by their face? not a fan!

“I Can See Your Voice” is a program with the premise that there are a number of people in a group, some of whom can sing and some who can’t. Professional singers will then look only at hints and the outward appearance of these people to guess the person who can sing well. If someone who can’t sing well gets chosen, they will earn a prize of 5,000,000 Won; if the one who can sing gets chosen, they will be able to sing a duet with the singer and release it as a digital single.

1 2 3

Hunan has released their first version of the End of Year guest list! It includes big names such as Zhang Jie, Jolin Tsai, Kris Wu, Big Bang (say what?!), Li Yuchun, Huang Xiaoming, Li Yifeng, Jing Boran, TFBoys, Yang Yang, and Wang Kai. Hehe, I am so excited!

New stills for The Ghouls with Chen Kun, Huang Bo, Shu Qi and Angelababy. Movie is scheduled to air on December 18th.


High profile movie Surprise with Chen Bolin, Ma Tianyu, Bai Ke,  Liu Xun Zi Mo, Yang Zi Shan, and Tong Liya.

Another movie in promotional phase right now is Yang Mi and Li Yifeng‘s Fall in Love Like a Star. I am always impressed by Yang Mi’s skills in marketing (as she did in this week’s Happy Camp, encouraging people to use a discount to buy movie tickets xD).

Why not have Li Yifeng on the headlines as much as possible? New character stills for Sparrow, his drama with Zhou Dongyu were release again.

There is a new movie in work and it will have Wallace Chung as the director! The producer is Han Han and he is very a popular author in China. (Thanks to @HJ for the clarifications!! <3) The movie is based from a novel called 沙漏 or Hourglass. The story is from the same author (Rao Xueman) as for Alec Su’s Left Ear movie. The recently turned 41 years old Wallace is also working on his new album Sing For Life.

New stills for the drama Princess of Lan Ling Wang / The Princess of Orchid Hills. Although I am not a fan of the female lead, I really do want to enjoy the pretty of this drama :3 Please let it get released for 2016! It stars Baby Zhang, Peng Guan Ying, and Andy Chen.

Mi Yue Legend was released and everyone is in love with the beautiful little kid that plays the three years old version of Mi Yue: actress Liu Chutian 刘楚恬. Isn’t she adorable? Apparently, the drama production casted three different kid versions of Mi Yue at different stage of her life before her “Sun Li” form. If you are curious, you can read about the first episode recap on skimmedMilkDrama.


Cute clip of her:

It is official, Tangren is better than Yumama (obviously)! The drama Legend of Qin’s Moon received a lot of positive feedback from the fans and people seem to like Michelle Chen‘s acting in it (compared to Romance of Condor Heroes, and she actually looks beautiful 8D). Jiang Jingfu and Lu Yi are both well casted for their role (from what I read on Weibo and Tumblr), so I am really happy. The girl playing Yu Er is the main protagonist in Whirlwind Girl! Here are some stills to celebrate:

Since we are at it, here are two extra stills for Flying Daggers. The second male leads shall fight!

1 2

Drama Revive didn’t share any extra stills, but I wanted to share this BTS selfie of the two male leads: Ma Ke and Xu Haiqiao. It is starring Lang Gege and Sha Jiejie. 😛


Because I am in a sharing mode for BTS, here are some pictures behind the drama So Young with Ma Ke as the lead.


10 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Go Fighting Movie, Aaron Kwok Dating, Hangeng Dating, Ghouls

  1. HJ says:

    The movie “Hourglass”? that one is based on a novel by the same author who wrote “Left Ear.” (which was made into movie with Alec Su as director) Actually, Han Han is the producer of that movie and it’s Wallace Chung’s director debut. Han Han is a famous Chinese author and he directed the movie “The Continent” which starred Feng ShaoFeng, Chen Bolin, and Wallace Chung. The leads of the movie “Hourglass” hasn’t been finalized yet, but it sure is hot topic 🙂

    Btw, little update on Ice Fantasy: CHING TV (C-drama channel in Korea) has bought Korean broadcast right for Ice Fantasy next year. So, Korean fans will get to see Vic’s drama with Korean subs 🙂


    • archidisign says:

      Thanks for the clarifications for Hourglass. I didn’t understand very well either! I will make the change to the article about that! I actually saw Hanhan and the Continent cast on happy Camp before and remember being confused about his role in the production(I was wondering how a director can be more popular than the actors xD).
      There are a lot of new stills/BTS for Ice Fantasy too! We will release a full article about that soon. It is great that Korea is now interested in Chinese production, especially for Victoria. I believe it will be the first time Koreans will be able to see Victoria’s acting too on their own TV 😛


    • ssmileforlife says:

      CHING TV (C-drama channel in Korea) O.o I didn’t know that. I saw that The Gods has Korean subtitle. But I’m not sure whether there is any news about that. I was wondering why the drama has korean subtitle. Maybe The Gods will air in Korea too. T.T


      • archidisign says:

        Me neither! I am surprised Korean people even watch Chinese dramas considering how much their netizens seem to think lowly of China. I think that, if they try, Korea and Asian countries could really get into Chinese dramas because C-dramas are some of the best Ancient series ever!!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I saw the first two episodes! It is very enjoyable and I will be continuing during the winter break. MC’s love line is really neat too 8D


  2. Im watching Qin’s Moon too. Surprisingly more enjoyable than expected. I wouldn’t say MC is gorgeous..but she does look lovely..and her character is pretty sassy. I dunno why I can’t seem to like JJF a lot no matter what I see him in. I just can’t feel his charm. Only find him serviceable at best. LY on the other hand is HOT.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I agree with you, Jiang Jingfu definitely not the best actor out there. However, I think he shines in modern shows and have a great personality, so I think if he continues to improve, he will be able to produce better hits! LY is super hot, hehe, I had a crush on him when he starred in Three Kingdom


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