[Drama][Part 2] Ice Fantasy: More BTS and Stills

Our third exclusive article for Ice Fantasy :)) Seriously, can we talk about how pretty Ma Tianyu is? Great news, Ice Fantasy will also be airing in Korea. For the enjoyment of Victoria’s Korean fans, CHING TV (Chinese drama channel in Korea) has bought Korean broadcast right for Ice Fantasy next year. (Thanks again to HJ for the tip!)

Our official article for this drama is starring to be too long, so I decided to do a second one ^^. All the new pictures are therefore going to be posted here. The drama tells the story of Ka Suo (Feng Shao Feng), the older heir and prince of the Ice kingdom, Li Luo (Victoria), a fierce girl from more humble background, and Ying Kong Shi (Ma Tianyu), the younger brother who wishes to be the next Ice King.


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Second batch

Behind the scene pictures:

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Batch of BTS previously released:

Victoria and the cast held one more fan meeting on the set:

Video promo on the set:

Pictures from the group



13 thoughts on “[Drama][Part 2] Ice Fantasy: More BTS and Stills

  1. I can’t get over that idea of the concept is very Tolkienistic. So many snow-elves all around. Before steels and promo-poster I thought it will be more ethnic styled or maybe chinese-arabic mix as it happen with some series, such as Ancient Sword, New Legend of Zhu e.t. But no, It’s very Nordic styled. I’m little disappointed that I must wait another project to see Victoria in ancient robe тт тт


    • Alt says:

      Well… most of the creatures living in the polar regions have white coloration. From bears to birds. Evolution and adaptation. Simple biology. Nordic people usually live near european polar regions too. Scandinavia and such.

      Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I am also sad about that, especially since Victoria also stated she wants to act in an Ancient drama. However, Ice Fantasy is a completely new genre for Chinese cinematographic industry so I am also happy she is part of it. Hehe, I wish she will choose a xianxia project next!


  2. HJ says:

    Just a small typo…..Vic’s character is “LiLuo” (you flipped them lol). Vic will be playing 2 roles for the drama. After LiLuo dies, she reincarnates into mermaid whose name is LiJing. So we’ll get to see Vic as a mermaid later on 🙂

    Here are some stills,filming pics,fanedit pic 🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      *fixed… OMG, are you serious? I am so down to see Vic as a mermaid… I wonder if they will release the stills for that soon ^0^ Thanks for sharing


  3. Linda says:

    I’m totally up for this drama. Heard it’s going to air in summer. Just found out about it and Victoria’s promo pic with the bow was what hooked me in. The stills and the trailer look beautiful and so fresh to the eyes. I for one is getting super tired of all the xianxia dramas lately and then this gem came and hit me on the head when I needed it. This genre is such a hit or miss with some people, especially when they have pointy ears and white hair, some people just get so bothered by it and immediately call out LOTR which I think is insane. They have white hair like things in the polar regions are supposed to!! And what’s wrong with chinese elves? Supernatural beings like mermaids exist in ancient Chinese mythology too, so some pointy ears screams LOTR?? Chinese people need to be more openminded.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yeah, another person to fangirl with!~I know Ice Fantasy is on the list of “Most Anticipated Dramas in 2016” but they don’t have an air date yet… I hope you are right and it is scheduled for this summer ^^! Haha, I believe the drama is inspired by LOTR but I am sure it will also be unique in its own way 😀


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