Entertainment Update: Chronicles of Life, Run for Time, Esquire


Another entertainment update! Jimmy Lin is now the proud father of three little boys (I refuse to believe Kimi is growning up ><), Esquire held a Fashion event with many of our favorite actors and actresses while many projects continue to release more stills!

Jimmy Lin is the proud father of two adorable twin sons! They were born on December 5th, 2015!


Is there any fan of Nikita on this blog? Rumours has it that China is preparing a Chinese version of this popular TV show. Personally, I believe it is thanks to Maggie Q that the Nikita franchise became popular and I doubt any Chinese actress is ready for such a challenging role. Maybe Zhang Ziyi? What do you think?


Pictures of Three Body Problem (movie based on the novel with the same name) which stars Feng Shaofeng, Zhang Jingchu, Tang Yan, and Zhang Han released some more stills. It is aiming for a July 2016 release.

The drama Chronicles of Life starring Zheng Shuang and Hawick Lau released some more stills:

Jiang Jingfu has announced intention to terminate his contract with Tangren. We talked about the case in September, when the actor first announced his desire to terminate his contract. He declares himself thankful for the opportunities given but think there isn’t a lot of ground for future projects with Tangren. Netizens are speculating if it due to a salary problem salary (rumours have he received 1/10 of Lu Yi’s pay in Qin’s Moon). Furthermore, although his character was supposed to be the male lead, his scenes were shortened compared to Lu Yi’s Ge Nie.


On the other side, his past labelmate, Liu Shishi attended a press conference to promote her drama with Tong Dawei, called If Love Like This. I enjoy both actors and hope they will get an air date soon. BTW, Liu Shishi’s Imperial Doctress got an air date for next February!

This week’s Run For Time include special guesting of Wang Kai and Ma Ke! Also, the background story will be acted by Zhu Yi Long and Han Qing Zi, and written by Yu Zheng. Don’t forget to tune in! Those pictures make me think Yumama decided to recycle costumes from his older Tang dynasty projects (aka Beauty Maker). I checked out the episode really fast, but it was enough for me to yell for Zhu Yilong’s dramas to be aired soon!  >_<


On another Hunan variety show… Angelababy will be visiting Happy Camp. Also, Kris Wu and Li Yifeng were spotted on the set of Happy Cam today. Considering they are promoting their movie Mr. Six, the episode should be released before the end of this year

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The Run Brother family has teamed up together in a cute MV for Devil or Angel starring Sun Li and Deng Chao. The old cast, including Wang Baoqiang and Bao Bei Er are both featured in this heartwarming collaboration (link here)


Excited for The Lost Tomb movie version with Luhan and Jing Boran? Here is a special magazine cover of the two eye candies:


Talking about another [novel-> drama -> movie combo], it is said that Just One Smile Is Very Alluring is already planning a movie version. Rumored leads are Yang Yang and Angelababy, although Yang Yang denied since he has to work on Three Lives. It is now announced that it will actually be Angelababy and Jing Boran who will take on the roles.


I feel like Fall in Love with like Star starring Yang Mi and Li Yifeng already spilled out their WHOLE story by releasing 100s of stills! Nonetheless, these stills are gorgeous and I ultimately decided to share them here.

Sidenote, but the movie has a bit of Ancient Swords reunion moments in the credits, after the movie. Maybe something you want to be careful not to miss if you ever decides to watch it.


Chen Qiao En has a new movie coming out next week! Forever Love is set to be released on the 11th. Here are some of promotion pictures:


New movie starring Huang Xiao Ming, Tang Zhen Ye, Tan Kai, Po Pu Ba Jia, Lou Jia Yue, Zhao Yi Yang, Xu Zheng, and Tang Guo Qiang will be released for 2016, February 8th. Haha, Huang Xiaoming plays a monk in it 😛

New red carpet at Esquire 20 Year fashion show in Beijing. Hehe, it is always the same group of people who attends these:

Finally, here is a new BTS picture of Zhao Liying in character for Old Nine Gates.



12 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Chronicles of Life, Run for Time, Esquire

  1. Interesting who will be play these two in Lost Tomb. I hope Luhan won’t get Qin Ling’s roll I think he will ruin it. Not hating just saying.
    I think Fall in Love with like Star and Ancient Sword are connected somehow for sure. Yes,I know, it is just my delusion after hard overcoming from Ancient Swords legend ending, but for really, it’s really looks like continuation. Qingxue was searching Susu trough the time, died in the end, and rebirth in our time where finally find Susu. They was college friends but than did apart. Very familiar to Ancient Sword beginning. I’m delulu Susu/Qingxue shipper xD

    Isn’t Angelababy too old for lead role in Wei Wei? Yes she is a baby but not so much lol.

    I got evidence that bangs aren’t suit ZLY.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      XD really? That makes Fall in Love so much more interesting. Hehe, since they have Dilireba too, they should have casted William Chan as a cameo 😀 Yep, but I still think they did a good casting for AB, since she is a really close friend of Jing Boran. Hope the movie will be good (even though I highly doubt it will be spectacular)!
      ZLY looks good in ponytails and buns!


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