Entertainment Update: Hu Ge Goes Raw + ZLY Collab?, Chinese Hero, Love&Life&Lie


Before we start the entertainment update, let’s get some eye candy from Hu Ge! As a promotion for Sina TV Awards, he did a “special” photoshoot…. bare skin:


Press conference to start off movie Eternal Wave, which stars Zhao Liying, Aaron Kwok, Zhang Han and Zhu Yilong. The video is 22minutes. Aaron Kwok is often in the headlines now for his dating news with way younger girlfriend.

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Talking about the two, they will indeed have a collaboration together! Omomomo. Unless the source is lying, we should be hearing about some great casting news soon.

Zhao Liying just said she wanted to collaborate with Hu Ge and her wish (and mine) come true? So excited *_* Although we don’t know for which project it will be, rumors say she may play in Chinese Paladin 1 movie as Ling er!  I would rather have them in a drama, but I will take it 8D The other candidates for that role of Ling Er so far are: Guli Nazha, Zheng Shuang and Dili Rebat.


More adorable pictures of Victoria for Beautiful Secret. Also, here is a cute gif of my goddess:


With the suddent attention YoonA is receiving after a nearly perfect acceptance speech in Chinese at IQiyi’s All Star Carnival, Chinese Hero (previously known as God of War Zhao Yun) released more stills and BTS.

Chinese Hero2 Chinese Hero5  4 3

More character posters for Ice Fantasy! I added them to the official post with some more details:

New poster of Zhu Yilong in Border-Town Prodigal. I just really really love it, so I decided to share it 😛


Some more gorgeous pictures of Liu Tao and the cast of Legend of Miyue because I (ikitten) am biased ^^:

Some new stills for Love&Life&Lie with Zhou Dongyu and Chen Xiao. It is like the only project of Chen Xiao right now that I am confident I will watch (Clouds looks scary for my soul and Three Heroes looks really like a bad quality drama…)!

New drama Waiting for You 等你爱我 starring Cao Xiwen and Zhu Gangriyao released some stills and is currently airing (this drama has Wang Kai as second lead):

Drama Left Ear is having some interesting guest appearances! They decided to cast Du Haitao and Wu Xin from Happy Camp

More pictures for Go Du La La! 2 with Ariel Lin, Chen Bolin, and Vic Zhou

Finally, some additional stills for The Monkey King 2 starring Gong Li, Feng Shaofeng, and Xiao Shenyang:

Drama First Love starring Hawick Lau, Sun Yizhou, and Guli Nazha released more stills starring Hawick Lau and Guli Nazha:

Final gossip thoughts:

  • Zheng Shuang’s appearance on the Iqiyi All-star carnival got me all worried. Did you see how thin she looks? I am no expert, but it really looks unhealthy. Is it the way her body is or is she doing some extreme diet? After her whole PS phase, I just hope she can love her body instead of always trying to go into extremes… When asked by the MC about her current body situation, she says it is still ok… Me worried.
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  • Apparently, in a BTS video that was leaked, Zheng Kai and Luhan got into a fight. He seemed really mad in the video and even threw his jersey on the floor in anger, causing rumors of conflicts among the Run Brother. However, Zheng Kai explained himself when interviewed about it. He says they are in good terms and as a man, it is normal to not be able to controle your feelings all the time. He then jokes that maybe another day, he will eat his jersey instead.
  • 2
  • New novel to be adapted to the screen: 蔓蔓青萝 Man Man Qin Luo. Anyone a fan? There are some fanwars on weibo to see who will portray the OTP, 刘钰 Liu Yu and 青萝 Qin Luo. I see names such as Chen Xiao+Zhao Liying and Yang Yang+Zheng Shuang. Since all four are super busy, I feel like fans online will be disappointed very soon.

14 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Hu Ge Goes Raw + ZLY Collab?, Chinese Hero, Love&Life&Lie

  1. I forgot how to breath when I saw Hu Ge’s photo shoot. I liked chemistry between Zhou Dongyu and Chen Xiao in the Gong movie,they was so lovely. Interesting to see them once again as otp. How is cast in Left Ear drama? I couldn’t find information about it!
    I saw many fanarts with Chen Xiao+Zheng Shuang, why not?

    Liked by 1 person

    • archidisign says:

      Me too! 8D thanks to ikitten for finding these pics and adding them to the article. Nearly gave me a heart attack this morning haha! Left Ear is mostly made of new actors: Mi mi, Zheng Kai, Ma Yinyin, Huang Rende, and Zhou Yu. The only famous name (at least for me) is Zheng Kai 😛
      I think Chen Xiao and Zheng Shuang could be a nice match, but right now, I just want to send Zheng Shuang to therapy. She looks so unhealthy :S It is so sad when I compare her situation now to when she was younger (in Meteor Shower).


    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD Thanks! I just saw it… now I am even more excited for the release of this drama >< BTW, Beautiful Secret in 3 days!!


      • I’ve always loved Hu Ge. It would be a dream come true for both of my two fav actors to be casted in the same series. PLEASE LORD! LET THIS HAPPEN. MAKE IT HAPPEN! PS, I did see a clip of ZLY in an interview saying that would like to collaborate with Hu Ge. Do I sense ZLY totally fan-girling? Can’t blame her. I love him too. hihi


      • archidisign says:

        I know!! But we didn’t hear anything about a collab since this was announced 😦 But they both still have a long acting career and considering how Chinese entertainment works, they will be paired up very soon ^^ Of course, I want it to be now!! But Hu Ge said he will take a break next year and Liying is so pack… :S
        YES! Liying, come fangirl with us!! ^^ I was annoyed at the interviewer for immediately mentionning Wallace Huo after she said the name of Hu Ge. xD

        Liked by 1 person

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