Entertainment Update: Old Nine Gates, Beautiful Secret, Flying Daggers


She looks good!! A post packed with information for today!!

YESH!! First character posters for Old Nine Gates starring William Chan, Zhang Yixing and Zhao Liying released poster stills!! I also uploaded the stills on the official post here with the name of the actors and their roles 😉 This makes me super excited! I know Zhao Liying probably won’t have a lot of scenes though since she herself stated she will only be filming for max 2 months on this project… On another note, poor Lay. That costume is so bad, but it actually makes me more curious about his character xD

Talking about our lovely lady Zhao Liying, her new movie as cameo (again) with the cast of Go Fighting (Show Luo, Lay (eille! that means second collab!), Sun Honglei, Huang Lei, Huang Bo, and Wang Xun) released more posters, this time focused on each of them 😉

Talking about Huang Bo, his movie Mojin The Lost Legend with Shu Qi and Angelababy released some beautiful movie stills:

704_1801534_359940 704_1801538_820953 704_1801539_853403

This adorable kid has been casted to play the son of Yang Yang and Liu Yifei in Three Lives Three World (some may recognize him from My Sunshine):


More movie posters for Devil or Angel starring Deng Chao and Sun Li. They totally look goofy and adorkable in these stills and I hope the movie will exceed my expectations ^^. On another note, Legend of Miyue is airing at this moment. It received some quite harsh criticisms from the public for milking the Legend of Zhen Huan fame, but I will probably still watch it next year ^^…

Furthermore, Legend of Zu released the trailer for the fourth part of the drama.


We also updated our Zhu Xian article since a LOT of new character stills came out recently. Check here:

New stills and trailer for Flying House of Daggers with Hawick Lau, Yang Rong, Huang Ming, and Gui Gui. This looks so good!! I feel bad for Hawick because in the trailer, he got three huge physical inguries (falling off the cliff and being stabbed twice).


More pictures for Beautiful Secret with Peter Ho and Victoria, set to be released this Friday!!! I love the last picture 🙂

Run for Love by Zhang Yibai starring Zhang Ziyi, Momo Wu, Eddie Peng, Zhou Dongyu, Tong Liya, and Michelle Chen:

Amber Kuo did a special photo shoot to promote her next movie 爱造飞鸡:

Movie Mermaid starring Deng Chao, Show Luo, and Kris Wu released a funny trailer:

Liu Yifei wraps up the filming of her movie Rescuing Flying Tigers:

Good news! Xiao Shi Yi Lang with Yan Yikuan has a new air date. Now, it is scheduled for February 9th, 2016. It is not the first time we announce an air date, so let’s hope it won’t be pushed back anymore v_v

Han Geng will be releasing his new album Three Geng in the near future! Here is a tease for the MV 痞夫之勇



Gossip Funny Thoughts:

  • Kris Wu (ex-exo member) and Jessica Jung (ex-SNSD member) are going to go on Chinese variety show Day Day Up (variety show hosted by Wang Han and airing on Hunan TV). They will go record on the 17th of December. This will definitely get a lot of attention from kpop fans and just the thought of the chaos that may be created is very funny in my head. I understand why Jessica may want to go on it for some exposure, but I don’t get Kris’ involvement. He is already super popular and going on a show to probably talk badly about his old agency’s probably not the best move for his career… anyway. Another interesting note, Day Day Up had already invited Song Seung Heon and Liu Yifei and Running Man Monday Couple (Song Ji hyo and Kang Gary). I say they are trying to catch Korea’s attention 😉
  • 11
  • Talking about SNSD, did you see their newest TaeTiSeo MV? When I saw it, I immediately thought of Zhao Liying’s dress last year. Not exactly the same, but close enough :3 They both look pretty, but Zhao Liying wins in my ❤ (Yes, I am using any excuse to put extra pics of my bae). (<== this has obviously been added by Archidisign)

To round up this post, here are some additional photo shoot pictures:

Sun Li for Vogue China

Yang Mi for the Sina TV Popularity Awards:


7 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Old Nine Gates, Beautiful Secret, Flying Daggers

  1. archidisign says:

    Finally we have colorful clothing for Zhu Xian! ^o^
    Yang Mi looks so good in her promo pics.
    Always happy to see Zhao Liying’s pictures 😉
    Oh and, Beautiful Secret will start airing tomorrow! 😉 It is a hot topic already on weibo. Hope it lasts!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yep! Finally, they decided to shoot the drama 8D Yang Mi actually has more gothic pictures .-.
      I am trying to find the episodes but they are not released yet 😦


      • archidisign says:

        Oups, I was wrong. Beautiful Secret will air later this month (21th I think?).. 😛
        And thanks for putting so much Zhao Liying in your post 8D I know you are a fan, don’t lie 😉


  2. Wow there are many pretty boys in Zhu Xian he he!
    But isn’t that adorable kid gonna playing Little Dough, the son of Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei?
    Yaaaay Xiao Shi Yi Lang won’t get lost in pages of history!
    I can’t wait to see ZLY in new project even if it’s for short time.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Srsly? I didn’t read the book so I don’y know. If that is the case, that would be so adorable!!!! And Zhu Xian has such a young casting, I wonder if it would be age appropriate for me to watch 😛


      • Yes, kid supposed to be their son, I saw some articles and rants on fanbases, so it can be possible. Casting of Zhu Xian is pretty but I don’t think it will help me to watch this drama, plot sounds dull and unimpressive.


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