[Recap] Run Brother 3 Ep. 4-7


Such a long time since I haven’t release a new Run Brother recap! I swear I am still watching the show as soon as it is released and enjoying it a lot. I loved episode 6 and 7 and Ella is officially entering my list of Favorite guests on RB (which includes Xie Yilin, Yu Quan, Bai Baihe, and Fan Bingbing). Next week (episode 8), Sun Li will finally make an appearance! Hehe, I am so excited…

Episode 4: Spot the Aliens!


Guest: Xie Na (Host of Happy Camp)

The episode starts with all the members gathering at an “Award Ceremony” for the next Science Fiction Film Awards. Chen He declares confidently: “Today’s mission is to find a missing movie data, right?” Hehe, maybe the PDs should learn to be more creative, since CH is absolutely corrects. Xie Na arrives. She tells everyone an anecdote from 3 weeks ago, when Zheng Kai went on Happy Camp. At that moment, she told ZK she was going to star on RB3 very soon and said she is hoping to get a name tag. Zheng Kai told her, “no need to say more” and later gave her one of his own name tag, signed! She declares she was speechless when she received the “gift” by Zheng Kai, since she was talking about a nametag with her name on it XDD…


Anyway, off to the first game. They must find the correct key to open the correct mysterious box in order to win a GPS, necessary to find the data. Deng Chao and Chen He loses to complete the mission and are the only ones without a GPS device. Both declares they are going to be fine since Deng Chao is a “nerd” and Chen He a “genius”… Result? They are put in the same team! As the game starts, they are able to discover the GPS is pointing to a specific member: Wang Zulan! He puts on a good fight and succesfully escape for a long time! Later, he is eliminated and a message is sent to his partner, Xie Na. Since XN’s phone is in Chen He’s hand, they are able to deduce she is the second “alian” who stole the phone. All the members arrive to the final location indicated by the GPS, with CH and DC one minute before the others. Everyone assumes CH and DC must therefore be the “alians” and try to rip off their tag. By successfully taking Chen He out, Li Chen is eliminated… Xie Na arrives! She has completed her mission before everyone gathered and therefore wins the game today!

Episode 5: What is your favorite Chinese Snack?


Guests: Ruby Lin, Huang Bo, Xia Yu

Who does not like food? Who does not like Asian food? If you answered yes to any of the two questions above, I am judging you extremely hard right now. Anyway, the fifth episode hit the right theme for me, as I adore Chinese food and looking at the cast eating made me love&hate this episode. I don’t feel like writing a lot (huehue ^^”) but overall, I loved the episode. Huang Bo has a dorky personality and his funny jokes and the hilarious situations he put himself in made me realize how much of an entertainer he is. He and Angelababy got a secret mission. Despite succeeding the mission, they do not get their rightful prize, since the cameraman did not film the segment… wth? That is so stupid… If they have more than 20 cameramen, how come none filmed the mission? *facepalm* Deng Chao was a real gentleman in this episode (hehe, one of the reasons I love him so much), and went to help Angelababy when she felt in the water and because Ruby Lin said she wanted to rip people’s tag off, tried his best to give her the opportunity. And when she messed up in the game, she is one of the few who didn’t laugh :P…

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The yellow team was composed of Luhan and Zheng Kai and despite both been very athletic, it is sad to see them getting eliminated the first. Huehue, shouldn’t have teamed up with AB and Huang Bo xD… Another high note in this episode was Li Chen’s epic fall xD… The Green Team were saying how weak they are but surprisingly wins the name tag Anyhow, a lot of funny things happened in this episode. Despite not having the best games (the name tag game was really epic though!), the guests were super nice and the episode was fun to watch ^^

Episode 6: Who is the Scam and who is the Heir Part 1?


Guest: Ella (S.H.E.), Liu Yan, Feng Shaofeng

A fun episode that leaves us with a cliffhanger at the end! For the first time in a long time, the episode does not have any ripping of name tag and everyone seems a lot more comfortable. The guests are: tomboy Ella from S.H.E., entertainer turned actress Liu Yan, and always chic Feng Shaofeng. Liu Yan appeared in the final of last season and was super funny, so I am happy to see she is back for a two-episode adventure with RB. This week, the theme is Heirs! Among the 10 players, 2 are fake family members and 2 are heirs. In total, the RB family plays 3 games. The first is a cross the bridge in an assigned order by the PDs, the second is a photo taking game where everyone must show their eyes, teeth, and not touch the floor, and the last game requiring them to guess the defaults of the cast. My favorite game is the last one, and I had a good laugh at Chen He’s, Ella’s and Zheng Kai’s part. Back to the main game! They must protect the heirs and prevent the scammers from winning. As the hints unveil, Liu Yan is highly suspected. At the same time, the bad performance of Li Chen and Chen He make the team wonder if they are also the fake family members. As everyone enters the big mansion (ofc, a property of the ultra rich family), Angelababy is declared to be OUT. However, her name tag is still on, making people wonder: what happened?

Episode 6: Who is the Scam and who is the Heir Part 2?


Guest: Ella (S.H.E.), Liu Yan, Feng Shaofeng

Hehe! I loved this episode so much, it has a fun twist and excellent guest performances which made me think of Running Man Korean version. Despite been a whole episode of elimination game, the guests and the regular cast made it super entertaining and fun to watch. And for once, Run Brother comes on top of Run for Time for the ratings!

66ad8542jw1eyuc1k6yqcj21kw11xgym (1) Liu Yan, continuing from last episode, is the one everyone is suspicious of. Despite been very active, “thanks” to Deng Chao’s deductions, is the first one to be lynched. It is also revealed that Chen He (the first of our two scammers) has eliminated Baby by giving her his mask. We learn that by giving their personal “magic” items to the other players, the other player is eliminated.6cd9130agw1eyuf6y828nj20ht0htjv2

Seeing that they can be eliminated without having their name tag ripped off, everyone is afraid to be left alone. FSF, that everyone deduced cannot be the scammer (“he looks too loyal!”) is courted by both Wang Zulan and Zheng Kai. Because FSF is so nice, he is unable to make a decision. He even starts a monologue that makes everyone go speechless about why he should not be the one deciding and even suggest leaving the choice to luck. Ultimately, he decides to go with Wang Zulan for 10 min and then go seek ZK after. LOL, so goofy. Around the same time, thanks to the hints, it is revealed Li Chen and Deng Chao are the heirs. They grow suspicious of Chen He and Luhan and clean their suspicions for Zheng Kai.

666d8d19jw1eyvj2lm6qsj21kw11tn99 At that moment, Luhan appears and want to talk to Deng Chao. The two bros nonchalantly declares they need to go to the washroom… and flee! XD They seem to be running in circle since Luhan has no problem bumping into them the very next minute. After a (silly) race, Deng Chao and Li Chen get rid of Luhan. They then see Ella with Chen He and convinced that Ella is innocent, try to keep her away from Chen He. The funny thing is, as audience, it was already revealed to us that Ella IS the second scammer!! Oh boy, our two heirs are so… dumb. After many OBSTACLES, they manage to “save” Ella.


Next, Li Chen is out thanks to Chen He and Chen He is lynched at the second round. Ella discovered that Deng Chao is the second heir and try to act. However, because he growned suspicious of Ella, try to escape from her (haha, he literally spent the whole episode in hiding). Without any choice, Ella eliminates Zheng Kai instead.704_1801424_520025

At the final family round table, the cast determines the second scammer can only be Ella or Deng Chao. Using a fair deduction, Wang Zulan believes it is DC and the outed members (Baby, Li Chen) are screaming at him to wake up…. from their jail room. I find it unfair that Baby and Li Chen think Wang Zulan is not using him brain by accusing DC (like you guys already know that it is Ella, so it is obvious why it is obvious for you…). Ultimately, Ella is lynched and the game ends with the winning of the main family. Nonetheless, great job Ella and Chen He!


4 thoughts on “[Recap] Run Brother 3 Ep. 4-7

  1. archidisign says:

    All the episodes look like a lot of fun! ^^
    I recently noticed that Happy Camp is using a lot of games from other variety shows (I recognized from Running Man Korean edition and from American talk show, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Hope Hunan bought the rights of these games… This could mean that Run Brother did not buy the exclusivity of Running Man games in China.. :O Just a thought


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I think they bought the name tag concept for sure, since none of the other variety shows are using it as it would be obvious… Happy Camp totally forgot about their own popular games (like Who is the Spy? the game with agility, the game with words, drawing etc.) and are instead playing a lot of stuffs similar to Running Man ( new concept every week, more physical games, with spies and story line)… It kinda of suck in my opinion too :xx


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