Entertainment Update: Acting Awards, Unforgiven, Pretty Woman


Today’s entertainment update is a little bit boring as really, nothing exciting happened for the last five days. We tried to gather as many interesting news as possible for you guys, but it was hard! xD There are stills released here and there though…

New trailer for drama version of Fleet of Time 匆匆那年. Long Time No See will star Zhang Ming, Wang Mengli, Jin Zehao. Possible release date: December 28th?

New drama New Love Separation will have the TFBoys play students as cameo:

New thriller/suspense movie 灭罪师 Unforgiven started filming on December 13th, 2015. It will have its independent broadcast through Iqiyi for June 2016. The actors are Yang Zeyi, Leng Xiaofeng, Cai Wenjing, and An Shenhao (Korean actor).

I don’t think we mentionned it before, but Ma Ke and Si Yin are casted for 寻找前世之旅 Xun Zhao Qian Shi Zhi Lu, based on an online novel. It is again produced by Iqiyi. I am happy to see Ma Ke getting casted for all these interesting roles, but I wonder if he isn’t overexposing himself right now…

Wallace Huo recently won the Most Influential Entertainer in China 2015. Haha, for once it is not Fan Bingbing (or Jay Chou, Jackie Chan, etc)! xD Apparently, it is the first time the prize is given to an actor, so really, it is a big achievement for him! Congratulations!

6 7

On the other hand, Zhao Liying isn’t doing too bad for herself as she won the Macau International TV Festival Best Actress award.


Recently, in Hong Kong, they celebrated another year for the long living and prosperous TVB channel. I am not familiar with the HongKongese actors, but I found the red carpet dresses really pretty. Too bad the background wall for the pictures isn’t a nice color to contrast with the beautiful clothings… At the event, Anthony Wong won TV King and Nancy Wu won TV Queen. Congrats!


One more picture of William Chan in Old Nine Gates


Extra stills for Ice Fantasy:

1 2 3

Extra stills for So I Married My Anti:

Extra Stills for Chronicles of Life:

The next Korean actor to move to the Chinese entertainment is Kim Jeong Hoon (Princess Hours, I Need Romance). He is working with Jia Qing on a new drama called 卿本佳人 Pretty Woman.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about variety shows:

Nicholas Tse and Nicky Wu will be mentors! Yes, they just signed up for a girl band survival show on Zhejiang TV. Haha… The show will be called Lady Bees 蜜蜂少女队. Why does it sound so deja vu? Anyway, I personnally think that China is way more successful at producing solo acts than groups so this sounds like a useless effort to transfer the kpop culture to mainland. Also, why couldn’t they cast female mentors instead of men?


Xie Na (Happy Camp MC) will be starrring in a new CCTV variety show called Where I Am Coming From 2. I love to see her down to earth personality so this may be interesting to watch.

New variety show called Journey to the West Adventures (yes, there are so many adaptations of the story that now, there is a variety show version) will star Zhou Xun, Jin Shijia and others:

1 2 3

Final Gossip Thoughts Corner:

  • Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu will probably held their wedding next year, for February/March. At a press conference, Liu Shishi says she will let Nicky Wu handle the wedding planning… Is that wise? XD
  • BTS leaked pictures of Ice Fantasy shows Feng Shaofeng being a real gentleman with Victoria Song, helping her stand up and more. Soon afterward, there are rumors of them being a couple… Knowing Feng Shaofeng’s personality, I think he is just being his usual self though :3
  • 3

22 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Acting Awards, Unforgiven, Pretty Woman

  1. Thankies for this update!!! Really appreciate it, especially cause I don’t understand Chinese Mandarin so a blog like this really helps.

    Sorry if this is my 1st time to comment. I usually read your updates offline.

    I did see Zhao Liying post about her award in Instagram but couldn’t understand the caption. Hahaha. Now I know~ Ohmu, my 2 fave actors (Zhao Liying & Wallace Huo) won awards. Awesome!


  2. Thanks for collecting these news for us, the non-Chinese speakers :). It’s great to read that Jia Qing will have a new project. I think the last time I heard about her is in the drama with Lin Gengxin (God of War or something). I’m not thrilled about the stills, though. Looks like she’ll have another melodramatic thing, which IMO is her weak point (although she had some successful melodramas before). I still think her best role so far is as A Zhu, which ironically is in the least successful adaptation of DGSD :). Personally I like DGSD 2013, but I’m in the minority LOL.


    • archidisign says:

      Jia Qing is in God of War? I didn’t even notice!! Haha, me neither. The stills look like your usual drama filmed to be filmed. Like, it doesn’t seem to have any exciting element yet, except maybe having a Korean lead? But again, with melodramas, they can be surprisingly addicting if the acting is done right…
      I didn’t watch the 2013 DGSD version since the costumres were so baaad. (sorry v_v) I think I tried the first episode, but had to stop because of Kim Kibum’s acting as Duan Yu. Furthermore, Wallace Chung’s costume made him look like a beggear :3 Haha, at least you liked it. I feel like I became really picky about dramas these years, so maybe that’s why I gave up so easily.


      • No worries about DGSD 2013 :). Like I said, I’m in the minority. In fact, it was this series that introduced me to both Wallace Chung and Jia Qing! I grew up with some TVB/ATV wuxia dramas and stopped after elementary school. My first venture to C-dramaland was through LOCH 2008 that I watched in 2012 or 2013. It was a good start because then I checked other Mainland productions, esp dramas based on Jin Yong’s novels, as I’m more familiar with them. DGSD 2013 was not the best production, but it turned out to be decent. Kim Kibum had a shaky start, but halfway through the series he got better (IMO). Wallace looking like a beggar should be fitting, no? After all, Qiao Feng was the Beggar Clan’s leader ;). I fangirled Jia Qing’s A Zhu, not too impressed with her A Zi, but nevertheless I still think she’s talented because she played those two roles pretty convincingly. Most of her other dramas, unfortunately, are not appealing for me. I had been excited with The Four, but I dropped the drama by episode 15 or 16 because it just didn’t make sense anymore, with romance arcs taking the majority of the plot. HOWEVER, I would recommend very much The Great Protector (she co-stars with Wallace Huo). It’s one of the best C-dramas in recent years!


      • archidisign says:

        😛 Thanks. Wallace Chung is actually a great actor and there are a lot of good projects of him out there (e.g. You Are My Sunshine). I actually didn’t watch any TVB dramas yet!! :O Something must be wrong with me. I actually found a few interesting ones, but because they didn’t speak mandarin, I wasn’t very focused while watching. I did try and love lots of HK movies instead 😛
        LOCH 2008 was great! Although I didn’t like how they changed the ending so much from the original novel. As for DGSD, xD really? Kim Kibum actually got better? It is hard to imagine *_* Qiao Feng is supposed to average (in my head)? It is under statement to assume that our proud and heroic leader is wearing such sad clothing. xD I like the costumes way better from the 2003 version. A Zhi is such an annoying character so I probably wouldn’t fangirl over her either. The Great Protector looks really interesting and very serious. Thanks for the suggestion, will add it to my (sadly supeeer long) watch list!


  3. Thanks for post!

    I feel like only reason to watch this show is cool Nicky and Nicholas. However It would be in way better to make drama with this two rather than put them as CM.

    Btw Do you know about Wallace Huo and Yang Mi project? It’s seems to be a movie.


    • archidisign says:

      I also wonder what kind of “chemistry” Nicky and Nicholas will have together (just the fact that their English name is so similar makes it interesting to watch 8D). I feel like Nicholas Tse didn’t film any dramas for a while… (unless he is filming Hk ones because I am not too familiar with those productions).
      WHAT? There is a Wallace Huo and Yang Mi project? :O I actually legit didn’t see it pop up… I am surprised at this combo because it always felt to me that Yang Mi didn’t stay very close with the CP3 cast. While everyone else did so many collabs together during the past few years, Yang Mi only stayed BFF with Tang Yan. I checked and there is one news outlet saying they are working on a movie called 致命倒数 and they started filming yesterday. I will add that info to the next entertainment update :3 Thanks!


      • I don’t know how much screen time they will get but 2Nick in one project sounds promising.
        Yes criminal drama or detective seems to be. Maybe there just wasn’t suitable screen-play for her.Better late than never 😀


      • archidisign says:

        They should call it the 2Nick show! Would get way more views. 8D
        Yes! after Witness, I feel like Yang Mi could be really good in a detective movie :3


      • Indeed, I thought the same.
        I didn’t watch much with Yangmi unless TT and some movies with Hawick and Huang Xiaoming, but her definitely suit dramatic and strained roles


    • archidisign says:

      HAHA I do feel like overexposure is not a concept in China (look at Tang Yan, with four dramas a year and still getting the love!) But ever since Hua Qian Gu ended, Ma Ke signed for five dramas, four of which he plays the male lead :/ At least all the projects he is participating in sound interesting 😉


      • Jo says:

        I do agree with Tang Yan, she was literally everywhere this year, but for me…. I NEED more Ma Ke and I happy he’s getting projects that sound interesting too.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. HJ says:

    Ice Fantasy paparazzi….ummm….did you actually see the video footage too? Only FengShaoFeng side responded (well makes sense cuz it’s his actions that’s causing this ruckus) and said that they were “rehearsing” and since those two worked on 2 projects together, they’re good frieds off screen too. I actually saw this posted on Korean site. Knetz all think they’re already together or at least near that stage. He was way too touchy for just “friend”


    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD FSF should respond with a “BTS” picture of them “kissing”… Seriously though, I have learnt to not care about what the netizens think 😛


      • HJ says:

        I was just too shocked to be honest when I saw the pics and video. Some people in the beginning said maybe it’s to hype up the drama (as if this drama needs more hype than it already is lmao), but it just didn’t make sense. All the C-gossip forum went crazy and were talking about it. Video views were high enough too, but Sina main didn’t report and most importantly, it didn’t go up on weibo hot search. It seems FSF side kept the media down and blocked it. Strange…I’m keeping my eyes on him ugh


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