[Drama] 重生 Revive with Ma Ke, Viann Zhang and Xu Haiqiao


To be frank, the first character stills for this drama didn’t look very promising, hence why I didn’t follow its news perfectly. However, recently, with the added BTS, stills and press conference combo, I thought it was only fair to give this drama its own post. After all, it has Sha Jiejie in it!! Without even noticing (I don’t know how I missed that), there were a lot of new character stills that were released.  Drama Revive stars Ma Ke, Zhang Xinyu (Viann Zhang) and Xu Haiqiao.


Based on the novel of the same name, the story is about the entertainment world. It tells the story of an actor named Yun Xiu (played by Ma Ke) who, after a life changing experience, comes back to the show business after changing his face (?). It is about his struggle to stay true to himself and how he arrives to the peak of his acting career.

Character Stills:

Ma Ke plays Yun Xiu, actor who goes from newcomer to big winner!


Pong as Xie Yi, a veteran actor.


Xu Haiqiao as Feng Jing, an arrogant CEO (or high ranked director in the company)


Zhang Xinyu as Liu Yi, an upcoming actress.


Han Chae Young as Lin Xuan, an actress.


Su Hang


Gao Yiqing


Mao Fengyuan


Tian Jiada


Yang Jian


Zheng Yecheng




Unofficial Stills/BTS:

Press Conference:



4 thoughts on “[Drama] 重生 Revive with Ma Ke, Viann Zhang and Xu Haiqiao

    • archidisign says:

      I find entertainment related dramas can either go well or go wrong. Remember Janine Chang’s You Light Up My Star? I am also not 100% sold by Zhang Xinyu’s casting. But hey!! Ma Ke did have to struggle years before achieving what he has now, so he is perfect for the role ^_^ Plus, Xu Haiqiao actually looks handsome here

      Liked by 1 person

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