[Variety] First Impressions on Go Fridge


A random show came out of nowhere. I am talking about the new show Go Fridge, which has for MC He Teacher (He Jiong) and K-pop idol group Got7’s Jackson Wang. I tried out the first two episodes and wanted to share my opinions on the concept and cast. Here we go!


This variety show was suggested on my Youtube feeds. The first episode had as guests Zheng Kai and Chen Xiao, two male leads I love to watch in dramas. Both filmed with Zhao Liying previously AND announced their relationships this year. ^^ Also, I am quiet found of He Jiong‘s MC skills so I decided to try it out. I was surprised to see Korean idol Jackson Wang on it since I didn’t know Got7 was also aiming at the Chinese entertainment market too.

I realize my opinion on this show may not be very positive, so be aware of that! 😛


First of all, this show’s concept is really boring (sorry, it is my truthful opinion though). It is based from a Korean variety called Please Take Care of My Fridge. I am not sure if it is popular there, but I don’t see how it can be a ratings winner among all the other more exciting ones. It is basically a show where guests come with their home fridge. The MC explore the fridge and then it is the turn of the chefs to cook something delicious out of the ingredients available. The goal is to give ideals to the viewer on what fancy delicious meals they can make using everyday ingredients. Why I think it is not a good idea:

  • The guests are celebrities, often people who doesn’t have much free time and barely has anything in their fridge. If they are young and single, I am quiet sure they normally just buy take-out to eat. If they are married and know how to cook, why bother come on the show?
  • It is hard for the viewer to relate to the celebrities’ eating diet. Hence, what the celebrity may be looking for may be very different from what the viewers want.
  • They only make two dish in one episode, so it is kind of boring.
  • I know people are curious about celebrity lifestyle, but fridge? Even I am not curious about what Zhao Liying has in hers… So, maybe it is a question of perception, but the idea itself sounds boring to me.
  • Since it is a show about easy cooking at home, I wish they didn’t cast “specialists” looking chefs, but instead mom like figures who can teach you some delicious feel good homemade food. Just a thought.


He Jiong is as always his thoughtful self. He is funny and a great smooth MC and I have no complains about what he is doing. He says this is his first MC job for a food related show (I am surprised at that fact since he has been a popular MC for such a long time and on so many various shows). He was attentive to give everyone the chance to speak. Especially, he took a great care of Jackson by speaking slowly and explaining Chinese terms to him properly and made sure he isn’t too lost. He also helps him to behave better.


As for Jackson Wang, this is his first fixed role on a show as MC (although he did participate in the Korean variety show Roommate). He had bright sides to him, but isn’t without flaws. First of all, I was surprised at his level of mandarin. Since he is from Hong Kong/Korea, I was expecting him to have a thick accent a la Ada Choi. He actually has a good pronounciation.

However, he is REALLY slow at understanding other people speaking. Obviously, since he is not from China, he doesn’t know much about the Chinese Culture and expressions (he doesn’t even know waht Yin and Yang is, which surprised me since it is such a common principle in Asian culture in general). I didn’t like how he said to some of the chefs to not speak just because he couldn’t understand the specific culinary terms. It felt a little bit rude. Another thing that caught me off guard is how blandly he asked the guests personal questions like what is your age, did you move in with your girlfriends, why are there so many pictures of girls on your fridge (when it was pictures of one girl, Zheng Kai’s girlfriend) etc. Also, he also looked like he really wanted to try the food. Although he is a MC and should share to the chefs, he nearly ate right away from the common plate, if it wasn’t for He Jiong’s interventions.

At the end of all, it feels like the focus was manly on him, which is understandable because he was really funny with his dumb and cute reactions.  He also did some acrobaties at the beginning. As a MC, he has a long way to go. Just hope he can think a little bit before speaking on the next episodes 😉

The chefs/culinary specialists are interesting, but didn’t really feel like they were “real” specialists. They used any opportunity to give some interesting new facts about the food found on the fridge, which was nice. But I didn’t feel like I learned anything useful. Furthermore, their cooking moments didn’t feel that impressive, unlike the ones on American shows. Also, there was one really selfish/bratty chef, which made me uncomfortable to watch him act. Anyway, not much to be said.

The first guest to enter was Zheng Kai and he felt a little bit bored on that episode. Which is weird, because I love his behaviours on Run Brother/Happy Camp and his acting in Best Get Going. Maybe he had a rough day? First of all, he brought a nearly empty fridge, which left everyone dumbfounded. Of course, he explained that he actually wanted to add new stuffs, but the show producer told him to just bring whatever he had as it is. Compared to his usual funny personality, it felt much more boring this time. I however enjoyed his comment saying that whenever he feels sad, he just pops up a bottle of beer, hence why there are so many of them in his fridge. xD I also liked that he had pictures of his girlfriend on the fridge. *bonus romance points*


As you know me, you know I love to hear Chen Xiao on talk shows. But, let’s be real, he is not really made for variety shows. He is cute, handsome, athletic, a good artist, but he is not that funny… So I wondered why they offered him the role of guest on the first episode, which is supposed to be exciting! Another thing that annoyed me a bit is that all questions to Chen Xiao were about his relationship with Michelle Chen and the show inserted lots of painful clips of his romance with her in Return of the Condor Heroes. Why do they not let me forget about that horrible drama… T_T Interesting fact, he says he only knows how to prepare soups, which he loves because it is easy to make.

Here are the episodes if you want to give it a try too. Since it has a kpop idol, the show is subbed into English (thanks to the Got7 fans!)

Next week’s guest: Hannah Quinlivan. I probably won’t watch since I am neither a fan of her nor a hardcore fan of the show (yet).

Additionally, since we are into the Kpop artists in China subject, Chansung from 2PM and Heechul from Super Junior recently guested on a variety show. It is interesting to note that JYP artists are slowly getting to mainland: Nichkhun, Chansung from 2PM, Fei from Miss A and now Jackson from Got7.

Another C-variety show you may want to keep track on if you are a kpop fan. As mentionned previously Kris Wu and Jessica Jung went on Day Day Up yesterday to promote the movie Mr.Six with Feng Xiaogang. Interesting considering Kris has a cameo role in the movie and Jessica isn’t even a cast member. Sounds like a way to get into headlines in my opinion 😉 Well I am sure all the krissica shippers aren’t complaining 😉


20 thoughts on “[Variety] First Impressions on Go Fridge

  1. Is Jessica participated in some project with William Chan? I remember something like that or maybe I just mixed the informations…not follow Sica’s activity but she seems to have some Chinese project I’m not sure.

    Please Take Care of My Fridge isn’t popular in Korea as I know it have low ratings.

    Ahaha I remember awful ROCH whenever I see Chen Xiao or Michelle lol


    • archidisign says:

      Hum, it seems so! I just googled and there are lots of kpop websites reporting this news. Movie is supposed to be called Love’s Parcel. Once again, I never saw that news trending on weibo (my main sources are weibo and sina) which is weird since anything with William Chan normally catch my attention 😛 I only see a few posts on weibo about it, so it doesn’t look like a high budget thing. I know the two filmed a variety show together before though…

      XD To be frank, I am not surprised! The premise of this show doesn’t sound like a rating winner 😉 And I nearly want CX+MC to film something new so we won’t have to watch those atrocious ROCH moments :3


      • I see many show becoming a places where artist just promote their project or themselves.
        They rumored or confirmed to be caste in movie called 巴黎早安. I don’t wheter is true or not.


      • archidisign says:

        I always thought that was the purpose of variety shows 0:) Before it was more promoting on talk show. Now, it is promoting on variety shows! Seems like all actors/singers must be casted in one.
        Haha, you are so much more resourceful than me 😛 Not much information on that yet, but will keep on it for this CX+MC’s next collab. I wonder if I should be happy or scared…


  2. Jo says:

    I like the idea of the mom like figures. I watched an episode of the Korean one and wasn’t impressed. But do love MC He so I will check this one out and I’m excited to see Kris and Jess 🙂


  3. ssmileforlife says:

    There are two episodes. First episode; Wu Yifan, Liu Wen, Feng Xiaogang (Mr. Six cast)… Second episode: Wu Yifan, Jessica Jung and Zheng Kai 😉 (Btw I’m not krissica shipper haha)


    • archidisign says:

      Ohh really? that makes a lot more sense. I know Day Day Up release a few episodes every week, so it is actually smart to do that! I saw a few BTS clips of the episodes and I just wanna say, WYF’s fans are so rude!! Whenever it was time for Zheng Kai to talk or play games, the fans were still yelling WYF’s name. Made everyone on the scene look uncomfortable :/


      • ssmileforlife says:

        I’m so sorry to hear that. Some fans are like this. A fan screamed his name when Likun’s turn for talk in somewhere only we know premiere. I felt so sorry for her. Yifan was so sorry. T.T

        Liked by 1 person

  4. mic says:

    these ppl know wyf has a lot of fans. i feel like somewhere only we know was false advertising as well. >_> the chinese version of PTCOMF was boring- they need to do 2 dishes per celeb if they are even going to make it 2 episodes. and they need to cut out the times they had to explain things to jackson. I feel like jackson was trying to emulate the krn hosts when they try to dig out scandals from random stuff in the fridge but b/c his chinese isn’t that good, he does it so bluntly. he’s cute rn it feels like he’s a guest not a host.

    also need to watch day day up. i love how sm free idols run into each other & are successful. krn netizens can pretend otherwise


    • archidisign says:

      There are so many of them!! nod nod! I felt, based on the released clips of the filming, that only WYF’s fans were in the audience. So loud xD I fear that a lot of times, Kris was casted for his name. After all, this year, he took on around eight movies (+an album) and it is impossible for him to actually do a good job for each of them under those conditions. After all why would he? His name is strong enough to attract the attention/box-office/awards. Sad sad reality.
      Making more dishes could be more interesting indeed. However, with the cooking level of those “pros”, I would rather watch the food channel’s Iron Chef instead 😛 Jackson is really slow at understanding so they had to repeat. This show will make his mandarin/Chinese knowledge increase like crazy 😉 Haha, he feels more like a guest than the guest themselves 😛


  5. Kiki says:

    Hey, just as a quick comment (altough the post was writen long ago), Jackson is Chinese actually. Also a very good friend of mine, who is from China, told me that there people are really open minded when having conversations and that asking for personal/weird things is very common and for them is ok. Thank you for your review on the show tho, it was very helpful 🙂


    • Welcome! Jackson is Chinese/Hong Kongenese. Just like with Taiwan, I am always scared of writing the exact nationality to not offend any parties xD I am sure you are right because Jackson is a rising star in Korea and China right now. His rumor is funny too 😉 It is just that I don’t like always giving to the multinational member the “clueless” character card, so I am more picky when this happens 😛


    • Ohh sorry about that! :/ I know my review was more on the negative side since I didn’t really like it, but the show seems to be fairly popular (not trending popularity, but with a fanbase). So I am sure some other people liked it ^^


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