Entertainment Update: Flying Daggers, Elle Red Carpet, The Adventure of Love


A lot of projects to talk about! There are a lot of projects that started filming or started their promotional phase, which means one thing: it is picture spamming time (as always :P). 

Drama Flying Daggers starring Yang Rong, Hawick Lau, and Gui Gui released a second trailer and I thought it would be fun to give you guys an insight… of the overacting in the drama 😛


Posing for the camera


Love in the air…


The random tomato sauce…


When you eat too much cherries…

Krystal from f(x) and Lay from EXO will appear in the movie Shut Up and Fall in Love aka (such a romantic name).


On the other side, here is a press conference with another  f(x) member. It is Victoria Song and Peter Ho‘s Beautiful Secret:


Casting announcement! Sandra Ma and Zhou Dongyu are going to star in a new TV series together, called Qi Yue and Ah Sheng, two besties with very different personality.

Liu Yifei and Yang Yang (finally!) started to film for Three Lives Ten Miles of Blossom Flowers! YEAH!


Yang Yang and Wu Lei are rumored to be cast on new Hunan variety show 妈妈的牵挂 Mother’s care. I swear, there are too many variety shows these days!!


New webdrama Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 is airing right now. It stars Zhang Tian Ai, Sheng Yilun, Yu Menglong, Guo Junchen and Jiang Qilin.


A new idol drama (with not that many known idols) called Magnificent Sword with Beauty (indeed, such a magnificent name for a drama…) is set to hit the small screen very soon. Starring Chen Jiang Feng, Bai Bing, Yu Bo, Li Zhinang and more, it will represent the youthful and hopeful life of young soldiers during the Republic Era:

A second set of stills:

New modern drama The Adventure for Love starring Jiang Jingfu, Chen Xiang, Danson Tang, and Sun Xiaoxiao will be broadcasted in early 2016 by Hunan TV. The cast looks beautiful and I hope it is a good drama:


New drama starring Yang Le called 致青春 To The Youth. It is a college related story.

The movie Mr. Six starring Feng Xiaogang, Kris Wu, Li Yifeng, and Zhang Hanyu releases some bad-ass posters:

Some more fun stills for the movie Surprise starring Ma Tianyu:

Finally, some stills for the dramas we already covered so much before 😉

extra stills for Chinese Hero:

1 2

extra stills for Ice Fantasy:

1 2 3

extra stills for Old Nine Gates:

1 2 3

Another Red Carpet! This one organized by Elle Magazine. I love Tang Yan’s look <3:

Final Gossip thoughts:

  • The whole Yu Zheng Plagiarism Saga reached the ending of yet another crazy chapter. After last year’s very public lawsuit by Taiwanese author Chiung Yao against Yu Zheng Production and the ruling in favor of Chiung Yao, Yu Zheng was especially displeased and then announced his desire to appeal. It is understandable as, if not, he would have to pay ¥5 million. However, the appeal turns out useless since it is announced on December 18th 2015 that he lost the appeal. CY and her lawyer thanks all the support they had received since the start of the lawsuit, especially the 139 showbiz people who signed a petition in her favor. Let’s not forget that Chiung Yao is the famous author behind Huan Zhu Ge Ge, so her receiving such an overwhelming support is understanding.
  • 4 5
  • The work under the telescope for this lawsuit was Yu Zheng’s Palace 3: The Lost Daughter vs. Chiung Yao’s Plum Blossom Scar (梅花烙). Personally, I find the storyline very similar to a LOT of projects/dramas out there, so I am not sure it was worth so much anger from CY’s side. However, that is a great lesson to Yu Zheng to stop taking others’ work as his 😉

12 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Flying Daggers, Elle Red Carpet, The Adventure of Love

  1. I can’t wait for concept poster of 3l3w, I’m so curious which dynasty’s clothing they will use.
    I find Hawick’s mimics a bit weird. I don’t know why but after 2 dramas and 1 film, he gives me awkward feelings lol


  2. I can’t wait for concept poster of 3l3w, I’m so curious which dynasty’s clothing they will use.
    I find Hawick’s mimicry a bit weird. I don’t know why but after 2 dramas and 1 film, he gives me awkward feelings lol


  3. Jo says:

    Yang Rong facial expressions are Priceless!!Also, what ever happened to Gui Gui’s Earring drama? Can’t wait for Old Nine Gates and Yang Mi and Dili Reba looked AMAZING


    • archidisign says:

      Yang Rong was so low profile this year. A variety on CCTV, another with Chen Xiao and then a second lead role in the (not so well received) Yun Zhong Ge. She has a few dramas ready to be released so hope 2016 can be her year!
      Gui Gui’s earring dramas is airing now (and already aired once in November). I don’t think it received much attention online which is sad.
      Hope Old Nine Gates won’t be like Legend of Zu and only available to VIP Iqiyi members..


      • Jo says:

        I know! I missed Yang Rong this year and YZG 😦 let’s not. Thanks for the Gui Gui update, I was wondering about it because I hadn’t heard any updates or reviews and I hope Old Nine Gates will be available to everyone too


  4. Ellie says:

    Go princess go (太子妃升职记) is actually not a bad drama, its hysterical and has a very interesting premise! If you can get over the (somewhat tacky) costumes, its definitely a golden web drama. So many good looking faces to drool over too huheuehueheu


    • intellectualkitten says:

      really? That is good to know, we need new faces in the industry ^^!! I will add this drama to my drama list to watch then ^^


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