[Recap] Sun Li and Deng Chao Couple on Happy Camp


Haha. It seems like we only do recap of Happy Camp when our ship goes on it! 😛 If Huang Xiaoming+Angelababy are the Kim+Kanye of China, I would say that Sun Li+Deng Chao are the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of China. They are both known as great actors with great personalities. Hope you will enjoy this episode as much as we did 🙂 They came on the show to promote their movie Devil and Angel, which was released on 12/18/2015. Haha, they also appeared on the RunBro episode this week!

Xie Na is once again gone to her yearly trip to the U.S. I seriously hope nothing is wrong with her as she goes there so often. Nasty netizens are saying it is because of pregnancy problems. I just hope she is healty and happy as her usual loving self! ps; yesterday was Zhang Jie, her husband’s birthday! Happy birthday!

To start off the episode, Deng Chao comes out disgust as the Statue of Liberty, saying he IS Xie Na. XD He then says some nonsense such as “Deng Chao is my male god”, “Zhang Jie is not here” aka I don’t care if I say I like Deng Chao more, and “Who is Sun Li?”. Of course, after much anticipation, it is the turn of Sun Li to appear on the scene. She seems distrustful in front of his costume and doesn’t want to go near him. After a while, “Xie Na” introduces Deng Chao to the scene… and runs off behind the fake stairs to take off his costume… xD


Happy Camp shows a clip showing some discord and contradicting statements of the couple, with each party saying they are the boss at home. xD Then, it is time to put the couple against each other and based on the games, to decide who will be the winner!

The first game is the classic game that I forgot the name of :P. Basically, the MC must call a number and that number of people must stand up and do a pose. The one who doesn’t do it aka the one-who-doesn’t-have-a-fast-brain loses. Deng Chao just go with the flow while Sun Li tries to calculate beforehand. Deng Chao loses miserably at this game.


The second game is to test the courage of the couple. Happy Camp’s Wu Xin and Weijia are against the say guest couple. They have to go on a really high platform and wear a set of couple clothing (sweater, three legs pants and socks). Wuxin is bad at any balance game and Weijia is reallyyy scared of height. Although they started well and had the courage to go up there, they lost to the way more stable and close SL+DC couple. It is cute to see the WX+WJ couple be amazed and jealous of the SL+DC couple 😛


For the third game, they brought in two other guests (actors of the same movie Devil and Angel). Haha, although the guy was put into Deng Chao’s team, he and the audience all seems to be on Sun Li’s side! It is announced what would be punishment if one side fails: they will have to grant the other’s wish. Sun Li tells Deng Chao to put 10 compliments for her on his weibo while as Deng Chao asks for a camera kiss on the show!! 😀 The third game is to hit off the hat of the opponent first. It is a 2-vs-2 game. While playing, Deng Chao hits Sun Li in the eye with his pillow. This makes Sun Li really mad and she makes him pay hard: he loses looking really miserable.


Last game. This ones is very similar to what you see on Run Brother! Quiet bold from Happy Camp’s writers to play it considering Deng Chao is the main MC of that show. Anyway, the goal is to push off the opponents out of their safe zone and to be the first to arrive on the opponent’s safe zone. Deng Chao and his team did their best, but nobody can resist Sun Li’s kick-ass kicks! Red team wins!


Blue team must receive the punishment and get their face disfigured by the plastic mold. Hai Tao nearly took the punishment for Wuxin, but decided not to at the last minute. Awww. The faces are quiet hideous, but Deng Chao decides to do it twice if Sun Li kisses him. She does by kissing him on his forehead and once again declare their love for each other! Such a happy ending.


**Next week’s guest: Kris Wu, Li Yifeng, Zhu Yawen and Ouyang Nana!! My baby girl is going on the show! So happy!! It is too bad Xie Na will not be there to take care of her **

To end it all, furthermore, as punishment, Deng Chao had to put 10 compliments to Sun Li on his weibo on the day of the episode’s release! Hehe, let’s see just how high he thinks of his beautiful wife. Quiet poetic I must say. Also, gosh, he wrote so much I wonder if he is kicking his sheets at night now…

  1. 孙俪,你全身充溢着少女的纯情和青春的风采。留给我印象最深的是你那双湖水般清澈的眸子,以及长长的、一闪一闪的睫毛。像是探询,像是关切,像是问候 [Trans: Sun Li, your body is filled with the innocence and youthfulness of an elegant lady. What leaves me the deepest impression is that your eyes are clear like the lake, sparkling, and have long, eyelashes. Such inquiry, such concern, such greetings]
  2. 孙俪,你像天上的月亮,也像那闪烁的星星,可惜我不是诗人,否则,当写一万首诗来形容你的美丽 [Trans: Sun Li, you are like the moon, like the twinkling stars. Unfortunately I am not a poet, otherwise, I would write ten thousand beautiful poems to describe you]
  3. 孙俪,你是我心中永远的最佳女主角 [Trans: Sun Li, you are the number one female lead in my heart.]
  4. 孙俪,自从那次见了你之后,我的灵魂好像被你摄去了一般,你的影子,占据了我每一个记忆。你能理解我的痴心吗? [Sun Li, since I met you, my soul seems to be stolen by you, your shadow occupies my thoughts. You can understand my infatuation?]
  5. 孙俪,你是我的毒药,渗入我的血液,穿透我的神经,控制我的大脑,如果哪天你的药性发作,请别忘了,给我解药![Trans: Sun Li, you are my poison, in my blood, through my nerves, to control my brain. If one day the poison starts attacking, please do not forget to give me the antidote!]
  6. 孙俪,如果你是天空中最遥远美丽的极光,我情愿化作冰雪山,在无声流逝的时间里,默默守候你的光芒,如果天国是最接近你的地方,我可以放弃人间的一切,只爲随你若去,这份爱,亘古不变…… [Trans: Sun Li, if you are the most distant beautiful aurora, I would rather turn into snow mountain, in the silent passage of time, silently waiting for your light, if heaven is the closest place to you, I can give up everything (my human state), only to follow you, this love is everlasting ……]
  7. 孙俪,我之所以活到现在的全部意义,是为了此刻能对你说,我爱你,我会在你身后永远 [Trans: Sun Li, the reason I live up until now is to be able to tell you, I love you, I’ll always be behind you]
  8. 孙俪,我看到你,我怕触电;我看不到你,我需要充电。如果没有你,我想我会断电 [Trans: Sun Li, If I see you, I’m afraid of electric shock; If I can not see you, I need to recharge. Without you, I think I’ll need power]
  9. Sun Li,Your presence is a present to the world. [in English already]
  10. 孙俪,你最大的优点就是你的眼光 [Sun Li, your greatest quality is your gaze]



8 thoughts on “[Recap] Sun Li and Deng Chao Couple on Happy Camp

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    Loved this episode so much, Deng Chao is among the best guests on HC and he always manage to steal the spotlight from the main MCs 😛 He is actually really good at playing games (if you follow Run Brother) so it is cute how he intentionally lost to let his wifey win ^^. I was a little sad by how reckless Sun Li was (we all know guys like to save face in front of others but she totally destroyed him on scene xD…) so the last kiss was a very sweet way of ending the episode ^^ I think SL have not been on TV for a long time, she looked very nervous and not as witty and quick as her previous appearance. Deng Chao taking care of her made me go AWWNN… They are so genuine about each other. The introduction with Deng Chao acting as Nana and trying to speak English made me go ROFLMAO ^^


    • archidisign says:

      Yes! Don’t hit on me, but I thought the Happy Camp episode was better than the Run Brother one 😛 Haha, he did feel like a “I talk big, but I am actually a caring husband” type. That’s how couple behave, they are way more careful around each other on variety show. Yes, Sun Li went quiet hard on his man pride. But at least, we can see the love between them is still so strong!!


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Haha, I am actually more surprised u watched RB3! 😛 HC was also more fun to watch for me because it has better MCing, but the games are not that good… Did you realize that on Youtube, a lot of people are noticing the similarities between Running Man and Happy Camp? Hm… I hope they will stop soon. On a side note, learn how to write ‘quite’!


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