Movie Reset to Star Yang Mi and Wallace Huo


Ready for those Chinese Paladin 3 feels? Yang Mi and Wallace Huo have been confirmed in the movie Reset together! It will be directed by Korean Kim Eun-kyeong and produced by Jackie Chan.

Cast: Wallace Huo, Yang Mi, Jing Shijie, Liu Chang, Zhang Yihan

Release date: 2016

Synopsis: Not much has been released about the story line, but it will be an action thriller/science-fiction movie.  Lin Zhixun, played by Yang Mi, is a researcher working on a particle project which can potentially lead to the creation of the first time machine. One day, his son, who works at the American Technology center, is kidnapped. Zhixun decides to speed up his research and find a way to save his son.

The movie will be China-Korea collaboration and a portion of it will be filmed in Korea. The dictor is Korean Kim Eun-kyeong and the producer is Jackie Chan. ><

Wallace Huo


Yang Mi


Liu Chang


Zhang Yihan


Jing Shijie

704_1808683_196434 (1)


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