[Updated][Part 2] All the Love at Anhui Ceremony


Can you believe 2015 is almost over? TT^TT No… Don’t leave us like this…

Gossip corner of the day! Did you know Ma Ke‘s English name is Kyle? What? I was so sure it was Mark =3= disappointed. But it is ok, Kyle is a nice name too.

Special Wallace Huo video. It has all the goofy faces Wallace Huo made all night long, being excited, bored and shy! :3

Best seating arrangement ever! From left to right: Tang Yan, Yang Yang, Nicky Wu, (an empty spot, probably for Liu Shishi?), Ruby Lin, Hu Ge, Wallace Huo, Yuan Hong, and Zhang Xingyi!


nevermind, the spot was for Zhao Liying 😛 I wonder if William Chan went:


Hello, partner:

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I see what is going on:



It is okay, because we will stay best buddies forever right?

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Ruby Lin trying to break the bromance…


But the OTP remains the OTP they are:


It’s okay, since Ruby Lin had Nicky Wu (we shall gossip together!):


Another bromance during the night… Jin Dong and Wang Kai:


Jin Dong and Song Yi, OTP from The Disguiser got their sweet and loving moment on the scene. I just realized Song Yi is the actress who played the high class prostitute in Cuo Dian Yuan Yang 2! OMG, she is so pretty!

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Wang Kai, Chen Qiao En, and Wu Lei got assigned seats together:


Poor Wu Lei baby:


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Caught on the spot:


Wu Lei was left alone… but it is okay, since Hu Ge hyung introduced a new hyung to him!


Hu Ge: “Did you already forget about me?”


Nope. we good!


Really good!

Another great thing at the Awards was all the love among the crew of The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire:

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And we shall not forget the precious friendship between Yuan Hong and Hu Ge:


Tang Yan and Wallace Huo,  ZX+ZCQ from Chinese Paladin 3, received their awards together:


Another couple in the making: Princess Tang Yan and…


Yang Yang


Caught on camera:

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Yang Yang talking with Nicky Wu and taking care of him 😛


Moment between Yang Yang and Zhang Xinyi


Another of my favorite real life couples, Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi! I wonder what they said to each other, something along the lines of “we are the only real couple around here”? ><


Fan Bingbing and Li Chen:


Plus, there is still the Zhang Danfeng + Catherine Hung couple a few seats behind 😛 Say Cheese!


Zhao Liying gave the award to her daddy: Nicky Wu!

704_1820450_332947 704_1820448_908289

Dilireba on the other hand was congratulated by her mentor Yang Mi’s hubby, Hawick Lau:

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She also received a prize with Ma Ke, two of my favorite newcomers!


Finally, pictures of the winners of the night. It seems that both blogs lifewithdramas and avirtualvoyage covered the winners so I won’t add another one 😛 (I am a bit lazy…) Here are pictures of the beautiful people!


8 thoughts on “[Updated][Part 2] All the Love at Anhui Ceremony

    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD I don’t think so. All the pictures were taken from the official weibo account so it was not chronological, but the official show will go down on the 1st so we will know then.


  1. MK says:

    My version of the best seating arrangement ever (bromance edition) would go like this JinDong-WangKai-HuGe-Wallace-Nicky-YuanHong. That way Ming Lou and Ah Cheng are seated together, while Prince Jing gets to be next to his Xiao Shu, and the HuHuo ship is still floating, while Tian Chu sits by his love-rival/bro Duan Ping, and 4th and 13th reunites. I’m in Cdrama heaven!


    • archidisign says:

      HAHA, that would be one heavy men based seating roll! Bromance all the way! Omg, I totally forgot about the Xing Ming Shi Ye drama, aka Wallace-as-a-pirate drama. Not only do we have 4th and 13th prince together, they are also both super close with Shishi (HongShi VS LongShi)!! That would be soooo perfect! Too bad they need to put some girls in between keke


    • Julianne says:

      Haha yeah, but don’t forget about Chen Long! He and Hu Ge go way back and they’re apparently super close friends too. People just forget cuz they don’t have that many dramas together. But Chen Long’s kid is Hu Ge’s godkid I think. And their bts’s for Lie Chang are so awesome.

      And Wu Lei too! Wu Lei and Chen Long both worked with Hu Ge on the Young Warriors of the Yang Clan drama from like 2005 or something.


  2. Jo says:

    Everyone looks amazing and Hu Ge and Wallace are seriously the cutest! Actually, all the couples in the making were adorable and Chen Qiao En’s face awww too cute. Dilireba and Zhao Liying looked absolutely STUNNING in yellow.Oh, and Ma Ke as a Kyle? I don’t see it


    • archidisign says:

      I know the entertainment world is starting to milk their bromance, but me too, I can’t resist! HAHA. Yes, CQE and ZK really do look close based on those pictures and this makes me really anticipate their project together! Hope to see more ZLY moments when they actually air the ceremony.
      Ma Ke calling himself Kyle feels weird, but we will have to accept it. :3

      Liked by 1 person

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