[Drama] Son of Hero 《惊天岳雷》with Zhu Zixiao and Li Man

Directed by Jin Yong, this new drama of 40 episodes is expected for 2016. This drama started filming in October 2015. I decided it was worth its own article because.. Zhu Zixiao is on it! YESH! I am anticipating it a lot. Zhu Zixiao mostly did modern dramas so this will be interesting to watch. He plays the second male lead. The leads are Li Man and Gao Yunxiang. Based on the character stills, it looks like a really high quality drama.

Story is about Yue Lei, a young boy who likes to play. After the assasination of his father (a hero) and his brother, he decides to go on the path of revenge. The drama also focus on his love life and the friendships he encounters.


  •  Li Man as Xia Yunfei
  • Gao Yun Xiang as Yue Lei
  • Zhu Zi Xiao as Zhao Cong
  • Liu Yu Xin as Qin E
  • Ye Xiangming
  • Deng Lin
  • Zhang Zi Jian as Qin Gu
  • Li Zi Xiong
  • Yang Tong Shu as Liang Hongyu
  • Dong Chao Ming
  • Shi Xialong as Niu Tong
  • Wen Hong as Empress
  • Ma Junwei as Song Gazong
  • Shang Tiantong as Liu Buqi

Character Posters:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27  29 30 31


13 thoughts on “[Drama] Son of Hero 《惊天岳雷》with Zhu Zixiao and Li Man

  1. cyndi says:

    Ooh Gao Yun Xiang! I love him as Shun Zhi emperor in duo qing jiang shan (shitty drama tho) & in Legend of Miyue. This looks good. also, does anyone know what happened to Zhu Zixiao’s weibo account? why did he close it?


    • archidisign says:

      He looks so handsome *_* DQJS was bad? The trailer looked interesting at first and then I remember it started to turn dark. And with all the good dramas this year, I didn’t want to check a palace one 😛
      I don’t follow weibo people anymore (I just directly go to the hot topics list). I don’t know, but it is sad to hear 😦 He is such a good actor, but his projects rarely gets the attention it deserves!


      • Cyndi says:

        DQJS was bad mainly bc of the female lead who was boring as hell and only had 1 stiff facial expression /throughout the show/, which drove me crazy at one point >< quite a contrast with the male lead, GYX bringing a lot of dynamics and charisma to his character which kind of saved me from that mess, haha.

        I don't know much about Zhu Zixiao but I LOVED him in The Palace (movie) and his chemistry with Zhao Liying!


      • archidisign says:

        xD I agree that in the trailer, I saw that problem too. The emperor was so expressive and the rest of the cast, not so much.
        Zhu Zixiao and Zhao Liying were great in Palace and are the only elements that got the movie from 2D to actually 3D (in the sense that they are the ones who made the story feels interesting and unseen before). Zhu Zixiao acted in Half a Fairytale with Janine Chang, Meteor Garden with Zhang Han/Zheng Shuang and recently did Tea Love (which aired this summer). ^^


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