[Drama] Nirvana in Fire First Impressions


Hey people! I really wanted to recommend to you guys a drama that you probably didn’t hear a lot about. It is a true hidden germ and I am so excited to tell you guys about it! Haha, joke. I am probably the last one to watch it. Since so many readers recommended it and it got so much positive attention in the Cdramaland, I really wanted to try it out. Now that I am on my winter break, I can take the time to enjoy these goody episodes.  So here is my first impression, based on about ten episodes. SPOILERS ahead!

First of all, I am sure most of you knows the story really well. So, if I am saying nonsense here, sorry. Two posts really helped me to understand the story: JunjunTianXia and JoleCole, both of which did great character introduction posts. ^_^ thanks so much! I am trying to analyse as I watch since the story is really complex and hard to understand at first.

The episode one got me a bit confused, but as soon as I saw that scene with Wu Lei putting the fur coat on the shoulders of Hu Ge, I knew I was going to enjoy it. So I kept going even if I was a bit lost.

In the second episode, the moment that caught me really was when I saw the third generation kids going to visit the Empress Dowager. Although Mei Changsu already started to show his colder side, he precises to Fei Liu to act as normal and careful as possible in front of the nicest old lady there exists on earth. Since I didn’t really catch that MCS was related to the royal family before that scene, it really caught me off guard to see that 1) he passed his childhood in the royal court and 2) he and Nihuang Princess were fiancees. At that moment, I thought what on earth happened for him during the last twelve years? This really made me more curious about the drama plot and what may come up next.


I am sincerely and pleasantly surprised with the character of Nihuang. While watching, I wondered, can such a cool character really exist in real? She is so cool, knowing martial arts, being smart and not having to rely on a man. She feels like she is one of the dude! Where did such a cool character go for the last decade in dramaland? Seeing her so sure about herself and without having to exagerate her prowesses makes it especially satisfying to watch. I love her character and actually don’t want her to get into too much romance.

So far, I didn’t feel a very strong bromance between the characters yet. I see that everyone respects Mei Changsu a lot and Fei Liu trully loves him. To Fei Liu, Mei Changsu is everything. There are some cute moments when MCS interacts with his old general friend Meng Ji, his cute bodyguard Fei Liu, and past best friend Jing Wang (the only moments when MCS actually has a genuine smile). However, those scenes are really short compared to the lengthy plotting. Maybe because of all the bromances on the red carpet these days, but I was expecting more of those scenes 8D


Mei Changsu feels like he is in a totally different league compared to the others and nothing can really reach him anymore. Which is understandable since he saw the atrocities of war and the cunning nature of humans. He can’t stay innocent after such an experience. He pretty much lost everything and in the short period of twelve years, he must built up a strong base to be a serious threat to the imperial court. He probably knows that any mistake he makes can lead to his death or even worse, to the failure of his revenge. He is careful and meticulous and so far, everything seems to be under his controle. My question is, is he cold blooded? Will he kill/destroy even his close ones? After what he experienced, anything he does can be justified. However, he looks like he still cares for his old companions.

His two obstacles to bring Jing Wang to the position of emperor, the crwon prince and Prince Yu are interesting obstacles, but they are both not very smart compared to Mei Changsu. I feel like very soon, they will have to bring in new villains such as the masterminds behind the schemes of 12 years ago. I am curious to know how giving the absolute power to Jing Wang can help Mei Changsu accomplish his goals of revenge.

To be frank, I feel like so far, the story is moving a bit slowly. I understand it is, at the end of the day, a palace drama focused on giving to one man the supreme position of emperor. Like any palace drama, plotting must be a huge part. At least, each obstacles are well written with smart twists. However, there are such long periods of talking between characters to set those obstacles and, as someone who doesn’t watch that many palace drama, it feels a bit heavy. ^^ Good thing that the main plot keeps me curious the whole time. If it wasn’t for the well thought Mei Changsu’s background story, I may had given up.

Finally, I am really enjoying the drama so far. Maybe I had too high expectation, but I am not in my addicted phase yet. But quality is quality and this drama totally deserves the attention it received. Top cast and top story, but not meant for any viewer 😉

Here are some nice pictures from a photoshot with the whole cast. I liked it a lot and wanted to share it.


It is interesting to see that the drama didn’t promote much during their airing period, but now that it is the end of the year periods, they are not shying out and showing all their affections to each other! Last note, although it is sad, how cool would it be if you can reincarnate with Hu Ge’s handsome face?


9 thoughts on “[Drama] Nirvana in Fire First Impressions

      • archidisign says:

        You would be surprised xD It only aired for two weeks (got a bad airing schedule I guess) with two episodes a day, but still became the most talked drama since it aired until now. And yes, I also see a lot of international fans trying it out (which surprised me a bit at first since it is such a drama hard to understand for even native Chinese speakers 😛 )

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      • Wow only 2 weeks, can’t believe it! But I finished the whole show just over a week, so I guess it is a relief for viewers that it was aired for a short period of time. I only know very little Chinese so have to rely on English subtitle.


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