Edge to Happiness starring Ma Tianyu, William Chan, and Deng Jiajia


Edge of Happiness stars Ma Tianyu and Deng Jiajia, with supporting characters played by William Chan and Owodog Zhuang. The drama is hoping for a release date in 2016 on Shandong TV.

I am a little mad for this drama, since it wrapped filming in 2014 and since then, there is still no news of a release date! Luckily, the marketing crew behind this Edge of Happiness has recently released more and more stills, so we may get to see this drama on small screen very soon~! The drama will have 30 episodes.


He Mu rejects the arranged marriage for business ordered by his father and choose to marry his love Su Xiaoxiao. As both register for this married life, they discover their savings have been robbed. At the family wine company, He Mu’s half brother, He Han, due to past hatred, plot against the He Shi Company. Through out the hardship of their lives, our main characters will learn the importance of family and brotherhood.


By the looks of the trailer, William Chan looks so much like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, except he doesn’t get the girl and turns evil. For all you fans of tortured hero,  stay tuned in for this drama 🙂

From the pictures (below), the drama looks very cozy and beautiful, so I am excited! Ma Tianyu and Deng Jiajia makes a cute couple ^^

Special gallery for Ma Tianyu who plays He Mu:

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Special gallery for William Chan as He Han:


Special gallery for Deng Jiajia as Su Xiaoxiao:

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Deng Jia+Ma Tianyu




12 thoughts on “Edge to Happiness starring Ma Tianyu, William Chan, and Deng Jiajia

  1. archidisign says:

    Chuck Bass! Chuck Bass!! OMG @_@ My love for Chucky is so big, that’s it, I will check it out!! Ma Tianyu is like the male version of Liu Shishi, with so many dramas filmed a long time ago, but never got released. 😦 Story to be frank sounds boring, but just for the male leads, I will check it out!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hey! I spent time writing the synopsis! >< But yeah… I don't like the wine company concept and the story sounds too serious for such fun and bright actors. I hope it will bring me laugh instead of tears :PP


      • archidisign says:

        Yop, that is what I am scared of. Cdrama aren’t very good with sassy characters so it always end up to be sad melodrama instead… 😦


  2. ssmileforlife says:

    Deng jiajia ♥ She is such a lovely girl hehe. I like her because of “Think Before You Marry”. She was so cute and funny with Wang Likun T.T If I can find a good drama of her, I’ll try to watch. Btw William Chan ♥♥♥


      • ssmileforlife says:

        I watched “Think Before You Marry” with english subtitle and “Infernal Lover” without subtitle for Wang Likun. But I’m happy to know Deng Jiajia. She is really good! 😉 If I can find it with english subtitle, I’ll try to watch it 😉 Thank you 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    • creidesca says:

      Deng Jiajia’s character had a lot of spunk in the other drama she did with Ma Tianyu (Happy/Romance Kitchen). Only managed to see a low quality rip version of the drama on YouTube. She was adorablely cute in the dramatization of the novel Flowers Bloom in Winter. Her role was tragic in What is Happiness, but loved it nonetheless.

      Liked by 1 person

      • intellectualkitten says:

        DJJ’s dramas are so underexposed it is kind of sad 😦 I don’t think I heard about any of these before, I will go check the trailers ^^


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, true. Hard for a 2014 drama to compete considering how much dramaland changed in the past year v_v But William looks so good this time <3.<3 and it demands minimum acting so it should be good ^^

      Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I watched Surprise (a comedy movie starring MTY) this week and he is indeed going for a new direction in his career. The story looks boring but the trailer looks okay :”D… I am so glad because idol movies/dramas are overrated in my opinion.


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