Entertainment Update: Nirvana in Fire Awards, Fashion Together, Run for Love


Last entertainment update of 2015! Swept that tear away and let’s go! 8D This entertainment update starts off with some great news for Myolie Wu and Zhang Ziyi, cute pic of the Jia Nailiang family, brings out the classic deal of stills+casting news+awards and ends up with some fashion photoshoot.

Great news! Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng‘s beautiful daughter was born. Happy for them ^^


Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, one of the most hyped couple got married: Myolie Wu with her fiance Philipp Lee.

Myolie Wu and Philipp Lee

A cute picture of Jia Nailiang+Li Xiaolu family:


Following the success that is Go Princess Go, here is a new web drama called Fashion Together 极品模王 which will be airing soon on LETV. I can spot many actors from Tiny Times, huehue, this drama will definitely be very fashionable!

Ladder of Love released more stills starring Zhang Meng and Zhang Rui.

1 2 3 4

Drama Tracks in the Snow Forest stars Li Guangjie and Zhang Rui (again).


As always, classic Flying Daggers pictures and BTS:

1 2 31234

Run for Love released more stills of the two siblings Tong Liya and Zhou Dongyu:

Here is a new poster for the American-Chinese movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II The Green Destiny, movie that will star Donnie Yen and Michelle Yeoh. Yeah! I wonder if they can bring back Zhang Ziyi too…

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II The Green Destiny

The next big cast movie to be released, Chinatown Detective is coming! It is to be aired tomorrow December 31th, 2015 and stars big name such as: Wang Baoqiang, Liu Haoran, Chen He, Tong Liya, Xiao Shenyang, Xiao Yang, Ma Yuke, Zhao Yingjun, Sang Ping, Pan Yueming and Zhang Zifeng. 


Season 2 of Iqiyi variety show 偶滴歌神啊 secured Xie Na as the main MC. The other cast members are Zhang Dada, Chen Junhao, Yao Yao, Xu Hao and Li Siyu.


Zhejiang TV also released their guest list for the New Year Special. Na Ying and Deng Chao are confirmed for duet together. From the picture I can name: Fan Bingbing, Na Ying, the cast of Run Brother, Rain, Yu Quan, Zheng Jun, Soda Green, Chopstick Brothers, Xiaong Dailin, etc:


Shanghai/Dongfan TV also released their guest list which includes: Jing Dong, Hu Ge, Lay (Zhang Yixing), Zhao Liying, Show Luo, Wang Baoqiang, Chen Sicheng, Li Yangyang and more.


Jiangsu TV also brings out the big guns, with the confirmed appearance of SHE, Li Bai, T-Ara, Jolin Tsai, JJ Lin, Da Peng, SNH48, Momo Wu and more. Hehe, sounds like awesome music!


Finally, for comparison, I added here the list for Hunan TV: Jane Zhang, Huang Xiaoming, Liu Tao, Song Qian (Victoria), Big Bang, Li Yuchun, Zhang Jie, Wang Kai, Jing Boran, Kris Wu, TFBoys, iKon, Jia Nailiang, Li Xiaolu, William Chan, Yao Chen, Bibi Zhou, and more.


 Mission Impossible Love is currently airing on Hunan and stars Yao Di, Lei Jiayin, Fan Ming, Song Dandan, Wang Jing, and Fan Zige.

Nirvana in Fire won big at the Flying Apsara Awards 2015.

4 5 2015 Flying Awards2

Later, Liu Tao went to the Chinese TV Good Actor Awards, where she won Actor of China Award.

2 Chinese TV Good Actor Awards (The Actors of China Award)

Casting News and gossip corner:

  • Korean version of Bu Bu Jing Xin is rumoured to star IU and Jisoo. This is exciting since I believe IU has an aura similar to Liu Shishi. However, Jisoo looks a little young to play the lead.
  • Ruby Lin’s studio bought the rights for the novel 匪我思存 and they intend to film the moviel《東宮》Orient Palace next year. It will be the first time for Ruby to be a director.
  • Jade Lover, the sequel to Diamond Lover, has confirmed the casting of Zheng Shuang and Lee Jong Suk.
  • 2

Finally, here are two sets of new photoshots:

Yang Rong:

Yang Yang:

1 2 3


9 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Nirvana in Fire Awards, Fashion Together, Run for Love

  1. Cyndi says:

    YR looking stunning in those photoshoots! Yang Yang needs to get some rest and gain some weight tbh. He’s been looking quite tired and a bit thin lately. :-/


  2. Qin dynasty>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Joeson -_-
    Well, cast is horrible. I would like to watch it cause male lead is Lee Jun Ki but IU as Ro Xi? No no no she can’t, she didn’t fit this role. I like original too much and Liu Xi Xi was too gorgeous there, that Korean version must have actress that can be as gorgeous as original was, but IU? Well she still in negotiating I hope she will be enough clever to not ruin the drama and turn down this project. Actually there is so many not enough good actors in this cast.
    In the words how many Chinese and Japanese dramas has Korea bungled.


    • Cyndi says:

      I believe you meant *Qing dynasty? xD Qin is a whole different period, haha. I wonder how the hell they’re going to adapt this remake with elements of Qing dynasty to the Korean dynasty bc BBJX heavily relies on a lot of aspects of the Qing dynasty…
      Agreed about IU. I don’t think her acting solid enough for that role.


      • Oh yes my bad I often mix them, both start with Q xD Yes BBJX have some typical elements that urgent only for that period and Chine in common. It’s hard transfer same to another country.Looking at all production of Korean remake(?) it will be lame indeed.


  3. Pong says:

    Eh, Liu Shi Shi isn’t an acting goddess either. She’s gorgeous though, and she delivered as Ruo Xi. Then again, Ruo Xi is in no way a complex character and I think the actress just need the right aura/vibe and screen presence. Jisoo isn’t the lead, I believe it’s Lee Jun Ki as 4th Prince and Kang Haneul as 8th prince. I don’t count the rest of the princes as lead characters.


    • archidisign says:

      Liu Shishi really did the perfect Ruo Xi because she was neither too kawai/cute nor too serious. She played the innocent side as well as the calculating side really well. She is far from more experienced actresses, but I really enjoy her acting ^^ xD Yeah. I kind of like Lee Junki as an actor, but he gives out a more playboy vibe to me (because I watched him in My Girl). Curious to see his 4th prince.


  4. Julianne says:

    Lol kind of a late reply, but《東宮》generally refers to the palace/manor that the crown prince lives in. Idk what would be a better translation, but Orient Palace is kind of…weird. Maybe just direct translation Eastern Palace?

    Curious to see what they will do with Jade Lover. I didn’t really like Diamond Lover, and thought Luo Jin and Dilraba were way better than the two leads, but maybe Jade Lover will be better. Haven’t really followed k-ent in at least a year or two, but from what I remember, Lee Jong Suk is a much stronger actor than Rain (IMO at least). While most people hate Zheng Shuang’s acting, I actually prefer her to Tang Yan, depending on the role. They’re equally unskilled and not-nuanced, really, but while Tang Yan’s acting borders on the side of over-exaggerated and too-much, Zheng Shuang’s acting leans more towards the wooden, zero-expression extreme. Both are equally bad, but I can more easily ignore ZS’s flower vase portrayal than TY’s in-your-face Mary Sue. Tang Yan can occasionally do ok with certain characters (I thought her character in Xuan Yuan Sword back in 2012 was pretty cool..although I really didn’t watch much of it…nor do I remember much except that it was a huge disappointment), but she’s really too inconsistent for me to like her acting more than ZS’s acting. Weirdly enough, I like them both well-enough as celebs, but I just don’t appreciate their acting skills, or lack thereof.

    Not holding high hopes for the BBJX adaptation if only because I feel like Chinese period dramas don’t translate well into Korean period dramas, and vice versa. I think period dramas are so inherently culturally-rich, that to make BBJX korean would basically be impossible to do well. The whole storyline is historically so “China”, I don’t see how it would work. BUT that said, I’ll probably still check it out because on a very shallow, surface level, IU and Lee Jun Ki are too pretty to pass up.


    • I think you are right. Because afterward, I noticed there is a novel that is very popular called Eastern Palace and it actually has a few passages translated in English by fans (shushengbar and xia0yuer). I read those short passages and I am in love with the story. Hope they will can adapt it soon in a drama version (even if I believe hardcore fans would disagree with my wish xD). Fan Bingbing is rumored to lead it.
      For Jade Lover, I don’t have much expectation. it will definitely be a ratings winner considering that it is called a sequel and Lee Jongsuk is the lead (hallyu wave is not going to die down). I remember LJS as really talented (checked out his School 2013 and I Can Hear Your Voice), but I remember his airport scandal when I hear his name so I am not really a fan anymore. And I totally agree about the TY+ZS comment. I feel the same: they are really nice people, great face, great personality, but acting wise, they rarely make me want to watch their performances. So far, Tang Yan had filmed a billion Mary Sue character (and ruined the drama for me) while as Zheng Shuang re-became active only in the last two years.
      Haha, neither a fan of IU nor Lee Junki so it is easy for me to pass it ^o^ Historically, it will be hard to adapt it into a kdrama, but if the viewer understand that it is normal to have cultural inconsistency, it may be fun to watch.


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