2015 Intellectualkitten’s Picks


So happy to be at this time of the year again, where you look back at everything that happened during the year and feel accomplished. Here is my favorite entertainers and events of 2015! ^^ Unlike Archidisign… mine is a lot shorter 😛

Best Actress in TV series: Zhao Liying (ZLY starred in so many popular dramas and it is amazing how she kept her acting different in each of them) My nominees: Tang Yan, Liu Tao, Sun Li, and Chen Qiao En.


Best Actor in TV series: Hu Ge & Wallace Huo (I couldn’t choose one >< I love Wallace Huo’s works a lot more but Hu Ge had an amazing year with such good projects) My nominees: Wang Kai, Wallace Chung, and Huang Xiaoming.


Best Actress in Movie: Bai Baihe (I watched my movies Monster Hunt and Go Away! Mr. Tumor and these two projects are among the best I have seen from China for a very long time. BBH has an amazing and fun personality, so I hope she gets more recognition in the future). My nominees: Zhao Wei, Shu Qi, Yao Chen, and Yang Mi.


Best Actor in Movie: Deng Chao (I respect Deng Chao for not filming any idol movies and to keep working hard to show a new side of his acting each time) My nominees: Feng Xiaogang, Xu Zheng, Wallace Chung and Eddie Peng.


My 2015 Newcomer Favorite: Dilireba! She is such a cutie pie and I totally dig her looks and dimples. I was able to watch 10 episodes of Diamond Lover for her 😛 My Nominees: Yang Yang (can you believe he only became popular this year?), Lay, TFBoys, and Sandra Ma.


My Shining Star of 2015Victoria (do I even need to explain myself? Victoria is beautiful in everything she does and this year, she had so many projects!) My nominees are: Liu Yifei (she had many red carpet moments!), Deng Chao, Zhao Liying, and Jiang Jingfu. Not many reasons as to why I chose these stars, I just love them the most 🙂 


Best Movie: Go Away Mr. Tumor. Other excellent movies of 2015 are Our Times (TW movie), Monster Hunt, Mr. Six, and Lost in Hong Kong.


Best TV Series: Love Me if You Dare. Other excellent dramas of 2015 are My Sunshine, Hua Qian Gu, Legend of Miyue, and Empress of China.


Best Variety Show: Run Brother Season 2. Other excellent variety shows of 2015 are Idol Up, Run for Time, Dad Where are You Going 3, and Go Fighting.


My Top 5 Picks of 2015:

  • Two of the biggest stars in China (Zhao Wei + Fan Bingbing) are back to the small screen!


  • Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s wedding (it was so extravagant)
  • The huge list of couples formed in 2015 (I made a list of couples so check here)


  • Zhao Liying been crowned as TV Series Queen and Bai Baihe as Most Bankable Movie Star. 2015 is their year to shine and I am happy to know they are finally getting the recognition they deserve.
  • EXO Power Ranger and TFBoys Major League been everywhere in C-Entertainment!

Happy end of the year everyone, cheers to a memorable 2015!! Hope someone can discuss with me about these talented people and projects~



9 thoughts on “2015 Intellectualkitten’s Picks

  1. archidisign says:

    pff, writing a lot is great! Love your 5 picks of the year, really sums up the year nicely 😛 And woohoo Zhao Liying as best actress!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD because she was great this year ^^! And 2015 also had a lot of Journey to West adaptations and new variety shows, but I limited myself to 5 😛


  2. Wow, I agree a lot with this list, especially Zhao Liying! ^^ Most actresses & female idols tend to be either popular with guys or with girls, but Zhao Liying seems to be an exception as she’s popular with both genders! XD *sigh* she’s just so loveable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      And she is popular with her co-stars *.* 2015 was Zhao Liying’s year, kind of unfair that she didn’t get many Best Actress nominations (those went to Tang Yan, Fan Bingbing etc. 😦 )

      Liked by 1 person

      • Really? I haven’t been able to find the time to watch any awards show yet, so I didn’t know. But Tang Yan? Really? I love her personality, but I just can never finish any of that girl’s work! @____@


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Zhao Liying got a lot of Popularity Awards and Star of the Year, but she didn’t get as many in the actress category (I think) and Tang Yan did a good job in My Sunshine, so I guess that is why she won? Otherwise, there is also Liu Tao who won a lot ><


  3. Hagu says:

    Agree with you.. Zhao Liying is acceptable. She is the best actress.. For actor huge and Wallace, so difficult to choose one from both of them. But for drama I think the best drama in 2015 should be The Journey of Flower (two my favorite OTP are here Wallace and Liying, he he). I just can’t move on from this TJOF obsession 😭😭


  4. HJ says:

    Yay Victoria~~~ She said her 2015 was a year full of working. She’s worked hard. 2016 will be harvest year. I remember I recommended you to watch “Go Away, Mr Tumor.” Glad you liked it hehe it was one my fav movies too 🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes!! Thank you so much for that. The movie has a very Les Fabuleux Aventures d’Amelie Poulin feel (someone who lives in her own funky world), did you watch that? I love how the plot was not annoying (which most movies these days have) and a very good cast 😀 And Victoria deserves all my love for 2015 8DD


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