[Drama] Colorful 天天有喜2 Happy Life 2 with Benny Chan


The first drama of this series was extremly popular in China during summer 2013 and hence they are now ready for round two: Happy Life 2.  Drama stars Benny Chan, Mu Tingting, Chen Zi Han, and Xushen Dong. This bigly anticipated project by the fans even scored some interesting cameos from Zheng Shuang and Kenny Kwan.

This is a mythology drama that will be again airing on Hunan TV starting January 16th, 2016. The first season, A Happy Life, was actually subbed in English so for people seeking a laugh, this may be something to check out. Benny Chan also starred previously in a similar drama called The Legend of Crazy Monk.


  • Benny Chan 陳浩民 as Liu Sixi (character voice by Wang Kai?)
  • Monica Mu 穆婷婷 as Ling Ling Jiu, 9th fox
  • Chen Weihan 陈威翰 as Ye Quan Night Dog
  • Xu Shendong 徐申东 as Ling Ling Ba, 8th fox
  • Chen Xiuli  陈秀丽 as 1st fox
  • Chen Zihan  陈紫函 as Jinzhu
  • Gong Yuan 宫媛 as Liu Yu
  • Lu Yulin 陆昱霖 as He QingTian
  • Lin Zicong 林子聪 as doctor
  • Niqi Min 倪齐民 as Black King
  • Jia Zong Chao 贾宗超 as Bu La Ni


First season (by MyDramalist):

A wealthy fox family (in human appearances)have nine daughters. The father of daughters is a known king in their world. One day the father decides to get her youngest daughter married through an arranged marriage. The youngest daughter love going to the muggle (human world) and enjoys everything-food, clothing, games, shopping. Therefore to avoide the marriage she does a make marriage contract with a muggle without letting him knowing her real identity, which leads to many intereting and craziness into their life.

Season 2 (by me):

It is the story of the second generation of the Liu family. Happy go lucky Liu Sixi is a guy who likes to play (he is a playboy), but is actually lacking when it comes to martial art. Any monster who eats his soul will see their power increase greatly. Sixi will fall in love with the little innocent daughter of the fox-spirit family, sister nine. Sister nine goes to the Liu family to get Sixi’s soul/qi for her mother, but ends also falling up for him.

Character stills:


Introduction to the fox spirits:




Countdown posters:


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