Entertainment Update: Mad in Love, Mr.Right, Inside or Outside


The cast of L.O.R.D wish you a happy new year! What else is in this new entertainment update? Lots of new stills for both movies and dramas wanting an air date!! Bonus Liu Shishi pictures at the end…

We uploaded our Anhui TV Series Award Ceremony article so go check it out for extra pictures. The award show was aired today 19:30 Chinese time.

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The variety show Day Day Up will start the year strong with a special episode of male child stars such as Wu Lei, Liu Haoran, and many more!!


Next week, Happy Camp will release their yearly BTS episode where they will broadcast games/cuts from past episodes. I watched the preview and saw the Legend of Zu cast as well as the Mr.Six and the Witness movies cast. A must watch!! I knew from the BTS pictures that there were more Zhao Liying moments out there!

And let’s not forget Everybody’s Fine, an ambitious movie with a release on January 1st!


Rookie Agent Rouge with Lu Yi and Zhao Liying.

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New movie Kill Time starring Angelababy released more stills:

Talking about Angelababy, here are her BTS for Just A Smile is Alluring:

For every fan of school life movies, there is a new one coming out in 2016! Titled Yesterday Once More 谁的青春不迷茫, it is a live adaptation of the book of same name by Liu Tong:

Inside or Outside starring Wallace Huo and Simon Yam released more stills:

The Monkey King 2 starring Aaron Kwok and Feng Shaofeng:

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Drama Mr.Right  released new character stills without the Christmas bling bling. Drama stars the usual trio that is Chang Jiwook, Wang Xiaochen, and Zhang Danfeng.

Li Sheng and Li Jiahang, the real life couple from NHZGG, stars together in Mad in Love.

Wu Lei currently filming his new drama.


Concept posters released for Wallace Chung, Ying Er and Qiao Zhengyu’s collab drama, As Long As You Love Me.

New animated movie Mr.Nian will have Zhou Dongyu and Wang Xun as dubbers!

Now, individual galleries!!

Some William Chan pictures for Old Nine Gates.


Finally, Liu Shishi looking as flawless as usual:

Another Liu girl, goddess Liu Yifei!


5 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Mad in Love, Mr.Right, Inside or Outside

  1. Hagu says:

    Liu Shi Shi and Zhao Liying my two most favorite actress..
    Next Saturday Happy Camp must watch.. 🙌🙌
    I am waiting for officially date for Rouge drama to be airing. Another drama looking forward to be watch is female doctor with Liu Shi Shi and Wallace, though I still obsess with him as Bad Zi Hua 😁


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Liu Shishi is my favorite too ^^. Huehue, anticipate the next Ent Update because there is many pictures of LSS+WH 😀 I hope these two go to Happy Camp again together


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