[Drama] Ice Fantasy [Part 3]


What, another Ice Fantasy post? Don’t blame me! Blame Guo Jingming and his promotional team! Happy new C-drama year!!

Some stills of the setting:

New character concept pictures (we are finally out of the ice world). On the other hand, the costumes and make up look really weird:


Official new sleeping stills:

Pictures of Luo Li played by Victoria Song:

Other BTS:


9 thoughts on “[Drama] Ice Fantasy [Part 3]

    • archidisign says:

      from Lord of the Rings 8D jk, but I heard he hired the same designer as the Lord of the Rings movie series. The whole drama looks very pretty though (my only complain now is too many white long haired young people..)

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      • The divergence between customs are so drastic. I feel weird when I look at 2 characters whose appearance is completely different. It’s looks like if Wu Zetian and Maria Antunette appeared together in the same scene.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        HAHAHA! I would totally watch Wu Zetian meet Marie-Antoinette thou… xD On the other hand, I can feel a trailer is coming in January/February, so I will wait to see how it looks :”D


  1. HJ says:

    I know they have GJM’s name as artistic director for the drama, but it was more for like his namevalue sake. He doesn’t actually participate much. The main production company is YaoKe/ Youhug media (same company as LanLingWang & Lady and Liar). The other investors include Sina, Tencent, and Huayi Brothers. (These company names were on front covers of 2016 calendars that YaoKe gave out to various media agencies) Huayi is investing cuz Feng ShaoFeng is one of the producers for Ice Fantasy and he is main artist of Huayi.

    Yesterday, filming paparazzi pics were up and we saw Victoria wearing silver hair wig. So yes we’ll see her playing 2 roles in this drama 🙂 The scriptwriter wrote recently that she saw LiLuo becoming queen and wife of Kasuo lol In the original novel, LiLuo comes out like what 5 pages maybe? The drama will definitely differ from the original novel in many ways I think.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I think you said before she Victoria will also play a mermaid? Haha… I don’t understand much of the plot (at all), I guess I will watch the drama to see ^^ …I am always learning so much with ur comments. The project has so many big names tagged to it and I hope it will not be a fiasco. From the last batch of stills, I am a little worried 😛


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