Entertainment Update: Imperial Doctress, I am a Singer 4, Chronicles of Life, Ru Yi Zhuan


Don’t catch a cold guys! It is sadly back to school this week and hence we will once again go back to being a bit less active than before. There are just so much things to do @_@. Anyway… There are two new variety shows to talk about as well as lots of stills! 😛

[UPDATE] Some more information in the gossip corner about Zhu Xian and Korean Bu Bu Jing Xin 🙂

I Am a Singer 4 is just around the corner! The show has released a first trailer and the list of famous singer for this season: 李玟, 李克勤, 苏见信, haya乐团, 关吉吉, 徐佳莹, 黄致列, 张信哲, and 陈楚生. I am not familiar with any of them, except Guan Yu, an ex-contestant on Voice of China.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.52.13 PM

New Hunan variety show 二十四小时 24 Hours announced its line-up. The team leaders are going to be Xu Zhengyu and Chen Kun. The teammates are going to be: Xie Hangeng, Wu Lei, Da Peng, Yin Zheng.

Exciting new stills for The Imperial Doctress starring Liu Shishi and Wallace Huo.

As it is time for the release of dramas, little by little, those confirmed dramas are releasing more goodies. Here are some posters for Chronicles of Life, starring Zheng Shuang and Hawick Lau.


Legend of Zu will change its name to 剑侠传奇 Legendary Swordsman as it will start airing in January 16th, 2016 on Anhui channel.

New movie The Secret starring Li Ming, Wang Luodang, JJ Lin, and Zhang Rong Rong will open in theaters on January 15th, 2016. It is going to be a horror movie putting love against “the soul”. The poster looks like one I can find in Korean dramas…


Great news! It is time for Zhou Xun to come back to the small screen. I love her acting ^^ Anyway, she is confirmed to play the titular Ru Yi in the upcoming sequel to Zhen Huan Zhuan (yes, I know, how many sequel are there?): Ru Yi Zhuan or the Legend of Ru Yi.

Ru Yi Chuan

Jun Juyi of SNH48 will appear on the Mango TV drama The Unexpected:

0D9G-fxneefu2289817 4OBY-fxneefs5558883

Hu Ge was announced as the Shanghai ambassador of Tourism. Congratulations!


New trailer for Revive starring Ma Ke, Xu Hai Qiao and Viann Zhang.

Drama Mr. Right starring Ji Changwook, Wang Xiaochen and Zhang Danfeng released stills for the Korean lead.

There is a new webdrama coming out soon that we never talked about .-. It is a very small project (does not even have an English title) but it can be loosely translated as Journey of Mountain and Sea. Maybe more on that soon…

Here is three lazy new posters for As Long As You Love Me starring Wallace Chung, Ying Er and Qiao Zhenyu.

Drama that will star real life couple Li Jiahang and Li Cheng as well as other actors: Ling Xian, Tiang Lei, Guan Yue, Zhang Yufei, Guo Jiaohao. The drama is called Mad About You and will start airing on January 11th.

Gossip corner:

  • We talked in a previous Entertainment Update how netizens are speculating if Xie Na is pregnant. Recently, she was spotted in an airport and the pictures are very… suspicious? I know who would not make a thief:
  • UPDATE: OMG!!! Zhao Liying being the female lead for Zhu Xian? Someone slap me, I don’t want this to be real!!! WHAT?? Anyway, this could also be a publicity stunt, but I doubt so. New Press Conference has the name of Liying right after Li Yifeng’s. What is going on???
  • 2
  • Korean version of Bu Bu Jing Xin just added a new name to the drama: Seohyun (SNSD). The drama will start shooting in January 2016 and air during the second half of the year. Here are some comparison pictures of the cast: (I am super excited to know LJK will play the main protagonist!)

16 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Imperial Doctress, I am a Singer 4, Chronicles of Life, Ru Yi Zhuan

    • archidisign says:

      Apparently, the picture comes from Tencent 腾讯’s annual end of the year conference/meeting (which is one of the main sponsor for the drama). So, there isn’t a link yet.


      • Sweetstrawberry says:

        Thanks, I love the book so much and are anxious to get the latest news on this. I just hope the company producing this drama will not disappoint the many many fans who love the book, hope they stay loyal to the storylines, hope the cgi will be decent. I wish it was the same company producing Nirvana in Fire.


      • archidisign says:

        Welcome! 😉 To be frank, I am also worried for the drama. The production team behind it seems too focused on getting into the headlines than having a good adaptation. And both LYF and ZLY had successful Xianxia dramas in the last two years so it will be hard to compete against their old projects. The novel storyline sounds very interesting, but I fear they won’t be able to do it a justice :S Let’s wait for the trailer to come out and decide! 😉


  1. Imperial doctress will be Wallace’s another painful romance.
    I would like to see Li Yi Fend and Liying otp but not in Zhu Xian. This project doesn’t seems to be something interesting, unique or have strong original. Neither story nor cast impressing me to watch it. Can Chinese broadcast system put it in the long wait-list and forget about it? xD


    • Ann says:

      Yes, I want that OTP but Zhu Xian seems like all the other xianxia dramas… nothing special/interesting. And whatever happened to Orient House (with Yang Yang supposedly) and the female general drama?


      • archidisign says:

        I read somewhere that the Orient House drama adaptation will star Fan Bingbing… v_v Zhao Liying was in talk for the movie, but let’s hope it doesn’t flop..


    • archidisign says:

      There are two male leads so all I am hoping for is more screen time for Wallace Huo 8D if it comes down to being painful, so be it! Haha, I don’t mind LYF, but bromance wise, I want Liying to first do a project with Hu Ge =3= (Hu Ge+Wallace Huo > William Chan+Li Yifeng).
      The story sounds so deja vu, but the original book has a lot of fans so I guess the plot is actually better than expected? Haha, you are going to be disappointed cause I am sure Zhu Xian will be one of the most mediatized project of the year v_v


      • It wust be painfull cause Liu Shi Shi’s character is already in love Wallace brother (?) so yeah like one-sided love.

        Well if think I don’t really care about this drama because there are so many another projects interesting and amusing tan this LOTS copycat. So they can do whatever they want with this drama.Anyway I will wait for trailer for complete my opinion.


      • archidisign says:

        Oh that’s true! I nearly forgot the trailer/story 😛 I am guessing it will be a bit similar to Lu Zhen Legend with more focus on the girl’s career than on romance too (again based on trailer).
        Hehe. I agree. Zhu Xian was not in my watch list ever since it was announced and I sadly don’t have high hope for it. However, with the addition of Liying, I may have to watch it. This drama is so similar to Ancient Swords story wise, with all star casting and the male lead being Li Yifeng. v_v hope Liying only gets a cameo, but maybe I am starting to be delusional…


  2. So excited for Imperial Doctress. My most anticipated drama this year, tbh.
    Chronicles of Life looks interesting and I’m kind of a sucker for Qing dramas, but Zheng Shuang’s acting might ruin it for me…


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, lucky cause it will be released soon! my faves still doesn’t have air date.
      Yeah, ZS+HL’s chemistry in Cage of Love was meh. At least costume wise, we are in for a treat ^^


  3. Hagu says:

    I am worried with this rumour too. I just don’t like Liying play zhuxian. Well I am looking forward for Liying and Li Yifeng collaboration but not for zhu xian. If Liying play for Zhu xian then the general’s drama princess agent that should be start shooting on march will be cansel?? No.. I prefer Liying play in agent princess than Zhu xian, with Li yifeng and wangkai. But now I am not sure anymore.
    and agree with you for bromance drama with cast Zhao Liying will play with Huge, Wallace, Yifeng, and william, this gonna become the most looking forward drama..😁😁 (thought I think it impossible, except the PH must be so reach, for paying expensive actor like them together to play in one drama)


    • archidisign says:

      Yop. Especially since her last two broadcasted projects are also xianxia. It just feels so soon! Even Chinese Paladin 1 and CP3 had four years in between… :S What, there is another general/princess/agent drama she may be in discussion for? Is she can, I would love to see her back in a court/palace drama. Hope this could be true.
      If ZLY can do a drama with those four, then THAT would be the most anticipated drama ever. and yes the $$$$ to cast them will be crazyy


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