[Breaking] Hu Ge Dating Ballet Dancer


Hashtag #胡歌新恋情# was high ranked this morning on the weibo search ranking and with good reason. It means #Hu Ge Romance#! and he already confirmed the news on his weibo. What? What about his promise with Wallace Huo to be together in five years if both are single by then? What is an entertainment world without Hu Ge as a possible OTP with his colleagues? All very valid questions.

To be frank, I am surprised. But as mentionned previously, I believe he had showcased enough talent in the past to be considered a great actor and whatever big news he may get into, he will always be the respected person he is in this entertainment world. He is at the age to be dating and seriously, I hope nobody tries to dig dirt about this couple. Bromance is all for fun and at the end of the day, we all know he is straight. 😛 As one of his fans, I just hope he gets the peaceful relationship that he want.

Now, more about the news:

Reports have it (and based on paparazzi pictures) that they shared the same hotel room.


Here, they do have the couple look!


Some information about the say girl. Her name is Lin Xiao (cute name!). It is said that she comes from a rich family from the region of Shandong. She went to the same school as Liu Shishi, the Beijing Dance Academy 北京舞蹈学院. Although she is not a celebrity, she has some pretty professional pictures :3 I wonder if this news may get her into more “celebrity” jobs…


Hu Ge’s weibo message:

感謝大家對我的關心 在未來的日子里 希望各位能給我留點空間 讓我除了拍戲 也能夠回歸正常和簡單的生活

Translated: “Thanks to everyone for caring about me. In the future, please give me some private space, so that I can go back to  normal and simple life when not filming.”


Sadly, even if he wants to stay away from the public eyes, it will hard. Just today, it was also announced he had being offered to sing at this year’s Chinese New Year Show 春晚 by CCTV. He will surely get into the headlines a lot in the next few weeks.


13 thoughts on “[Breaking] Hu Ge Dating Ballet Dancer

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    I am happy for Hu Ge but this is all very sudden 0.0 I hope him and Lin Xiao (Tiny Times feels, hehe) get their well deserved privacy soon. Congrats ^^


  2. cc says:

    Lucky girl but lucky Hu ge too, this girl is gorgeous…. Congrats to him if it’s true… Will still love and support him 4eva… Yes hope fans and people will support him and leave his privacy alone…..


    • archidisign says:

      HAHA, that does sound like a very unrealistic dream (sorry :P) But I am sure both of them will work together soon enough. We just a producer rich enough to can cast both and offer a project that will interst them a lot. ^^ Don’t worry, there will be more OTP for our girl to come soon, I am sure 😉


  3. Autumn says:

    Glad its not Wallace and I can still dream about him and Zhao Li Ying :D! Lol but Im happy for Hu Ge eventhough I couldnt get into him that much. Hope he will have a great relationship 🙂


  4. jasmine4 says:

    I like Hu Ge as an actor, but outside of that, he is…messy, especially his love life. I hope this one works out, unlike his previous ones LOL


    • archidisign says:

      xD I see where you are coming from, but at least he keeps everything discrete. If all his past relationships were public, I fear his image wouldn’t be as good as it is know.


    • lilhanh says:

      Naaahh….He’s a clean actor and person. Relationships not working out is normal. He doesn’t have any bad break ups and drama like some people (ie. Roy Chiu) and he’s human.


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