Weibo Festival’s Red Carpet


I have a Weibo End of Year 2015 Recap article to publish soon for you guys, but I guess red carpets are more important, right? ^^… Enjoy many more pictures of the first big event of 2016 (or last of 2015? .-.)!!

Our baby is growing so fast. Is it me or Zhao Liying seems to have lost weight? Hope she is staying healthy ><! Congrats to our queen, she won Queen of Weibo 2015!!

704_1823910_413114 704_1823903_870342

with her trophy and a new dress. She won weibo Queen (the biggest award of the night) and Most Popular Actress of the Year.


Kris Wu, he won King of Weibo 2015!! Congratulations ^^ I enjoyed his performance in Mr. Six so I am happy he won the title.


Kitty Zhang


Yao Chen, I love her dress ^^ It looks a little large though:


Wang Kai and Jin Dong: a brand new romance with Liu Tao:


Liu Tao


Jia Nailiang and Tian Xin


Tian Xin was the focus of the night! Look at how cute she was:


Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen


JYP and Nichkhun:


My babies!! Gary, Song Jihyo, and Lee Gwangsoo from Running Man:


I wonder what they saw… :O


Wang Zulan and his wife:


Mainland + Korea unit:


Co-stars of Former 2: Zheng Kai and Amber Kuo


Amber Guo also won a few award by herself:

Amber Guo

Zhou Dongyu


Xiong Danlin


Baby Wu Lei who won Best Newcomer


Ada Choi


With Bestie Athena chu:


Ma Su


Alec Su


Sandra Ma


Everyone together. It is a Weibo Award, so technically everyone got popularity awards. Seriously, all the guests went on stage group by group to get a trophy… Instead of listing everyone [that would be a very boring list], let’s just say they are all popular! 😉


Additional information:

List of winners (I don’t like the way they did the list. It seems to be: if you don’t attend, you don’t get the prize. For example, Xie Na was the most popular on Idol Up, but it is Ada Choi and Athena Chu who won… and how is BEAST the most popular kpop artists?):


A list of the nominees:



21 thoughts on “Weibo Festival’s Red Carpet

  1. Jo says:

    Zhao Liying first outfit made her look really thin, but she’s just more tone. Kris always looks surreal to me, like a doll-His face is like perfectly proportioned or something.Liu Tao and Amber looked FLAWLESS

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      You guys are probably right then ^^ I also find her face skinnier, in a more mature way. And Liu Tao is such an amazing woman… I remember watching her dramas in 2003-2006 and she was so beautiful. Her looks haven’t change much, but she matured

      Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I know! I tried to take nice pictures of the two together, but on other ones I found, it is almost like they are avoiding each other. Maybe they are in a cold fight? :”D Hope they solve it


    • coffeenlucia says:

      Maybe it’s just a conspiracy theory but perhaps they felt awkward around Zhao Li Ying, whom Chen Xiao was rumoured to be dating for quite a long time?


      • archidisign says:

        It is true that it is the first event where the couple AND ZLY are seen at the same place. Hmm, maybe. To be frank, I think, red carpet wise, Chen Xiao looked better with Zhao Liying than with Michelle Chen. Just my opinion though ^^

        Liked by 2 people

      • Hagu says:

        I feel the same. They didn’t look like a couple to me. I don’t know why i just have the feeling, even until now I didn’t feel the spark, I feel like both of them feeling too awkward when together.. (And I am sure is not because of Liying, cause it’s already seen like that even before the micro night, maybe after the airport rumour about crying).
        I feel like the auntieauntie have to e endure a lot with her little boy..
        When in the interview before, she was asked about the wedding Michelle answer to the host to asking that question to Chen Xiao?? Is it the wedding it’s depend only to Chen Xiao not connected w her??😱

        Liked by 1 person

      • They just look so awkward as a celebrity couple, to me. If I haven’t known who they were, I would’ve never thought they were a couple. Tbh, Michelle looks like she could be his babysitter or his aunt.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ssmileforlife says:

    Fanfan congratulations! He looks so happy because Stephen Chow gave his award. Kwang Soo, Gary and Jihyo so cute. I watched their video. They were so excited to see Stephen Chow and Tian Xin. They took many pictures hehe. 😀


    • archidisign says:

      Oh really? XD they should be, Tian Xin was such a cute highlight of the night! ^^ Yop, I like how Kris has so many paternal moments with cute kids hehe


    • archidisign says:

      So far, out of all her red carpets, my favorite is still the long red dress from last year’s Iqiyi event. Kind of agree, Chen Xiao’s “thing” didn’t look that good, which is a shame because he looks “godly” in a suit normally v_v


    • Hagu says:

      Agree with you with cen ciao outfit, but maybe he just want to look like adult to be look fit with his belove auntie michelle 😁😜
      For Liying white dress I think she didn’t look good with that, she look to thin and simple for a queen, I am glad she change her dress latter to gorgeous pink gown.. She look so gorgeous and really like the queen that night. But I wish she and wu yifan would come together to stage to accept the trophy (yifan escort Liying like a gentleman, Lol 😂)


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