Actor Update: Zhao Liying, Wallace Chung, Gao Yuanyuan


It seems like everyone is curious about Zhao Liying’s whereabout recently. I thought I covered most of her projects in the last entertainment update, but the girl is just sooo busy that there are tone of more things that came out. Here is a short round-up of some actors: Zhao Liying, Wallace Chung, Gao Yuanyuan and Zheng Shuang.

First of all, in the comment section, Sweetstrawberry asked me to dig up more info about the Zhu Xian production team. Here are more info if you are curious too.

Tencent is a huge company and is behind the website. Tencent have a big wiki page so I would say it is a major comapany in china, competing with the superpower Alibaba Group. However, I feel like Tencent is more of a sponsor than the production team behind the drama (as they bought the rights to air the drama on their website). I see that they are also sponsoring Ice Fantasy.
The real companies working on Zhu Xian is Huan Rui 欢瑞世纪影视传媒股份有限公司. From their baidu page, I see past projects included: Ancient Swords, Palace II, Queen of SOP I&II, MidSummer Clear Day, Painted Skin 2, Lost Tomb. This is interesting because all these projects have big names and were heavily mediatised when produced.

This week, Zhao Liying went to a press conference for the movie Go Fighting!


On Saturday was the release of her Happy Camp appearance with the Legend of Zu, cutted scenes. There are also the guests from the Witness cast (Yang Mi, Luhan) and the Mr.Six cast (Kris, Ouyang Nana, Li Yifeng). You can check out the episode here while waiting for it to be put on Youtube.


Episode out! Goodiies

Zhao Liying and William Chan‘s second collaboration together, Old Nine Gates released some more setting pictures. I saved the ones where we can see the OTP 😉

1 2 3

Our girl also released selcas of herself with her besties from Up Idol: Ouyang Nana and Zhang Hanyun.


Finally, there is a rumor currently that Zhao Liying is going to do a duo with Wang Kai for the big Chinese New Year Festival. Wang Kai denied so far, but who knows right?

Spring Festival with Liying

-end of ZLY update-

This had been in the headlines a few times in the past month and I never really looked into the matter further, but it is quiet official now. I am sharing this for others who may had been just as clueless as I was: Wallace Chung is married! Actually, there were speculations of him being married and having a kid since 2013… While, in December 2015, there were announcement of him going on vacation with his wife and daughter to Thailand. It is said her wife is a millionaire designer. Tada! Happy he is having a good and successful life with a little family, but I am also surprised he hide this information for such a long time… (ps; hope I didn’t break any heart with this news…)


There is a current rumor that Gao Yuanyuan may be pregnant. She has been married to Mark Zhao for a few years now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen 😉


Zheng Shuang‘s father came to her filming set for a short cameo. Cute ^^

1 2

Finally, I don’t normally cover news for the TFBoys, but I wanted to share this winter picture of them because I trully believe it is the best picture I have seen of them together. Normally, they look awkward and out of the place, being too young. This concept fits them the best.



8 thoughts on “Actor Update: Zhao Liying, Wallace Chung, Gao Yuanyuan

  1. Sweetstrawberry says:

    Thank you for some background info on Tencent and HR. I have not watch any of the dramas that HR has produced since I rarely watch any series in the first place. Zhu Xian, the book is hard to replicate on screen because it requires a lot of superb not subpar cgi to bring out the full flavor of the world of ZX. It also requires great acting to bring out the richness of the characters. ZX’s plot, like a lot of commenters here said is nothing new. It shared a common theme of sacrifice, betrayal, chivalry, brotherhood, and love. But what makes ZX, at least the book stands out among its peers is that it’s very touching. From the protagonist to the secondary characters to the baddies or even the lowest of character at some point in the book you root for them. The characters have great depth and because of that, readers like myself appreciate that the author was able to put into words to described his characters so profoundly.


    • archidisign says:

      I recognize most of the dramas on HR’s list. They are all ok quality, lots of bling bing and great cast. ^^ The Zhu Xian book sounds really good. I just hope HR will be able to really understand the deepness of those emotions then and the drama writter won’t change the story too much.


  2. I can’t believe Wallace is already 41. I used to be such a fan of his earlier projects. He’s a very private person (I can’t remember the last time he actually updated his Weibo lol), so him hiding this info for such a long time isn’t surprising to me.


    • archidisign says:

      I actually didn’t know much about him before his recent move to mainland dramaland and because I always saw a lot of fangirls saying he will be her husband (classic fangirling hehe), I always assumed he was single. Hence why I was shocked when I discovered it recently.

      Liked by 1 person

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