Weibo, Vlinkage and More Releases End of Year Bilan


Happy New Year everyone!! Weibo released a lot of data/articles to summarize 2015, but we didn’t get the chance to sort everything out… until recently. Here comes an information heavy article! Are your favorite shows and stars on the rankings? And how well did they perform?

The most popular dramas


The first two dramas of 2015 were Empress of China and My Sunshine. Empress of China was the drama with the most headline during 2015 (you may remember the boobs scandal) and was also the love nest of Li Chen and Fan Bingbing. However, the plot line did not follow the historical facts. My Sunshine starring Tang Yan and Wallace Chung is one of the best work of both actors. The forceful kiss scene (initiated by Wallace) is among the most epic scenes of this drama. My Sunshine was also one of the most tagged dramas on Weibo.


The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire both starred Hu Ge. The disguiser was a content heavy and solid drama which got many positive reviews online. Nirvana on Fire (check Archidisign’s article here) has an interesting storyline with beautiful visual effect. Both dramas allowed actors such as Hu Ge, Wang Kai, and Jin Dong to raise in stardom.


Two other dramas that got high praises are Hua Qian Gu and Legend of Mi Yue. Hua Qian Gu became an iconic drama in the Xianxia world and people will always remember Wallace Huo as master Bai Zhihua and Zhao Liying as Xiao Gu. It is the hottest drama of the year and the love scenes (kiss scenes) are memorable. Mi Yue Zhuan is compared to Legend of Zhen Huan because of the many recurring cast members. It also had many significant scenes.


2015 was also the year of Web dramas. Among the most popular, we can name The Lost Tomb, Wuxin, Love Me if You Dare, and Legend of Zu.

All things considered, the drama rankings of 2015 are:

  • 1. Hua Qian Gu
  • 2. Empress of China
  • 3. Nirvana in Fire
  • 4. My Sunshine
  • 5. Yun Zhong Ge
  • 6. Diamond Lover
  • 7. Tiger Mom
  • 8. Da Zhong Ge
  • 9. Miyue Zhuan
  • Da Yang Ge
  • 12. The Disguiser
  • 14. The Four
  • 16. Ipartment 4
  • 17. Good Times
  • 18. Destined to Love You
  • 19. Boss and Me

Data for variety shows:


Here are TOP40 variety shows of 2015 depending on the number of viewers (the word Weibo used is readers… so I am not sure if it is viewers):

  1. Run Brother
  2. Idol Up
  3. Dad Where Are We Going?
  4. Happy Camp
  5. Superman is Back
  6. Divas Hit the Road
  7. Voice of China
  8. Go Fighting
  9. Real Hero
  10. Fight for Her
  11. We are In Love
  12. (…)

Run Brother 2


Run Brother, the most tagged variety show, was popular for the words: Run, Brother, Doge, Cry, Run Brother, Fighting!, Huang Xiaoming, Rabbit (Luhan), Zhang Zixuan (gf of Chen He), baby (Angelababy), Wedding, Goddess, and Deng Chao.

Voice of China 4


Jay Chou dominates the rankings as coach with the most Weibo searches whereas Wang Feng’s team is the most tagged.

We are In Love


Individually, the rankings for most researched stars is: 1. Choi Siwon, 2. Liu Wen, 3. Kimi Qiao, 4. Ruby Lin, and 5. Xu Lu. As couples, the most popular are: 1. Siwon&Liu Wen, 2. Kimi Qiao&Xu Lu, and 3. Ruby Lin&Ren Zhong.

Idol Up

idol2 idol

The ranking for most researched stars on Weibo is: 1. Xie Na, 2. Ada Choi, 3. Zhao Liying, 4. Athena Chu, 5. Ning Jing, 6. Ouyang Nana, 7. Baby Zhang, 8. Brigitte Lin, 9. Guli Nazha, 10. Yang Yuying.

Dad Where Are We Going? 3


The viewers of Dad 3 (depending on Television and Weibo) are quite different. Overall, a lot of people born in the 90s and 80s watched the show.

Go Fighting


General datas for Go Fighting! The proportion of female VS male viewers is well balanced, even though it tends to have slightly girls than guys. Also, most of the viewers are at the university level, between 16-25 Year Old.

Weibo Hashtagged King and Queen:


We just released a new article about the event for this. The picture above is from one week ago, when Wang Kai was still No. 1 as King of Weibo 2015 (it is announced that Kwis Wu won the polls). I should probably change the picture but I didn’t find a good one :”D

  1. Wang Kai and Zhao Liying
  2. Wu Yifan (Kris) and Angelababy
  3. Yang Yang and Tang Yan
  4. Luhan and Yang Mi
  5. TFBoys and Fan Bingbing
  6. Wallace Chung and Jiang Xin
  7. Li Yifeng and Xie Na
  8. Zhang Yixing and Bea Hayden
  9. Deng Chao and Ma Su
  10. Hua Chenyu and G.E.M.

[Do note this list depended on online voting and hence always changed].

Weibo is of course not the only one to have rankings get released. The always reliable Vlinkage came out with their own ranking of male and female celebrities, considering all factors such as number of dramas, attention received online, ratings achieved, etc. This list is mostly based on TV rankings and not movies or variety shows:


  1. Li Yifeng
  2. Yang Yang
  3. Wallace Chung
  4. Wallace Huo
  5. Li Chen
  6. Hu Ge
  7. Chen He
  8. Hawick Lau
  9. William Chan
  10. Chen Xiao
  11. Zhang Han
  12. Zheng Kai (Ryan)
  13. Deng Chao
  14. Huang Xiaoming
  15. Lu Yi
  16. Wu Lei
  17. Lee Jongsuk
  18. Kim Soohyun
  19. Ma Tianyu
  20. Du Chun
  21. Luo Jin
  22. Lee Minho
  23. Ma Ke
  24. Jia Nailiang
  25. Bosco Wong
  26. Huang Xuan
  27. Qiao Zhengyu


  1. Tang Yan
  2. Zhao Liying
  3. Fan Bingbing
  4. Yang Mi
  5. Angelababy
  6. Liu Tao
  7. Chen Qiao En
  8. Zhao Wei
  9. Liu Yifei
  10. Jiang Xin
  11. Janine Chang
  12. Liu Shishi
  13. Zheng Shuang
  14. Sun Li
  15. Ruby Lin
  16. Park Shinhye
  17. Liu Yan
  18. Tong Liya
  19. Viann Zhang
  20. Michelle Chen
  21. Jia Qing
  22. Yang Rong
  23. Gao Yuanyuan
  24. Wang Likun
  25. Zhang Meng
  26. Qi Wei
  27. Yuan Shanshan
  28. Victoria Song
  29. Ma Su
  30. Lou Yixiao

Movie Bilan of 2015


In 2015, China produced an incredible amount of movies which totalized 44 Billion RMB in revenue. This is 51% more than 2014 (27 Billion RMB), amazing right? Very soon, everyone will have glasses in China…

Most popular movies in chronological order:

  • Monkey King is Back
  • Monster Hunt
  • Go Away! Mr. Tumor
  • Wolf Totem
  • The Dead End
  • Wolf Warrior
  • Saving Mr. Wu
  • Mojin The Lost Legend
  • Mr. Six



9 thoughts on “Weibo, Vlinkage and More Releases End of Year Bilan

  1. lol I love how you put a ? for no. 15 & no. 25. for the VLinkage male celebrity ranking. Anyways, no. 15 is Lu Yi (one of the cast members for “Where Are We Going, Dad” season 2). no. 25 is Bosco Wong. XD


    • archidisign says:

      HAHA, omg, me and Intellectualkitten had a hard time with that list;) We read basic Chinese so we really didn’t recognize those names at first. Silly us, we should had realize that those two are the missing names … thanks!


    • archidisign says:

      *_* I know right! Amazing really ^^ so proud of her, I remember starting following her in 2013 and getting disappointed to see her number of followers were lacking compared to other actresses. A lot of things changed in the past years ^^


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