Entertainment Update: LongShi Photoshoot, Stay With Me, Little Valentine


It is getting cold and I wish I had Nicky Wu to take care of me. Lucky Liu Shishi recently shot a photoshoot with her hubby Mr.Wu. Meanwhile, in the entertainment world, some movie/drama stills were released, some variety shows are announced and some scandals are created.

Drama Legend of Zu released some drawing posters for its release on January 16th!


More William Chan stills:

4 (2)5 (2)

Drama Zhu Xian released more BTS with Li Yifeng:

4. 4

A video concept for Si Mei Ren Best Beauty was released and it definitely creates more positive hype for this production starring Ma Ke and Viann Zhang.

Stay With Me released first concept character posters starring Chen Qiao En, Wang Kai and Kimi Qiao. The story is about a girl losing her memory for the last seven years, trying to get back together with her ex while dealing with her current fiance. [complete synopsis here at lifewithdramas]. From these pictures, I love how the chair define the character. 😛


Drama Three Heroes and Five Gallants feels so cheap quality that I am sure all three leads are regretting picking up this project. Sigh… BUT, the biggest victim in all this is Yan Kuan! HAHAHA, look at this…


New drama Sister and Sister 姐妹姐妹 released character still starring Yan Kuan and Du Ruoxi.

New drama Little Valentine starring Hu Jun, Song Yi, Jin Chen and Hu Jing. This is a story about a dad (Hu Jun who was on Dad Where Are We Going s3) and the women in his lives (including his naughty daughter).

The drama Young Master starring Liu Yan:

The next novel to be adapted into a drama is 一粒红尘 aka The Collapse of a Mundane Life by 独木舟葛婉仪.


Movie Lost Tomb finally finished filming. This production that stars Luhan and Jing Boran released some posters:

Jackie Chan is producing a new movie called Railroad Tiger which will star Wang Kai, Tao Huang and Wang Dalu:

X Fire is a new variety show starring Li Yuchun and Shu Qi that we never really talked about. The concept is simple: the two gorgeous women go head to head to train the next generation of music talents by grouping them into two teams. Here is a nice series of pictures of the two ladies:


Hunan Satellite is doing things right! Their newest variety show addition called 妈妈是超人 Mother Is Superwoman will (based on rumors) have Liu Tao and Alyssia Chia!! OMG, so excited. We will have to see who else will be casted, but I am already motivated to watch it ^^ Maybe I will write a recap!

In addition, Hunan TV will be producing a new variety show Greatest Love to warm up our (ultra) cold winter! Pairs of celebrity-parent will go on adventure together starting on January 23rd!! Among the celebrities, we have: Bao Bei Er, Chen Qiao En, Zheng Shuang, Huang Xiaoming, Gary Chaw, and Du Chun.

Zhao Liying filmed a new CF. Hehe, she sounds so awkward!


Photoshoot time!! YES~

The perfect married couple that is Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi (LongShi for the shippers) took the time to shoot for a cover magazine!!


I also loved these pictures of Janine Chang in the snow, so I am sharing! ^^

0 1

2015 Mobile Video Festival

Gossip thoughts:

  • [From archidisgn] There is currently a huge kpop scandal over Tzuyu (member of kpop group Twice) on weibo and other Chinese social media. In brief, cnetizens are mad because she hold proudly a Taiwanese flag and said she was Taiwanese instead of Chinese. I won’t get into the polical side of this “scandal”, but I feel like adding a few word on the subject since we often cover weibo trending subjects 😉
  • First, RELAX! Unlike what others are saying, this is not THAT big of a scandal in China. It already stopped trending much on weibo and other movies, dramas, birthday wishes are replacing this hashtag. Second, you may get scarred at the number of upvotes, but in truth, a lot of posts get a lot of upvotes on weibo (remember China is a huge country?) I feel like international kpop community is exaggerating the scandal a bit.
  • Last, I am quiet surprised this is even a scandal. She is definitely not the first Taiwanese to work in mainland and I can even go as far as saying that about one third of the c-entertainers are not mainland Chinese (I account Taiwanese, HKese, Koreans, Thai, etc). I would say she need to be a bit more careful with her words considering JYP wants advancement in China. She didn’t do anything wrong per say, but sometime in life, it is not about doing things right. It is doing things that will please the public (especially in the entertainment world). It is more dangerous with people like her and Jackson who are not 100% Chinese, decide to go work in Korea and then want to come back in China for more opportunities. With dual identity, it is never easy. That’s all!

17 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: LongShi Photoshoot, Stay With Me, Little Valentine

      • intellectualkitten says:

        Maybe they would? 8D the pictures of him in opera are not released yet. And just so you know, Chen Xiao probably looks like that too in Clouds without all the added ps of Yumama 😛


  1. Autumn says:

    I guess it wont happen again, Tzuju will be more careful in the future. No one would have thought, that it would be a problem for her to hold the Taiwanese flag on a korean show. But she is the first taiwanese one, so they didnt know, something like this would happen.

    I dunno if fans are exaggerating. I just heard that her chinese fansite closed after that incident and the dude who reported it, got other taiwanese acts banned as well?


    • archidisign says:

      Considering she is the visual of TWICE, I bet JYP is sweating right now and telling Tzuyu to be more careful in the future too. I personnally think that this had been blown out of proportion because she is a kpop artist (the knetizen, inetizen, etc coming together to discuss the issue and basically creating more hype for this “scandal”). I am also surprised only she is getting in trouble as I remember Jackson saying he is HKese a few months back. Here is the hashtag: #周子瑜# if you want to see for yourself. It is not in the top 15 most trending now (I dunno if it got censored or it is just not that trending..) and has barely 110M viewership (not a lot compared to other trending subjects).


      • Autumn says:

        Of corse its blown out of proportion, it was really no big deal! Just holding a taiwanese flag. Im really curious, whats going on. On the one hand, it doesnt seem big (I believe ya, if you are telling me its not really trending) but on ethe other hand 2PM a labelmate just got banned, and Tzuju was forced to apologize and say she is chinese and stuff in a video. I dont know about Jackson though … Maybe its the whole political situation right now. Taiwanese politicians said they support her and stuff and might have made the situation worse :/


      • archidisign says:

        Me too, I am starting to think this may be a bigger deal than what I felt like seeing on weibo. But then seein JYP and international community making such a big deal out of it and JYP projects getting postponed, this may be a huge deal. After all, there are a lot of kpop haters out there and probably in China too. This is their golden opportunity to “bully” JYP and kpop. Sigh. People should just let it calm down. It is possible that there is something to do with the Taiwanese politicians, I had never seen so much attention given to this issue before. Kpop community is indeed big. But in this case, is it a good thing?


  2. Yi Feng is so dashing in black rob!
    I was consider about Three Heroes and Five Gallants but as more stills I see than much I changing my mind.
    I would wait for Railroad Tiger because Wang Kai and Wang Dalu (omg he absolutely adorable I can watch Our Times again and again) but Tao hmmm, can he do something beside wushu?


    • archidisign says:

      He does look good 8D Better than I imagined, maybe Li Yifeng to the rescue will bring back hope for Zhu Xian? 3H5G seems like those average cdramas you see as soon as you open the TV. Not very spectacular, but maybe watchable as a divertisement. Tao… hard to say. So far, all the EXO boys are doing fine acting so who knows, maybe he will join them as a bankable actor? And with Jackie Chan as a producer, he may actually look really cool in the acting scenes!


  3. The only thing JYPE can do is put Twice/Tzuyu on hiatus until that shit calms down and they’re accepted in China again. For how long? Depends on how serious the scandal is right now and how big it will be in the near future. If it does get big like A-mei’s scandal in 2004, then they’re pretty much done with (some JYP artists might be affected too, Idk). To put it into perspective, it took A-mei 9 years, I repeat 9, to restart her activities in China, and most K-pop groups cannot last THAT long.


    • archidisign says:

      But the thing is, they barely debuted a few months ago! I feel like it is a shame to put them in hiatus over this scandal. I know Tzuyu is the face of Twice, but that is no reason to backoff right now. And JYP should had predicted this situation ever since he recruited her in Taiwan. I don’t think it is such a big issue (unless what I see on weibo is wrong, but it is not trending that much). They probably don’t even have a strong fanbase in China for them to be worth boycotting now.
      I didn’t know that happened to A-Mei years ago! :O WOW, she had a great comeback afterward! There are scandals in every entertainment world, but it would be silly to start taking exaggerated measure now when nothing is clear. I mean, JYP probably doesn’t want to do the same thing as he did with Jay Park by kicking Tzuyu out of Twice.


      • Indeed, it’s a shame 😦 Fact is, Tzuyu has never openly expressed her political opinion regarding this controversial matter, despite being told to hold the flag. Info has been manipulated so that she could be used as a scapegoat for both side’s political stances, thereby having Taiwan’s fake support and China bashing her. I can’t be exactly sure how serious this scandal is even if we’re using Weibo as our source, but I’m only hoping that it doesn’t get as serious as it is made out to be. I also feel bad for Jackson who I started to love. He just started to become quite liked in Mainland due to his appearances in variety shows, but he might be affected too. His schedules on shows have been postponed, and he is being bashed on SNS too. Anyway, let’s just wait and see…


      • archidisign says:

        I find it so dumb they apologized for this situation. It is obviously not a sincere one and also, it is not a needed one (Tzuyu shouldn’t have to apologize over this matter). I fear that this situation is been used by the bigger forces to bring back to the surface the whole TW independance movement. If they let it get bigger and Chinese government gets involved, then nobody is safe :S the victim are JYP so far, but this is the kind of situation that can impact all kpop and even TW. Better let it calm down instead of having all these international media and Korean media stir it up for more scandalous articles. Sigh… Yeah, I did see a few post of Jackson these days with screenshot of him saying he is HKenese. Anyway, it is a sad situation…


      • I’m so disappointed at JYP. By making this apology, they literally humiliated the girl by denouncing her national identity which I’m sure she values a lot, and hurting her dignity just for the sake of money. This dumb decision by JYP just adds fuel to the fire. Top comments on Weibo are too cruel, but I’m hoping they’re just from regular bored trolls. Right now, I am mostly worried for Tzuyu because her being entangled in this mess must have caused great mental stress and disturbance, especially for a 16 year-old…


      • archidisign says:

        Weibo is a weird place where most comments are hate, but it is indeed the most used source for entertainment in China (where a lot of discussion goes on). I normally wouldn’t care much about hate because in China, the more hate you get, the more popular you become. But here, we are going into the dangerous field of politics so it is hard to predict. Tzuyu should be fine as long as she stops her Chinese promotions. One thing is for sure, she won’t be as lucky as Kris/Luhan etc and will probably never be welcomed as a solo act there now… 😦 poor girl indeed.


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