[Recap][End] Run Brother 3 Ep. 9-12 + More!

6ff51fefjw1ezbp9r1itcj20qe0hkjwoMore Run Brother recaps for fun :)) Finally, we get the episode with Yang Mi! I did 4 episodes at once again because I felt lazy :”D… go to the end of the article for some Luhan+Kris reunion information ^^! Happy week-end everyone!

Ep. 9 Who Stole the Treasure? with Yang Mi

As a big fan of Running Man, the problem with watching the Chinese version is the lack of suspense. Each time they play a game, I already know what the concept is and most likely, how the episode will end. This time, they chose the concept of Reincarnation which is one of my favorites 😀 The episode also contains TWO name tag ripping segments, which is a lot of fun to watch! Yang Mi must have set her mind to rip some tags off, since she is brave enough to take initiative and refuse to hide. As always, Luhan is the first one OUT, thanks to Yang Mi. Sigh, he should really start to look out for his back. The first part of the episode is set in 1960s, and we are left wondering… did Angelababy or Deng Chao win? During the second part, the game is set in 2015 and they is reincarnated into each other’s body. Only Zheng Kai, who was visited by a magician before the period change, remains in his old body. The mission: find the eight keys and the treasure box to win the game. I won’t divulge what happens for the rest of the episode, but I highly recommend you to watch it! Yang Mi was adorable and the game twist was fun to watch. Also, the winner may surprise you :))…

Ep.10 Run Brother VS PDs with Wang Baoqiang


For the New Year, what better way of celebrating 2016 than watching the Run Brother cast trying hard to win games? Instead of a variety show, this episode looks a lot more like an educational show about hard work and friendship/brotherhood. In it, the eight members must work together to accomplish almost impossible missions. Their prize? Watch the PDs fall in the water. Personally, I believe the missions where not that hard, since they were able to accomplish everything. There was 4 missions: cross the river on a boat made of plastic bottles, run a marathon and arrive at the final location faster than a bus, successfully read the character on a flying ping pong ball in 30 seconds for 3 times, and a series of mini games against the PDs themselves. For me, the games where not that interesting, since I knew from the start that they were going to win and the lack of humour made the episode boring. However, the episode is nice in the sense that we get to see the PDs, and some of them are really handsome and fit 8D!

Ep. 11 with Goddess


guests: Sui He, Zhang Langxin, Bea Hayden, Xiong Danlin, Lianne Li

The most beautiful guests ever! If you are a guy, you wouldn’t want to miss it… I am watching the episodes on the official website of Jiangsu TV and it is surprising how the recent episodes all have more than 1M views! Oversea Chinese viewers are slowly conquering Youtube ^^. Lianne Li is the wife of Wang Zulan and it is adorable how they have been put in the same team. They are super loving with each other and I love how much she cares for her husband ^^. When asked who she want as her partner, Sui He chose Deng Chao. As he tried to thank her, his saliva falls off his mouth… xD making everyone laugh (thirsty, oppa?). As for me, my favorite guest was Bea Hayden. During the games, Luhan is doing the best (someone studied well in Chinese language classes back at home ^^) while Chen He did a good job through out the episode to prove Sui He that he is capable man! Clap clap! All the games where very cozy and even though the final game was not outstanding, I think it is a family friendly episode to watch if you have time 🙂

Ep. 12 Final Episode of Season 3


Last episode of the season… anyone else is excited? I honestly found this season very average and that is why I started to write less for each new episode. Of course, the cast still bring me laughter and happiness, but I am no longer that excited to watch the new episodes. Instead, I have been watching a lot of Go Fighting! and Late 80s Talk Show and if anyone is interested, I can write a review for it. Now back to this special episode in Australia, the land of Kangaroos and Joeys! The episode start smoothly with everyone cooking and relaxing together. Surprisingly, Chen He is the best cook whereas Baby made a potato fly in air by trying to cut it. The next day, they all play a small race to determine who will get the advantage during the ultimate game. Everyone looks adorable in kangaroo suits and Deng Chao is the one who wins. Now, the finale game! It is Harry Potter concept (RIP Alan Rickman). Everyone is put in a different school and therefore possess different magic powers. I find it ironic how Wang Zulan is put in Magic Department of Science… isn’t that an oxymoron? Anyway, back to our classic name tag event! DC get’s the power of invisibility and it is cute how he is playing with the other member’s face… to their despair. After an exciting segment of run and chase… the strongest members are among the first to be eliminated…the ultimate winner is: Chen He!


Sad it is all over? Don’t worry! There is a new surprise for all Run Brother fans out there! Run Brother is collaborating with Challenger Alliance! I wonder how Kris Wu and Luhan will interact! And how the RB crew will tease Fang Bingbing and Li Chen 8D…

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6 thoughts on “[Recap][End] Run Brother 3 Ep. 9-12 + More!

  1. archidisign says:

    Good job for the recap! Done with another season! I agree, it feels quiet dull this season, but it is understandable (Deng Chao with a movie, Angelababy with a wedding, Zheng Kai said he filmed like 5 dramas this years plus RB…) The quality is a bit lost this time around :/
    That RB vs CA sound interesting and I am mostly curious to see the interaction of Li Chen with both cast, keuf keuf Fan Bingbing…

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Nod nod, Deng Chao seems so tired (not as quick as he usually is) during the last few episodes that it worries me, Zheng Kai is still his kind and sportive self, but Wang Zulan and Chen He are the ones who stole the spotlight in this season in my opinion 😛


  2. I love how Li Chen’s part of both teams haha! Can’t wait to watch it ❤ Thanks for the recaps ❤ I have yet to watch the last 2 eps and I got bored with the ep featuring Yang Mi especially that I watched the one with Sun Li after haha!

    Since you guys said that the previous seasons were much better, I feel like missing out a lot because there are hardly any subs in those seasons </3 I'm not a fan of Luhan at all (don't really know him that's why lol) but I've been beyond happy with him as the addition to the team because Eng subs have been so fast so I get to watch a lot haha! Thank you for this and looking forward to your post about RM vs CA (if ever there will be 😉


    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD Me too…. I am so excited for this ^.^ I have yet to watch an episode of CA, but the casting seems pretty interesting…

      It is not that the previous seasons are a lot better, but they were more hardworking! First season was actually very average and awkward, but them trying so hard and been excited for each new game made it fun to watch for me… also, I loved the guest appearance of Xie Yilin, Bai Baihe, Yu Quan, and Little Black ^^. Season 2 was the best because they got close to each other and the concepts were really good. I watched Season 3 without as much excitement, but there was some good episodes: the one of Ella was EPIC! My favorite episodes this season are 3, 7, 9, 12 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Same here!! Hope I can watch it soon 😀 I only watched one episode in Season 1 when they fought against RM Korea and that already made me fall in love with the show! Aww Bai Bai He already guest starred? ❤ I seriously want to watch that!! also the one with Fan Bingbing in Season 2!

        Read lots of praises regarding Ella's performance! The channel where I've been watching it had the previous episodes with subs deleted so boohoo 😦 I also want to watch the one with Ruby! Hopefully they can bring the episodes back and will watch your other faves! Thanks ❤


      • intellectualkitten says:

        xD awwn.. that is good to know.. the episode with Korean RM received some bash from knetizens so I was afraid no one would be interested :”D Bai Baihe did two episodes ^^… 😦 It sucks that there is no subs for viewers like you 😦 Maybe one day, some nice samaritan will do it ^^

        Ella’s episode is from season 3 so there should be official subs (they started doing it this season). Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgCRSXdpwdE for part 1 🙂


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