[Movie] Tang Yan and Yao Chen starring in MBA Partners


Chinese name: 梦想合伙人

Cast: Tang Yan, Yao Chen, Hao Lei

Wow, ambitious project with a tight schedule. New movie MBA Partners will be released (if all goes well) on April 29th, 2016. Invested by 乐华娱乐 Leroy Entertainment company, directed by the director of You Who Came from Another Star Zhang Taiwei, they will start filming by the end of February 2016 and are already aiming for a release at the beginning of May.

I am legit super excited for this project! I was doubtful because Tang Yan could be another Mary Sue character, but… it has Yao Chen! And Yao Chen is super badass, ok? The synopsis sounds like so much fun, it is super relatable in this world of startups and e-commerce. the actresses are pretty AND it does sound like a well thought project corresponding to the Chinese money culture. Bonus points for putting women under the spotlight.


  • Tang Yan as Luo Qiaoyin
  • 1
  • Yao Chen as Lu Zhenxi
  • 8
  • Hao Lei as Wen Qing
  • A 12599
  • Guo Fucheng/Aaron Kwok as Meng Xiaojun
  • Li Chen as Jun Cheng
  • Wang Yibo as Wang Shuyu
  • Tang Zhengye
  • Luo Jialiang
  • Jin Shengzhu


Set in Shanghai and United States, the story is about three ambitious ladies coming back from America to start their own business. All three girls are born in the 90s and are hence in their twenties right now. After graduating from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, they co-founded an aesthetic e-commerce website and started their entrepreneurial path. They each has different personality and are ready to step in this new era for women. Romance, friendship, success, and dreams will be a key element in their path to happiness.

Character Teasers:


BTS Stills:



4 thoughts on “[Movie] Tang Yan and Yao Chen starring in MBA Partners

  1. Jo says:

    I am so excited!! I hope they play up the “no nonsense” woman of the 21st century theme and love that they are putting women at the forefront! 🙂


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